iOS 6 and 7 iOS AppStore in direct comparison




iOS 6 and 7 iOS AppStore in direct comparison

After Apple’s App Store last year has been affected by the acquisition of Chomp to the detriment of many developers fundamentally, one might have hoped that iOS 7 might bring improvements in this regard. Since I have a lot to do with the apps themselves, I have compared the “new” Appstore with the “old” Appstore. There are differences, also new, but both for users and for developers, it has not really done much.

appstore comparative
With the launch of iOS 6-AppStore-style in Chomp important especially for smaller developers and app discovery Neuerscheinungs lists were lost. This is also still not back. In this context, should be interesting for developers, however, that Apple has changed the search. But we want to start with the obvious changes that are already visible after opening the app stores.

The most striking is that the tabs at the bottom either have a different label or directly a new function. Highlights from is recommended Genius is replaced by in the vicinity. Despite having the same height of the header and tab bar more content appears on iOS 7th Overall, everything seems much more open, not as stocky as iOS 6 At the same time, a shorter Scrollweg is achieved without sacrificing content by the compact structure. Overall, there is more to see on the screen.

The top charts (new: Topcharts) now jumping directly into the scrollable list of the best-selling apps. A tap on Purchased, Free and Best-Selling, you can now quickly switch between the different lists. This saves at least 50% of taps compared to before. The selection of categories is identical, but has a new design but somehow clearer.

The detail view for apps has been adjusted. Optically clear with a constant distribution. Screenshots to the fore when you tap them. Then in fact opens a gallery, while not indicating this fullscreen, but significantly greater than before. Is less beautiful that the in-app purchase notice appears only little among the app’s name. The mention Top In-App Purchases in the lower area information is completely eliminated.

The Support is now displayed when a game supports Game Center and what functions it, so whether multiplayer or leaderboards, etc. It is possible that later passbook and other system apps are listed here. So far it is confined to Game Center. Reviews are no longer displayed only related to the latest version, but it will consider all comments on the app. An advantage for developers and users alike, because after a app update does not have to be re-started with the collection of book reviews. Users can see as direct as the app was evaluated. Also new is the direct link to the developer’s website.

The most noticeable change in the sharing options is AirDrop. If you want to recommend someone close an app, you can share them so directly. The other options are the same, with paid apps you also have the opportunity to give these directly or put on the wishlist (this is even more). If you send a link to an app in a social network, this will also be reduced on iOS 6th If you copy the link, it was on iOS 6 so that the complete link was copied. 7 also uses iOS in the copy function the url shortener.

The wishlist is new, so there is no comparison to iOS 6 About the Sharing menu paid apps can be placed directly on the list. The list itself can be reached from most views in the Appstore directly on the icon in the top right. In iTunes, this list is also available now. There are also all the list items can be purchased with a single blow. One acquires one (or more) of the app list, it automatically disappears from the wish list. While there is a link to the wish list, it is not possible to see the lists of others. Not yet.

Search Results
The search for the new AppStore has almost nothing to do with the old search. Although it looks almost identical under the hood, however, was apparently changed a lot. The maps as search results are no longer attached, which in turn allows a larger display of the first screenshots. The difference, especially the developers are likely to feel, is the order of the display and the number of hits in general.

The display of search results due to several factors. Besides the usual keywords, number of downloads and frequency of updates, also the ratings play a role. Since these are as already mentioned above, now considered for all versions into account the relevance of changes in the results. The user usually gets them nothing, since it lacks a direct comparison. Also striking is the number of search results. While the search for Facebook spawned 6 8,706 hits iOS, iOS, there are only 7 2198 results. A search for Angry Birds is a less stark difference. iOS 6 will find 1,139 Apps, iOS 7 1126. This does not mean that the search is bad, on the contrary, it is likely to be much more relevant than ever, especially with the use of general terms.

Code gifts
If your still reading this, first of all thank you very much, your demonstrates perseverance. The last two points are redeeming the credit cards and sending gifts. Credit cards can be redeemed in iOS 7 with the camera. For this purpose, special cards needed, which have a black frame around the code. Are to my knowledge not yet available, but will probably be the extent to September. Practical matter, it is for the Mac for some time already.

Gifts can also be sent. Besides the appearance has not changed much here, only that is also seen in the abstract, for which background motif is decided. More in less space, as it actually runs through the whole AppStore.

You see, there are really only looking to the functional details that have changed. Nevertheless, the AppStore is better to use and easier to find apps, everything seems somehow clearer. The currently available version is sure to get 7 a few changes until the final iOS. There are here and there are a few layout issues, which I have not gone into detail. Worth mentioning is perhaps also that the contents of the entire AppStore load faster. Overall, the new store is indeed an improvement, although I still rougher night before the AppStore iOS 6th

What do you think about Apple’s efforts on AppStore?


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