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A large display, a new processor, additional sensors and power-saving mode – based portal 3DNews.ru dozen news answer the main question of the year: “What will be the iPhone 6?”

(The information contained in this article is only an assumption, and does not claim to accuracy. – Approx. Eds.)

Autumn Renewal line of smartphones Apple gradually become a tradition, this year the company from Cupertino predictably decided not to disturb her, so after a little over two months, we cleave to the screens in anticipation of Tim Cook coming on stage with a big smile, lots dzhobsovskih epithets and the new iPhone 6 in his hands. Surprise, alas, did not happen: a significant amount of information about what will be the sixth iPhone, is available now.

Almost every insider is accompanied by either a photo realistic or opinion of an authoritative source, so do not believe this data is meaningless. Let’s try to summarize all those disparate leaks that have occurred in recent months.


Return to the aluminum body of the fifth version of the iPhone has turned slightly crumpled: first, many users have complained about the poor durability of buildings their smartphones – on the web scattered pictures shabby iPhone 5 is clearly not adapted to be worn without a cover. A few months later the problem was resolved, and the design of iPhone 5s (with minimal change in the form of missing squares on the button Home, which received a fingerprint sensor) and can be regarded as a model at all – in the first quarter of 2014 9% of all smartphones sold in the world has made it the flagship of Apple’s .

Even the most devoted fans of the fourth-generation iPhone should take for granted: in Cupertino do not intend to go back to the glass design, and for at least the next two generations of iPhone we expect variations on the theme of the fifth generation – the enclosure is aluminum, and the rear section is not undergo major changes . Because of the size of the unit grown Power button can move to the upper side of the body to the right – a solution optimized for the palm of any size.

Volume keys change shape – in the early “live” photos they were square, and on the current (May-June 2014), images become elongated. It is very much depends on the comfort of their course – however, when it comes to Apple, talk about some elements of the play and a cranky inappropriate: such problems the guys from Cupertino carefully left smartphone users from other manufacturers.

The most intriguing element of appearance – that the apple on the back panel, which has hardly changed with the debut of the iPhone in 2007. Perhaps Apple’s condescend to decorating iPhone glowing apple style MacBook. “Fruit” can even add functionality – to make it a light indicator events, so the user does not have to display every time the device from standby mode.

Another reason for optimism is worth to consider the thickness of the body iPhone 6: insider Sonny Dickson (formerly he was not wrong about the iPad Air and iPad mini retina) announced that the iPhone will get a sixth body thickness of only 5.55 millimeters. Later, these bold data updated to a more realistic 6.5-7 millimeters – but this value seems to be quite tempting.


3.5-inch screen on the iPhone lasted 68 months: in 2012 the average size of the display Android-devices has grown to 4.3-4.5 inches, and in Cupertino pulled the iPhone so that the diagonal was acceptable four inches. Android-segment responded even more rapid growth of the diagonals – in 2013 were in fashion five-inch screens, and in the 2014 edition of the flagship with a diagonal of 5.2 inches less is considered bad manners.

Apple has settled on a diagonal of 4.7 inches – as shown by studies and surveys, this is the size of most people consider ideal for a smartphone that aspires to the role of daily assistant, and not to the position of the plate changer. Displays in Cupertino, according to Reuters, will deliver just three companies – Japan Display, Sharp and LG Display.

As for the screen resolution, it was originally the most straightforward analysts are quick to banal they blew the Full HD-matrix furious with the number of pixels per inch. At Apple, of course, to such platitudes are indifferent: in mid-May in the Network directly from factories leaked information about maintaining the aspect ratio of 16: 9 and, as a consequence, the original resolution 1704h960. The density of points with such characteristics will be 416 ppi.

Such an approach will greatly facilitate the life of developers and users: the first will not have to spend a lot of time optimizing applications to new requirements, while the latter are unlikely to grumble because of the notorious black bands that emerged during the transition from the fourth to the fifth-generation iPhone.

Unfortunately, on the sapphire cover glass can not dream – it will be used in the premium iPhone with a 5.5-inch screen, which will be released in mid-autumn (possibly together with the iPad Air 2 and the third generation of iPad mini).


The successor to the 64-bit chip Apple A7, which is discharged to the Americans their worst judicial opponents of Samsung, will become the processor Apple A8. It will make the Taiwanese company TSMC. Unlike Samsung, this vendor was able to meet the demands of Apple and organize the production of the processor to 20-nanometer technology.

Obviously, this time with even more powerful chip will coexist “fitness coprocessor» M8 (new figure in the title, however, does not necessarily mean there are any additional benefits for member), and built-in LTE-module and will not appear – Apple has no plans to integrate the modem chip, focusing on the graphics performance. Presumably, in the second half of 2014 will repeat the situation a year ago, when the flagship chips from Qualcomm and Intel remained behind freshest processor Apple’s graphics tests.

Together with an advanced processor and expect large amount of RAM – 1 GB in a top-end smartphone in September 2014 will look to put it mildly archaic.

With regard to the communication module, despite rumors of Apple talks with Intel, the supplier is likely to remain the company Qualcomm. Probably at this iPhone 6 will be supported by networks LTE Advanced Cat. 6 – at least date for the second half of this year, an external modem, Qualcomm MDM9x35 support this standard.

As the case of the next iPhone will be a little more spacious, highlighted by radio volume is likely to increase slightly. It is unlikely that Apple will be able to make only a worldwide version of the iPhone 6 (as happened with the iPad Air), but at least the amount of modifications for different markets and different operators certainly reduced – so that each of the versions will be able to operate successfully in more parts of the world.


Great phrase ex-captain of the Russian national team Andrey Arshavin is also relevant for those who are waiting for a fantastic number of megapixels in the camera iPhone. “Your expectations – it’s your problem” – like they say in Cupertino all fans of incredible features. In October of 2014 it will be exactly three years since the iPhone camera resolution has increased for the last time – and the sixth iPhone, most likely, also equipped with 8-megapixel module.

As we know, iPhone 5s quality picture is achieved through increased to 1.5 micron pixel – with it increased by 33% (compared to the iPhone 5 / 5c) and light transmission. Work in the dark helps double flash – precisely because of her blind testing with experts and users often choose the iPhone, and not Galaxy S5, Lumia 1020 or HTC One M8 with its innovative ultrapikselyami.

Operating System

New iOS 8 was presented in early June at WWDC 2014 – All parts of the system described in detail fresh, our colleague Valery Kosikhin. There is no reason to believe that Apple does not equip iPhone 6 preset “eight” – probably just after the release of a new leader and start an official update of the operating system for the machines of previous generations.

Focus is placed on a few points that were not heard during the developer conference. Firstly, iOS 8 can receive black-and-white mode. That same option, which allows you to save battery if power remains very small, and do need a lot – send a message to make an important call or respond to an e-mail.

Secondly, it is hoped that iOS 8 can still provide multi-window – however, in the case with the iPhone 6 this useful mode is sure to be cut down: for example, at WWDC showed that in the mail client the user can open the two letters at once. Accordingly, it is possible that other standard applications can be opened on the side of the screen.

Third, the keyboard on the 4.7-inch display – a real paradise for speed dialing without fail will increase many times: for the previous “narrow” screens branded iPhone keyboard has been tweaked, but now it’s time to change something. Letters of another language and symbols with a long chucking, intuitive gestures, intelligent prediction of the end of the word and pretty keyboard Fleksy – all this awaits future owners of the sixth iPhone.

Sensors and methods of communication

Leading analyst and insider Chinese company ESM-China San Chang Hu in March referred to sources at Apple and told me that this time is not limited to built-in Home key fingerprint scanner (his way, and be able to use third-party applications – another innovation iOS 8).

As noted by Chang Hu, iPhone 6 equip barometer – it is designed to determine the correct height above sea level: this indicator is important to account for the calories burned – depending on the pressure (on a hill or mountain, it is significantly different) number of calories or destroyed increases, or decreases . Moreover, the iPhone 6 will appear and the sensor that is responsible for collecting information on the temperature and humidity of the environment.

On the other scanners do not have much information: it is assumed that the application Health, established in iOS 8, forms a pair with smart clock iWatch this clinic – most likely, the majority of the sensors to fix the health indicators focus in itself has not yet announced an accessory.

Fans watching the remaining trips to the metro from the screen of the smartphone will please the presence of NFC – three years after the release of the first devices with this feature Apple’s mature enough to make a bet not only on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


Cosmetic increase the battery in the new generations of the iPhone does not cause anything but irony: in the three years the battery capacity has grown by less than 300 mA · h – in the sixth generation, it will be 1700 mAh. On the other hand, the 4.7-inch iPhone will get an energy-efficient processor, slim design and optimization of the charging battery – if the current “apple” smartphones latest versions fully charged little over an hour, the “Six” will be able to meet in 60 minutes.

However, until that information about the ultrafast charging classified as “expert opinion.” Relatively strong you can be sure only that the index to 2000 mA · h at Apple, it seems, again not reach.

Released and conclusions

Information about the presentation of top-end gadget, hit the Internet as much as four months prior to the announcement – one more reason to shake his head and bitterly stated that when Jobs was not like this. Employees of Apple (which, incidentally, are gaining in record numbers in anticipation of the crazy hype) is forbidden to take leave from 15 to 28 September – during this period of time we will see a new generation of iPhone. Sales usually begin within ten days after the ceremony, so that even in the first days of October, Apple fans will break the tent next to the main store in anticipation of the first copies of iPhone 6.

Apple will not add new colors to the palette: the buyer can choose from black, white and gold options. In almost all the leaders of Russia (including the iPhone) at the start are impressive 29,990 rubles. Sixth iPhone will arrive on shelves before the New Year, but especially eager connoisseurs will be ready to buy a brand new product in the first week – so we are waiting for a wave of traditional news in the spirit of “Moskvich paid 115,000 rubles for the iPhone 6 in the version with 64 GB.”

Screen magnification, better processor and camera, the new OS-designed and stylish, slim body looks very attractive – only confuses reluctance Apple equip your smartphone battery that will allow owners to not carry charge throughout the day. The rest of the iPhone 6 is poised to be a hit not only in 2014 but also in 2015-th – the diagonal of 4.7 inches and the truth seems to be the most comfortable at this stage.


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