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The Messenger Facebook the second most application messaging widely used in the world, preceded only brother Application Watts in August of the network Facebook, which has about 900 million active users per month according to the latest statistics published by the social network by announcing its financial results for the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

And behind him is David Marcus, former director of electronic payment company PayPal Paypal, seeks Marcus since he joined Facebook in 2014 to increase the number of users and change the concept of communication.

It seems he is currently part of the legislation has succeeded in increasing the number of users, where the current numbers indicate growth by more than doubled compared to the previous numbers of active users per month, and the language of numbers the number of users rose from 300 million monthly active users to 700 million active users per month.

No one can deny the importance of Facebook Messenger for the future vision of the mother of the network, where the application is Facebook Messenger is one of the fastest growing sectors for the network.

One application is the most important members of the Facebook family is also considered, and has the ability to deliver hundreds of millions of people around the world in addition to that an important communication tool.

David Marcus and focuses his work on the conversion of Messenger Facebook application than just conversation to an integrated gate located on the Internet and phones, and the current plan to replace applications correspondence.

It is based on a clear and obvious idea, which is that the biggest competitor of social networks to get users’ attention and time is chat and messaging, and sights are set his eyes always the idea that the people they occupy their time before online chat conversations and Instant era.

It can be considered the idea of ​​Marcos end mobile applications and replace them with the application of IM fictional idea, especially now that those applications, including messaging applications in particular, is considered the most successful applications in the present day.

It owns five largest messaging applications, a Watts-up and Messenger and Facebook Chat Viper WWE and where more than 3 billion a user account.

Applications war began explicitly with the emergence of different messaging applications with the same ideas and the features and capabilities such as KakaoTalk Kakaotoc south Korean and Japanese Wayne Line and Keck Canadian Kik, which threatened to surpass the rest of applications, including Messenger Facebook.

Information indicates that the number of applications Conversation users has reached during 2015, about 1.4 billion users, and the figure is expected to reach about 2 billion users by 2018.

And works Messenger for Facebook to expand the scope of its work has focused on growth after the number of users and succeeded to some extent, but I still aspire to more, depending on the mother’s Facebook with a billion and a half monthly active user network.

Application and gets continuously on new features and capabilities designed to reach the summit in terms of number of users and number provided useful services.

The many features and can be summarized in several points, such as the launch of Messenger application as an application individually, independent and far from the basic application for Facebook, and convert it from an internal feature within the Facebook platform independent to all forms of application to a special location to an integrated platform.

You can currently use Facebook Messenger by phone number only, and without the need to own an account on the social network, similar to service Watts August-owned network Facebook.

And entry in all aspects of the life of the user, such as its use in a number of important transactions such as communication with the retailer and book airline cards from booking agents, offices and many others.

And of course the most important is the outlook remains entering the advertising and marketing and commercial sphere, where Facebook currently has about 45 million business and private companies and services page.

Messenger Facebook has about 700 million active users, which means that both sides of the equation were present, and there is serious work to connect these two parties together and create a bridge of communication between them.

So Facebook has subsequently announcing completely new layer called the Business Messenger, which allows users to communicate with companies and brands from within the application.

It seems that Marcus looks at the previous incidents similar to this In 2011 Tencent Tencent launched a simple messaging application carries Weixin Weixin name, which was renamed when it was put to all users around the world and currently holds the name Wei Chat WeChat.

The Chinese company boasts that its application has 600 million monthly active users, and that users Astalmonh conclusion filtered to the Internet where they can use the application to request taxis and book review dates when the doctor and buy their own groceries and pay the bills and all that through the application of Wei Chat.

This occurs through the built-in applications or made especially for him, where Wei Chat application allows any developer to build third-party applications for the chat application, which leads to the growth of entirely new companies that are located within the application Wei Chat only.

It should be noted that the application Laiye-based platform Wei Chat has received investment funding of $ 4 million, two months after its launch, likewise received the application connecting foods Chicken on about $ 1.6 million in funding investment.

To that Facebook Messenger is trying to mitigate the use of new applications within the primary application for access to the user’s needs, and continue trying to achieve his dream of an end to the need for other applications beside Mobile Messenger.

Where Messenger provides a way for Facebook chat and talk directly to the companies so that the user feels that he performs a conversation instead of a deal or a commercial service, and as an alternative to the idea of ​​using internal applications to access services and corporations.

And attempted murder remains ambitious applications very bold at a time when the economy is booming these applications grows, and, for example, regular applications of Android and iOS stores possess approximately 2.6 million application.

With the number of downloads of up to 140 billion download through 2014, and studies indicate that the size of the mobile applications market by 2017 will be between $ 77 billion and $ 150 billion.

And trying to Marcus and behind Facebook play an important point to the user, which is that a good application if the user does use regularly and frequently significantly, but why do I download the application not used it only once or twice a year, for example, and do I keep it on my device while I can do that instead of using IM for Facebook to connect with the service via chat.

The Facebook currently plan to pay more retailers, airlines and businesses to use chat as a way to communicate with users and Anjar guardians and service their customers.

For the later Messenger Facebook announcement in August for the next step in his plan to kill the phone applications and perhaps even the search engines, a PDA M, an assistant Default based on artificial intelligence is embedded within the IM Facebook.

M and helps the user to accomplish administrative tasks such as talking to customer service in the Amazon or to make a reservation on a particular restaurant meals, and you are trying to Facebook through the use of human potential to help mixed with machine learning and in order to improve its performance.

The next step for the application of IM Facebook is may be done to integrate all of those possibilities within the world of virtual reality through the glasses Facebook the next virtual reality in 2016 and that may help Messenger Facebook in the completion of his ambition and completely eliminate the other phone applications and replace them with the application of only one is Messenger Facebook.

We remain as users of the technology watch what is happening and take advantage of it in a way serving our needs and interests and try to get the most benefit from competition between the companies.

But do you think that David Marcus dream is achievable? Are you as a user you can find one day be replaced by many applications and use IM to communicate only with retail stores, businesses and services? Please join us your opinions and point of view through the comments.


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