It would seem that in the segment of the most expensive luxury smartphones to happen a slight lull, associated with the crisis, but precisely for this reason that prices in Russia for many devices are lower than anywhere else in the world, so that the fall is not observed here. Luxury smartphones enjoy steady demand in his small niche that is not reduced, but with a significant change in the concept of such a device – even increasing. The fact that the earlier luxury phones were very simple, stand out manual assembly, precious materials, additional services (for example, a personal concierge), but could not match the functionality of the massive flagship. In the past year, the situation began to change, Vertu Constellation introduced a smartphone version of Android to date with the appropriate requirements of modern processor, camera, other technical parameters, but with traditional values ​​in the design of the case – genuine leather, ruby, sapphire crystal and so on. Constellation quickly became a bestseller, finishing alone about 80% of sales of all luxury smartphones on the market. This year, the presence of other companies greatly reduced, for the same reason. Tag Heuer, Ulysse Nardin, and so on could not create a technically strong, but not overly expensive devices (the price of models could exceed 10 000 euros), while the functional smartphone trendsetter Vertu worth 4900 euro at the start of sales. Therefore, in 2014, Vertu and remained almost alone on the market. Aster – just the same ideological continuation Constellation: for the same price (or more precisely, 4 900 euros, or 241 thousand rubles) smartphone has turned out much more interesting. Here borrowed design flagship line of smartphones Signature Touch (value between 400 and 000), and for the majority of new users will be almost imperceptible differences compared with the difference in price; and the price includes a subscription to the service “Concierge”. In addition, the Vertu Aster for the latest luxury vehicles Platform: Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 801, 2GB of RAM, Full HD screen, protected by the largest sapphire crystal certified Hasselblad camera with a resolution of 13 MP, and much more. Read more about the modern luxury smartphone – in this review. Technical characteristics OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat Communication: GSM GSM 850/900/1800/1900 + HSDPA 850/900/1700/1900/2100, LTE 800/850/900/1800/2100/2600 Processor: 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, the frequency of 2.36 GHz, Adreno 330 graphics Memory: 2 GB RAM, 64 GB of internal memory Screen: 4.7 inch, IPS, Full HD, sapphire crystal Camera: 13 megapixel Exmor RS f / 2.0, 2.1 megapixel front camera Data Transfer: GPS / GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, NFC Battery: 2275 mAh, wireless charging standard Qi Features: 11h15 mm stereo settings Hasselblad, Dolby Mobile, finishes body, manual assembly Dimensions: 69 x 143,4 x 11,2 mm Weight: 193 g Design, materials, housing As I said, unlike Aster from Signature Touch is to design a more sophisticated Signature design elements, other structure – can be said that Aster easier, though more affordable model and should be such. Finishing options is still a lot – 6 available colors and materials 7: Onyx Calf (Black calfskin), Blush Calf (cow leather scarlet), Lagoon Calf (cow leather color of sea water), Caviar Karung (karung snake skin black ), Tangerine Karung (karung snake tangerine skin color), Cognac Ostrich (ostrich leather cognac color) and Raspberry Ostrich (ostrich leather magenta). Looks interesting option of leather karung snake (snakes), the texture is very nice, all variants invisible fingerprints, they are practical. Body materials – titanium (as polished and matte), calm skin tone and texture, ceramics. Interestingly made lining the front speakers, it can be fully ceramic and titanium part, the second option looks unusual: On the side – a familiar ruby ​​button that brings up a menu of services: Vertu LIFE, Vertu CERTAINTY and CONCIERGE level Classic. Rubin became more than the Constellation, but slightly less than in the Signature Touch. Actually, the concierge was not in the precursor, Vertu Constellation, now the service is included in the same price (subscription for six months). The only difference is that for the owners of Signature Concierge – personal and general service here. If you remember, in the Signature Touch panel SIM-card to open a special lock, here is enough just to press the panel and move it gently open the slot microSIM-cards and autograph master who was collecting apparatus. In size Vertu Aster nearly the same Signature Touch, this is not surprising, given the same screen size, battery capacity and other technical parameters. 4.7-inch element (similar in size iPhone 6) is consistent with current trends, Vertu with a larger screen would have made a heavier weight now, and so is “not weak” 193 grams. Screen Himself IPS-screen got permission Full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels), as well as the world’s largest smartphone sapphire crystal (5.1 inch, 118 carats). Characteristics, size, everything else is the same as the Signature Touch. The picture looks great, dot density is 473 dpi – almost the maximum for the industry, which has not moved en masse to the QHD-screens. Images are smooth, bright, effect is enhanced protective sapphire crystal. Detailed testing screen spent our expert Mikhail Kuznetsov: Vertu Aster screen uses IPS LCD matrix with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and a resolution of Full HD (1920×1080). This provides an impressive pixel density 473 ppi, although in everyday use, ranging from 300 ppi, the difference is visible less and less. Accordingly, the clarity of the screen is extremely high. The maximum brightness of 462 cd / m 2, an impressive reserve is enough to work under the bright outside light. The contrast ratio was about 1000: 1, a good result for the IPS. Anti-reflective coating is not too impressed, but the viewing angles are typical for IPS wide. Image remains legible even at odd angles, and low distortion. Surprisingly disappointed oleophobic coating stated in the specifications: Screen willingly collect fingerprints, which are then not too simply removed. Average range of difficult to measure, since the backlight significantly “floats” depending on the lightness of the image. Even with the use of special patterns average gamma was 2.39. In real images of strong debris was not found. The average color temperature – about 7250K. The image has coldish shade. Color balance is evenly distributed, with the expected excess blue components. This is an important distortion, which raises the average Delta E error on the scale of gray to 8.38 units. Distortions are quite high, on the smartphone premium I expected to see more accurate setting. Color gamut conforms to sRGB, only secondary colors are offset by the shade due to an excess of blue. But that’s not the whole picture. The situation within the color gamut is not too encouraging. Almost all colors too “drawn” in the blue area. Overall Rating 24 templates ColorChecker gives acceptable results: Sedna error Delta E – about 4.34. Color reproduction could be neater, but the distortion is generally fit into the framework of what is permitted. Screen Vertu Aster has good brightness characteristics, and even floating lights are not too spoils the picture. However, anti-glare and oleophobic properties he is not too prominent, and color reproduction could be better. Sound Two audio speakers here they have a size of 11 x 15 mm. Unlike the flagship Signature Touch, there is no mention of collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, but hearing some changes are indistinguishable in Aster still easily recognizable signature sound Vertu. Become habitual notification applications, social networks felt completely different, the sound is very deep, loud when watching movies is also perfectly visible. Ringtones written by the London Symphony Orchestra, as well as in the precursors Also in the smartphone provides customization options sound effects have Dolby Mobile, responsible for them a special menu. It is necessary to count on the perfect sound in the headphones, if you want to listen to music – smart phones with Dolby Mobile is played perfectly. Camera The camera module in Vertu Aster is the same as in the Signature Touch, Sony Exmor RS is a 13 megapixel, high-aperture F2.0. The main thing here is that the camera is certified and configured by Hasselblad and has an interesting interface and capabilities. Of course, the use of brand Hasselblad – rather a marketing necessity, rather than an absolute. If in the case of Nokia really used optical elements from Carl ZEISS, here specialists Hasselblad was tuned algorithms shooting. However, this can be very important – that algorithms play an important role in the final quality. Algorithms were good, with their tasks camera does well, but it is not the level of the top modern camera phones, of course. Examples of images: Hardware platform and operating time Processor Vertu Aster – one of the main changes compared to the previous model. Now it uses a 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, which can be found in the massive flagship of this year, for example, HTC One M8 or Sony Xperia Z2. For luxury model is a great figure, even if it is not the latest modification of the processor. The hardware platform also includes 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal. Speed ​​work is not much different from the top smartphone, all smoothly, except for some not fully optimized applications (eg, camera). The battery has a capacity of 2275 mAh – it is very little for a hardware platform and Full HD screen. In this case, there is no special power-saving algorithms, as in Sony, Samsung or HTC, all pretty standard. In the long hours of watching Full HD video Vertu Aster works a little more than 6 hours (Signature Touch was 5.5 hours), it is a merit of the updated processor, but the results are very average. In normal mode (frequent calls, internet, photography and so on) smartphone 1 day lives, as well as other high-end flagships. Separately, Vertu, the support band 10 LTE – is the maximum for smartphones now, so that the machine works worldwide on all networks. Also available NFC, and integrated wireless charging standard Qi. Interface services Different proprietary interface skins, specially painted wallpaper and icons – they look stylish, but the interface has not changed much, the logic of the usual Android remained unchanged, like most menu, notification center. For luxury unit could be heavily reworked menu. The most important thing here – branded services and programs: Vertu LIFE, Vertu CERTAINTY and CONCIERGE. Service Vertu LIFE – the exclusive privileges and unlimited access to the event, including free access to the closed private clubs. Vertu Concierge – this clock support, advice and booking all over the world with services manager (but not personal, for Signature Touch). For data security service responsible Vertu Sertainty. Silent Circle allows you to encrypt voice and video calls as well as text messages. iPass provides access to Wi-Fi networks around the world, for personal safety Vertu owners responsible company Protector Services Group and antivirus from “Kaspersky Lab”. Opinion of Hi – Tech. Mail. Ru Price Vertu Aster in Russia is 240 thousand rubles for the initial modification, it is almost twice cheaper than the previous model Signature Touch, with absolutely identical technical specifications and a very similar design. And, as I said at the beginning, many users are unlikely to notice these changes, or simplifications in Aster also have a wide variety of genuine leather, the texture of titanium and stainless steel, it does not look like reduced the price version, but rather just a mass and tech. The hardware platform is quite modern, if you do not expect from a luxury phone Quad HD screen available on some planshetofonah. Maximum density of the points here (473 ppi), CPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, two large powerful speaker, camera settings Hasselblad and even wireless charging. Powered smartphone running Android 4.4.2, upgrade to 5.0 is also in the plans. So that by stuffing before us quite topical unit, not just a beautiful solution for calls. In my opinion, it would be the most massive Aster luxury smartphone 2014/2015 season, the competition had, by and large, no, except for variations in the mass of smartphones (iPhone, HTC) in the case of precious metals. It is clear that the device is not designed for ordinary consumers who prefer to buy for its price 7 or 8 conventional flagship smartphones, but it is within its luxury segment solution is very good. Pros: Manual assembly, titanium, ruby, sapphire crystal and leather Powerful stereo sound 11h15 mm and Dolby Mobile Quality screen Services and personal concierge The minimum price for the luxury smartphone Cons: Short time work The interface has changed little Low speed operation The price is much higher than normal weight smartphones




Flagships of Apple and Samsung this year in Russia for the first time reached the psychological bar of 49 990 rubles. It is so much now stand top smartphones of these brands (iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB and GALAXY Note Edge). But there are some ways to spend this amount?
Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru compiled a list of the most original alternatives to top-end smartphones, which you can buy in the range of 50 thousand. Rubles. In the context of financial fluctuations spend money still have not to lose savings. So do is it unusual!

1. 810 kg of buckwheat

This money would be there the whole year one buckwheat – a day for 2.5 kg, based on the average cost in supermarkets. If several diversify your diet, then this stock will last for several years for a large family. A flagship smartphone is not enough that is not fed, so still and will use it only one person. Is it worth it?

2. Merry trip to the New Year in Amsterdam

New Year’s holidays in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe will leave a lot more experience than edinomomentnaya joy of buying flagship smartphone. Amsterdam offers entertainment for every taste and age – the surrounding atmosphere, lots of different institutions and widespread hilarity will allow for one of the most exciting holidays of the year. The main thing – to do as much as possible photos to then it was easier to reconstruct the entire holiday. Tickets cost from 26,000 rubles for two adults and back – according to skyscanner, – and the remaining money can be fun to spend a few days in a festive atmosphere of the youth of the city.

3. Lori

Cute animals, which is sometimes mistakenly called lemurs can live at home. They are very fun to eat the food, and their opinion is able to penetrate deep into the human soul. Especially pets will give much more human emotions than even functional, but a soulless machine. Lori can become the owner of 50 000 rubles, according to the specialized nurseries.

4. Shoes Christian Loubutin

50,000 rubles will be enough to buy a pair of shoes Christian Loubutin the official online store, and if you choose the easiest option, you can even buy two pairs. Of course, the most expensive pair for the money does not buy, but sophisticated appearance, the red sole and envious glances will be provided with even more “cheap” pair.

5. 2218 liters of oil

In its pure form, Brent may not bring much good, but because of its wide use in the production of fuels, rubber, oil and other derivative works, this acquisition on the basis of quotations NASDAQ, is likely to be much more useful than a smartphone for the same price.

6. Scooter

Full transport, which will be useful in a big city with busy roads and in places where the need to constantly overcome appreciable distance, and public transport is not pleased with their regularity. Consumption of gasoline this type of transport is very small, and its service is not a strong financial burden. In addition, 50 000 rubles, you can choose the most suitable data -by scooter car markets – and for passing it to fill a few more months.

7. 4 sets of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia

One of the best encyclopedia consists of 30 volumes, it contains information about almost everything that can cause issues like the younger generation and their parents. Quality paper and hardcover allow these books serve more than one year, and additional sets, according to the price list OZON, you can give your relatives or important chief.

8. The travel on public transport

If we talk about Moscow, many residents of the city using public transport, even those who owns a car, because the presence of the ticket will not be superfluous. For a sum equivalent to the cost of Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB or Samsung GALAXY Note Edge, you can buy two passes for 365 days without limit trips (price according Mosgortrans), while the remaining 13 600 rubles periodically ordered a taxi to get to the nearest subway station.

9. 2 good air purifier

In connection with the environmental situation, in Moscow there is growing demand for cleaner air. Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru already acquainted readers with 5 effective devaysa that will really make the air cleaner, and do not work as a fan. Two such air conditioning systems – based on the recommended prices – will be enough to ensure clean air an average of two or three bedroom apartment. It will bring a lot more health benefits than Apple Health or S Health from Samsung.

10. 3500 m 2 Air Bubble Tape

How can there be any doubt? (Price on the average cost in DIY stores).

And how would you spend $ 50 000? Would choose flagship smartphone or found a good use for this amount of money?

All about news and promotions in the “Specials” on Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru. The first to know!
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Which option do you think the most unusual alternative to a smartphone?
810 kg of buckwheat
Merry New Year trip to Amsterdam
Shoes Christian Loubutin
2218 liters of oil
4 sets of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia
Travel on public transport
2 good air purifier
3500 m2 air bubble tape


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