its easier to blame others for one own thought mistake




we are not able to take charge of our mind, we blame other people situations

when i blame some one else when my feelings become justified

like if somebody insults me or say something rude to me i get hurt then i go through my share of pain then its difficult to say i am weak thats why i am feeling pain and

its easier to say you were rude thats why i am feeling pain so for me to feel better who needs to change


when you change i will feel better

so  if i tell to everywhere everyone i be with please change the way you talk , behave  change way u think it will not WOrk  and person i am going to continue my own wishes cycle of pain , when i realize that irrespective of what the situation  “I AM THE CREATOR OF THOUGHT ”

iTS AMAZING TO SEE IN PEOPLE  i am not the creator of thought

its situation creates my thoughts automatically

its such we are in so automatic mode

when we aware of we are the creator of our thoughts then comes to next step of choosing what i want to create

one who takes me away of my core values its only me

when one must aware  and knows when the stimulus comes from outside i am not  able to retain my stability and  blame others that this stimulus created my response and blame stimulus

only difference between machine and human being is machine has no choice or very limited choice but we have choice  that their  are people  who are aggressive

when i am aware of having freedom

we have a choice

everyone have the  freedom to choose the response

but  person can only be able choose to have positive response when one is working on themself

just like

if the immune system of my body is  low  then i will catch disease very easily then i will be able to meet any number of people who ill








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