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For decades, black holes were rock stars in the popular astrophysics, as in the real and in the fantastic. Physicists rely on them to explain the various mysterious astronomical phenomena, black holes are also widely used in the movies – from “Star Trek” (2009) to “Black Hole” (1979), of course.

However, black holes – not only members of the family of holes, as if it did not sound fun. Their half-sisters from the distortion of space – ” wormholes “- also are the descendants of the general theory of relativity. Black holes, as we have mentioned repeatedly in the pages of, this area of extreme gravity, crushing everything that falls into them to pieces at the subatomic level. Wormholes, or wormholes, or worm holes connecting one region of space-time with the other. Black holes – it’s a bottomless pit by the standards of space-time and the wormhole – intergalactic highway. If they exist, it will be a cornerstone of the confirmation of the theory that we live in a universe that is just one bubble in a vast multiverse. Wormholes can connect different places and different times, just as Twitter connects participants of this social network.

The possibility of the existence of these tunnels has been noticed shortly after Einstein published his general theory of relativity in 1916. Einstein and Nathan Rosen developed a mathematical model of the wormhole to 1935, so technically they are known as the Einstein-Rosen bridges.

In contrast to the black hole, flooding the universe wormholes exist only in fiction. You could watch them in the movies – “Green Lantern” (2011), “Contact” (1997), but in real space shows no wormholes.

“Being as good a prediction in terms of the theory of relativity, black holes and the like, as long as they elude detection,” – noted by Farouk Rahaman Dzhadavpur from the University of Calcutta.

Perhaps no one was looking as it should not?

For decades the work of Einstein and Rosen disappoint travelers through the wormhole, because as soon as someone comes into it, it collapses. The interest in wormholes was revived in the 80’s, when Carl Sagan sent the heroes of the novel “Contact” through these wormholes, space-time. He sought the advice of physics Kip Thorne and he found a way to open the wormhole for a long time. All you need – a bit exotic form of matter, which has negative energy.

Ironically, a device to maintain the negative energy it is possible (using a trick called the Casimir effect), but only on a small scale. Does the nature of the material with enough negative energy to maintain a wormhole in space – this question remains open.

Recently, however, some physicists began to believe that wormholes can literally flood the space (like black holes), but we can not yet identify them properly. Rahaman and colleagues, for example, say that the manifestation of the invisible “dark matter” in the outer regions of galaxies are actually manifestations of wormholes.

“Watching from the Earth, we are not able to distinguish the nature of the gravitational wormhole from a compact mass in the galaxy” – wrote the researchers in their work laid out on the

Calculations showed that the distribution of mass in the outer regions of most galaxies and the rate at which galaxies rotate, consistent with the presence of sufficiently large wormholes – those through which one can travel. Of course, zapasshis negative energy required to maintain the open wormhole. Remember, on a similar principle can be implemented in the engine Miguel Alcubierre, better known as the warp drive.

What if the wormhole is detected, but incorrectly identified as black holes? It is quite possible, given the fact that the black hole – one of the outputs of the wormhole. Today the generally accepted statement that the center of each ordinary galaxy is a huge black hole weighing millions of times larger than the Sun. A lot of evidence supports this claim, but a physicist Cosimo Bambi says that the case is not wearing a hat. Based on current observations and communicating wormhole “indistinguishable from black holes of general relativity in the nuclei of galaxies,” – says the physicist.

Bambi notes that as black holes and worm holes, cast shadows – an area of ​​darkness, surrounded by a bright background, but the wormhole shadow will be less than that of the black hole and the background – brighter.

Projects telescopes, which are now considered to be able to measure the size of the shadow accurately enough to determine it belongs to a black hole or a wormhole. Bambi indicates that the source of radiation Alpha Archer (Sagittarius A *), which marks the black hole, presumably residing in the center of the Milky Way galaxy, must be the first object of this study.

“It is relatively easy to check whether the SgrA * wormhole” – writes Bambi.

If this observation can confirm the existence of a vast wormhole physics will be delighted. Tourists may have to wait a few thousand years before they will have the opportunity to go to a distant galaxy, but what prevents physicists your imagination now? Wait for the film “Journey to the other universe.”
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