Ivi.ru: legal premiere on the Internet may not be worth $ 100 17




Ivi.ru: legal premiere on the Internet may not be worth $ 100 17

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A few days ago we wrote about a new initiative by Russian lawmakers who want to set a maximum price for legal movies online in the amount of 100 rubles. With the corresponding proposal was made ​​deputy Vadim Dengin LDPR and intends in September to discuss it with representatives of the industry. Cost limit can touch the largest sellers of video content, including both technology corporations (Apple), and others in the industry.

We decided to find out what will change after the amendment of Mr. Dengina, and chatted with Anton Shestakov, PR-director of the largest online movie theater in Russia ivi.ru.

The site ivi.ru available and paid, and free movies, and the price paid viewing comes to 299 rubles. How do you feel about the initiative to establish a minimum bar for the films in the amount of $ 100?

Most of the content (in different periods of up to 97%) ivi.ru available for free. This movies, series, TV shows, animation and video clips. Only about 70 thousand units of 30 videos. All paid content is collected under the premium brand ivi + and divided into two directories: “Subscriber” (popular foreign series mode catch up of the “walking dead” or “Demons Da Vinci”, a hit of the past years) and “Blockbusters” – pay-per- access to each individual titles. The cost of the first catalog – 299 rubles a month without restriction in the number of views. Prices for “Blockbusters” range from 99 to 399 rubles. The initiative to introduce a single maximum of the cost does not seem to work, since considerably limits the possibilities of legal online movie theaters, the only, in fact, companies that seek to change the status of piracy in Russia.

What is currently estimated proportion of viewers who watch movies for money on your website?

We do not disclose the number of users ivi +, but I can say that this segment begins to grow steadily mainly due to those who are watching a movie on the tablet and Smart TV.

You monetiziruetes mainly through advertising or paid online display?

The main share of our income – it is the sale of advertising. The audience of 30 million monthly users and the availability of any screen, connected to the Internet, making ivi.ru very attractive platform for advertisers in the top 100 in Russia.

Do you have an application for the iPhone and iPad. Whether many viewers prefer to watch movies on gadgets?

Last year, the application ivi.ru entered in the top 3 apps of all time for the iPad in Russia along with “VKontakte” and Skype. I can say that more than a third to display content are made from mobile devices (iOS, Android, WP, Bada, Symbian), and the total number installed on the Russian tablets and smartphones applications reached 11 million.

If amendments to the anti-piracy legislation to restrict the cost of watching online movie will still be accepted, whether they strongly reflect on you and on the industry as a whole?

The smaller the service will work on the online box office now – the less buy movies for rental in the future. And even worse quality of these films will be. As a result, users will return again to the pirates – it’s all free and without delay – their business is not subject to the logic of a civilized market of film distribution. Digital film distribution market in Russia is in the beginning of his career – any legislative intervention, the more prohibitive, can lead to unpredictable consequences, most likely unprofitable by the audience.

It is important to remember that the film, which is now on ivi + worth 399 rubles, a few weeks later to fall in price to 99 rubles, and after 4-5 months, is likely to be free, and it will be able to see everyone. Legal online distribution in our country today offers almost unprecedented global environment for the user, accustomed to decades of piracy. Legal ivi.ru free catalogs and other services, as well as the development of public television opened very wide choice of what and how to look. Money, as a rule, are asking for the premiere content, which is still going or recently was in theaters. This is a premium, in fact, a product that can not cost very cheap.

You set the price for their own views and reconcile them with the owners?

The price for each particular film depends on several market factors. The most obvious of them – is the cost of acquiring rights, the cost of content distribution to the end user (to be understood that the film in HD from Moscow to Khabarovsk not “will fly”, it must be “stored” in the region of the request) and transaction commission payment systems. In addition, the franchisor often recommends that the final cost to the user especially during the first week of the movie in the cinema online.

Why, in your opinion, in Russia such a high level of piracy as a video, and everything else?

For a long time this area of ​​copyright did not pay attention because, obviously more important problems. Plus important “help” in the development of piracy in the beginning of the two thousandth have strict restrictions on foreign right holders in terms of opening films on different types of media – DVD, TV. These constraints come from the practice of existing markets and legalized in the young and emerging Russian market, where copyright and its protection was obscure and unregulated sphere. Therefore, if a legal DVD movie on external constraints had to wait six months, during which time the pirates had time to sell a film on illegal DVD huge numbers. Years of legal players in the Russian market sought to reduce these terms, and the result, including, was the fact that today the Russian rolling window for online cinema almost the most “short”. Because of this, the market legally watching us, in principle, that is, on the part of the business we have done their utmost to provide the user with high quality and competitive on the content of the product. On ivi.ru with new wide screen may appear after only 2.5 weeks after the premiere, and even in one day with her. Neither Hulu, or Netflix in the United States this can not offer. It needs effective legal help at a legal level, which would overlap with the way communication with the audience pirates.

Great if, in your opinion, the likelihood of joining the Russian foreign service on a paid online video viewing (Hulu, Netflix)?

Russia – the largest Internet nation in Europe both in numbers and in activity. According to various estimates, 63% of Russians have access to the Internet, and 94% of them watch videos. Market without a doubt attractive, but practically legitimize piracy and the language barrier – serious obstacles in the way. Search market foreign intervention did not happen – Yandex search engine is №1, social networks, history repeated itself.

Obviously, the representatives of the Russian video industry strongly opposed any limitation cost movies online. So that our legislators are likely to be difficult to reach an agreement with Apple and reduce the prices of video content in the iTunes Store .


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