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Layfhaker talked to the founder of the service of visual recognition and augmented reality Dmitry Shmakov. He told us why his team gave up the office, why he rides on the subway, and that gives him such an unusual sport like squash. Details under the cut
What do you do in your work?

We are partners in developing the technology of visual search and recognition. For example, you read a magazine, I saw an advertisement of a certain product that you like, and you immediately want to buy it. Thanks to our technology , you can scan an image smartphone liked the product, everything about him learn and immediately order delivery.

In this way it is possible not only to buy goods. Visual recognition technology is applied in advertising and the media, because it broadens the traditional offline media interactive and multimedia capabilities of the Internet. For example, when you move the scanner to a street poster you can see the trailer for the film, or the announcement of the band’s performance on YouTube, scanning advertising vehicle can be booked for a test drive, and when scanning an interview in the newspaper business – listen to his audio version. Because normal image is converted into a hyperlink, and static world around becomes interactive. We combine traditional offline with network capabilities. The boundaries between the two worlds is increasingly blurred. Around the same line of thought Google, creating a Google Glass, and Amazon with its Fire Phone, allows you to buy goods from photographs.
What is your workplace?

I am an old customer Regus.

Regus – international network of business centers, providing customers with a variety of workplace solutions.

They have a very convenient format work business centers, allows you to find in any of them, which is especially useful in a large part of Moscow. Office, where you yourself – come and opened the laptop and sit working.

To be printed and bound documents? Please! Scan? No problem! Just ask for it by phone or email the nearest office of the Secretary. Works like a clock.

You can also outsource your meeting. Of course, coffee, internet, mail, and other services are also included.
Workplace Regus business center

The company does not have its office Dmitry

Why did I choose this format?

If all documents are stored in the clouds, the work is carried out with the bank through the client-bank, and the development team are working remotely, then why permanent office?

Previously, Goodwin had a beautiful office, but eventually decided to abandon it. Planёrki and extended meetings are usually held in the hub of the Centre of Innovative Development of Moscow (API Moscow) on “Red October”. This is a very comfortable space with good infrastructure.
Innovation Development Center of Moscow

In the office API

If necessary, expand the state move to the industrial park. One of them (“Strogino”) have already invited, but as long as the company’s staff a bit, so we are not in a hurry to move.
What hardware and software use?

For a long time I was a fan of the art Apple, although there is no desire to buy all their news. For example, my laptop has long since out of production – MacBook Pro 17-inch. I think that this is an extremely successful model, she even has a CD-ROM. 🙂
Founder service Goodwin in the category “Jobs” on Layfhakere

Dmitry Shmakov: “My laptop is long since out of production”

As for software, actively using cloud-based business classics: Evernote, Dropbox, and more. Did not get seats on iWork, and the sense not see, when all around are using Word and Excel.

In addition, I use all known messengers and try to be online, although correspondence do not spend a lot of time.
What is your daily regime?

I like to work in the evening. The most valuable thoughts come closer to one in the morning, even though I will not say that I’m a night owl. Previously I experimented with sleep and wakefulness and realized that being an owl or a lark – it is rather a habit, not a given. Switching between the modes depends on the needs and mood. For example, I can easily transform from an owl in a lark and back. Now I would rather a lark. I try to go to bed early, because you need to take the youngest son in kindergarten, and in the winter morning wake up is difficult.

In general, biorhythm – an important component of productivity. I fundamentally disagree with radical ideas such as reducing sleep up to five hours a day. It is known that Napoleon slept for five hours, many top managers are also talking about it, even with pride. But the dream – is not an abstract at rest, and a very important period, during which produced the necessary to the body.

C such things it is better not to joke – this “time-saving” can get our own peril.
What place in your life to play sports?

Recently discovered squash. I play with the coach and his eldest son in the club “Factory squash” a couple of times a week. Imperceptibly rose to the first competition.

Squash – game sport with a ball and racket indoors. “Tennis on the wall.”

All recommend this sport. I chose it because squash is considered almost the most energy-intensive activities. This is good if you want to keep the body in good shape.
Dmitry Shmakov and squash

Dmitry Shmakov: “Squash is considered almost the most energy-intensive activities”

I like to hit the ball. It is made of hard rubber and intensive game heats up. This makes it even more resilient and fast. Beat with all his strength and heart.

During the game, adjusted to an appropriate way of thinking about the work often comes unexpectedly solve some difficult situations.

If time or squash or visit the gym does not work, then just run bedtime 5-7 km Neskuchniy garden to get the daily rate of physical activity. When the fitness tracker starts to hum, I see – only 80% of the established daily allowance. We’ll have to run. You can fool yourself, technique – no.
How to pass the time in traffic jams?

For me there are no more traffic jams.

In Moscow metro ride or go on foot.

So reliable, and if on foot, more and more useful. If the road is clear that on weekdays is rare, then go by taxi. Recently, a taxi was very convenient to use.

Uber and GetTaxi use constantly. Pressed a button – the car arrived, took away where you need money machine with cards written off. No parking is not needed, or dressing.

Once I looked TED lecture about a new way of life, where people enjoy the benefits of civilization, not owning them. In my opinion, Uber, Regus, Airbnb – excellent examples of this. In fact, we can talk about the development of an entire galaxy of “cloud services” offline. Uber and Regus is really something like a cloud Dropbox and Evernote, as they provide access to the necessary resources from any location (office is always there, always near the machine, we need only press a button).
Is there a place in your paper work?

Paper in life is almost gone. Only the paper on which you want to put a signature. So I have lousy handwriting. Recently viewed Grishkovtsa monologue on this topic, about the care of paper, typewriter and telegrams. Sadly, when some of the events of our lives are gone forever. After all, before permanently on paper different circuit features: squares, arrows. Recently longer have to look for a pen – moved to Evernote and other digital services. Gadgets, unlike pens, always at hand.
Layfhakerstvo by Dmitry Shmakov

I recommend two books (of recently read):

Neil Fiore ” Easy way to stop to postpone the case until later . ” Easy to read, a lot of practical advice on how to adjust the motivation and form productive lives from day to day habits.
Tim Wu ” main switch. The rise and fall of empires information from radio to the Internet . ” The author – a professor at Columbia University. Exploring the history of the telegraph, telephone, radio, film and television, he shows the cycles that take place in their development of these technologies. By enthusiasts in the garage to big business, from the openness and flexibility to the closed and rigid system. On the example of the development of the Internet, we see a similar transition from the network and attempts to free industries centralization and regulation.

Head Goodwin – Dmitry Shmakov – plays the saxophone

Dmitry Shmakov: “It is important to achieve the goal, enjoying the walk”
Is there any configuration of dreams?

Dream – this is usually what is not. This is such a desired image, incentive development and the achievement of vertices. But important to me is not a mirage, and the surrounding reality, harmony and love ones. If all this is, is for someone to work and achieve, everything will come by itself.

It is important not abstract dream and realize their desire to see the target to go to her, enjoying the walk.

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