Kaspersky launches new version of endpoint security solution




Kaspersky launches new version of endpoint security solution Kaspersky Enpoint Security
Provides advanced data protection features and ease of control across all platforms and mobile devices.
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Kaspersky Lab recently released a new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for businesses , which it said was the most prominent solution that provides corporate security protection from ever-evolving cyber attacks.

In addition to continuing to provide reliable customer protection as the most valued solution in the sector, the Russian information security company added that this new version is supported by multiple enhancements that allow easier data management, increased flexibility in data protection and unified central management of a wider range of platforms, applications and devices.

Kaspersky Lab pointed out that companies face today the challenges of increasing the complexity of information technology, and the issue of security management has become a major problem for companies.

According to the IT Security Risks 2016 survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab in collaboration with B2B International , nearly one out of every five companies worldwide is making strong efforts to control security protection across all platforms. In addition to protecting all platforms , Kaspersky Security for Exchange Servers and Kaspersky Security for SharePoint can now be monitored by the Kaspersky Security Center , the unified management control panel for this solution, which provides protection Integrated multitasking security that extends beyond endpoints to collaboration and communication channels between employees.

In order to make security management easy and automatic, new features and enhancements have been introduced to the Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution for Mac devices, including the full application feature of this remote solution. The easy application features, simplified protection and management of mobile devices, and the new Wi-Fi management option ( Wi-Fi enabled list ) help companies keep pace with the growing mobile usage trends and the breadth of your BYOD access policy without compromising security. Or efficiency.

Among its features designed to meet corporate requirements , the new Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution can be used as a sensor for the Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack platform . After installation, sensor components collect and deliver data to the platform, providing more visibility into enterprise systems. The Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution for companies helps IT security teams track changes in policies and tasks and compare results to identify differences immediately. This helps to better control changes in security settings.

The Kaspersky Lab endpoint security solution addresses data protection aspects, which are among the most important concerns for businesses, according to the IT Security Risks 2016 survey . With new hard disk encryption capabilities available through Microsoft BitLocker Drive Management or Kaspersky Disk Encryption , companies can ensure that cyber criminals can not penetrate vital data that may expose customers or partners to risks or disrupt their business continuity, even if they have a device Stolen or lost. Kaspersky Security Center manages the Microsoft BitLocker remote drive , monitors the status of encrypted devices, and backs up encryption keys to restore lost login data.

The new Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution is based on Kaspersky Lab’s HuMachine intelligence approach, which integrates threat intelligence, automated learning algorithms and expertise from the company’s elite security teams. Electronic threats are detected by automated learning algorithms trained on large data from Kaspersky Security Network . Kaspersky Security Network , a global cloud-based threat intelligence platform, processes metadata voluntarily submitted by millions of Kaspersky Lab users while security experts continuously develop mathematical patterns to detect new, evolving threats.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides companies with real security protection covering multiple levels of the corporate IT network: In addition to the specific applications designed to defend the various types of nodes installed in the infrastructure, a multilayered array of security technologies is working to defend each of these nodes.

Threats are identified and prevented through a range of technologies. In addition to the precise algorithms that provide real and non-counterfeit positive detection mechanisms for known malware, there are automated mechanisms and mechanisms based on automated learning capable of detecting previously unknown and highly sophisticated malware samples.

These include structural inference, including encryption using Locality-Sensitive Hashing and Decision Center groups. As well as simulation-based detection mechanisms, using secure virtualization for both scripts and binary files. Behavioral System Watcher enables detection of the most advanced and hidden malware types, as well as nextgen attack patterns , such as malicious ransom attacks and Powershell-based malware attacks .

This technology is characterized by innovative features, such as high-speed backup and automatic undo feature, ensuring that any malicious activity is reversed immediately after malicious software is detected. This is very important in case of a ransom attack. It also includes automatic attack prevention, which minimizes exploitative attacks and provides protection for known targets such as Java , Flash , Adobe Reader, and office applications , even in the case of zero-hour attacks.

Kaspersky Security Network provides the ability to respond immediately to any new attacks or threats, while automated client-side learning patterns allow new threats to be detected even when they are not connected to the Internet.

Kaspersky Lab’s security specialists analyze the most sophisticated threats and automate computer learning algorithms to minimize the possibility of errors. Human skill and experience is an essential and indispensable component of automated learning while taking advantage of the comprehensiveness of the threat data gathered worldwide. This approach ensures the highest rate in the sector for detecting malicious attacks and the lowest rate of false positive results, which is proven in independent test results .

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution is available in the following versions to meet the different requirements of companies, each of which has specific features: Select, Advanced and Total .


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