Kaspersky: More than half of companies in the UAE




Kaspersky: More than half of companies in the UAE have difficulties detecting serious security breaches
Prevention remains the cornerstone of corporate Internet security,” said a report on information security. But the report, based on a Kaspersky Lab study, New Threats: Being Risk Ready in a World of Complex Attacks , under new threats and a new mentality, suggests that the detection of attack and responsiveness With him if it happens “is crucial.”

The leading Russian company in the field of information security believes that the immediate detection of any cyber attack reduces the cost of the company’s recovery more than twice, from $ 1.2 million to $ 456,000.

In the light of several recent attacks and large waves of attacks such as WannaCry and ExPetr, companies find it difficult to determine the timing of security breaches, according to the report, which he considered a question to be a real challenge!

Kaspersky Lab pointed out that cybercriminals are keen to diversify their skills and weapons a lot, between primitive fraudsters who dominate the unprotected companies through the “mass attack” method, the advanced gangs of pirates that are organized and operated militarily and target “big prizes” multiple operations Layers may not involve any use of malicious software. While avoiding a sudden blow to a primitive striker may be simple, when faced with a skillful striker, one must be prepared to receive a strong and painful punch.

Kaspersky Lab’s report this year found that targeted attacks had become one of the fastest-growing threats in 2017, with an 11% increase in large companies. Sixty-six percent of respondents in the UAE study said the threats were becoming more complex, while 56.7% said that knowing the difference between general and complex attacks was becoming increasingly difficult.

Sixty-six percent of respondents in the UAE said they were beginning to realize that a security breach would happen to their company at a future stage, which foreshadowed a major problem, while 58.3% were still unsure of the most effective security strategy in responding to threats. The magnitude of the problem is of increasing concern after the study showed that uncertainty is more common among study participants than information security professionals, ie those who are more likely to be familiar with the issue.

Components of the most appropriate recipe for incident response: technology, personnel and operations

Surprisingly, despite the high level of uncertainty among companies over their security strategies, 84% of companies in the UAE believe they spend “enough or more” to protect against targeted Internet attacks. This may be due to how protection is viewed from threats; threats are sometimes a technical problem that needs to be solved by purchasing and operating more advanced security solutions. However, a more balanced approach to incident response involves investment, not only in appropriate techniques, but also in people with appropriate skills, as well as in correct processes.

There is a clear need, according to the study, for security solutions that go beyond protection to allow for a more comprehensive and integrated package, as well as the ability to detect and respond to threats. 59% of UAE companies, for example, believe they need “better tools” to detect and respond to persistent and advanced threats, which is true, given that the speed of detection is crucial in reducing the financial impact. The study shows that only eight percent of UAE companies last year discovered the most serious security incident in a day. However, immediate detection of incidents significantly reduces the cost of recovery, from $ 1.2 million to companies that take more than a week to detect an attack, for example, to $ 456,000 for those that can detect it immediately.

56% of UAE companies say they need to employ more experienced IT security professionals, specifically in managing security operations centers, responding to incidents and pursuing threats, which is not surprising. . The lack of internal specialists increases the company’s exposure to targeted attacks by 15% according to global figures, and increases the financial impact rate of attack on companies, from $ 930 thousand to $ 1.1 million.

However, in order to be able to effectively combat complex Internet threats, companies must consider the issue of incident response as an unintended process, which implies the need for a comprehensive incident investigation framework consisting of continuous monitoring and advanced detection , And the ability to mitigate critical security incidents.

Aliso Asetti, president of Kaspersky Lab’s large business sector, called on companies to quickly give the issue of incident response “the attention they deserve”, after companies began to realize the real risk posed by Internet security breaches to business continuity .

“This issue can not remain a small part of the IT security department’s responsibilities, but instead it should be strategically planned and receive its share of investment at the highest possible level. This does not mean that companies will be completely free of risk, but will surely be prepared for risk and quickly and with minimal losses will have the consequences of any serious breach when it occurs. ”


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