Kaspersky offers inspired by the soccer tips to get rid of the cunning hackers




With the launch of UEFA European Championship Euro 2016, Kaspersky Lab likely to be thousands of companies around the world have discovered that they have more employees working away from company sites more than they were in the past.

The company specialized in information security and pointed out that in this tournament hard fans trying to follow their business using mobile devices, while you find them surrounded by crowds of strangers and networks “Wi-Fi” the public is safe, and most importantly, their attention focused on the game itself will make them an easy target for e-threats . Fortunately, there are a few simple steps indicative that they can and owners of companies have followed to protect themselves from these threats.

Gathered UEFA European Championship to be hosted by France, the 24 teams will run in 51 games. And millions of fans will watch the games in the stadiums and on public screens. Given that football is the most popular sport in the Middle East, some employees tend to work through mobile devices while watching the game with fellow fans. This behavior, according to Kaspersky Lab, presents IT security to the huge risks. Business owners or their employees may not be fully aware of or prepared for the possibility of exposure of the security breach.

For the sake of Kaspersky Lab to help everyone in maintaining the safety and security of the mission of their company data, regardless of where they are, the company reached the following summary the guidance:

There are 10 things staff can away from the company’s website from football fans learned from players who compete on the pitch

1. take responsibility for your performance

A study conducted by Kaspersky newly Lab on malicious ransom software that less than 4% of the adult individuals in the United States will mind in the event of loss of business documents stored on their mobile devices as a result of cyber crimes, while 77% of them will feel anxiety and fear in the event of loss of information Finance.

And neglect that would not lead to safe behavior. In case you’re planning to carry out your business tasks while on the go, if you need to carry a sense of responsibility for the safety of commercial information that deal in them.

2. Everyone is watching you

If you log in to your mobile so that it is possible for any person sitting behind you to see your screen from behind your shoulder and write down your password has or peeking to the information handled by, which is known as “visual piracy”, will make it easy for others penetrate your computer or steal your information. Keep your data for yourself.

3. Watch the ball constantly

The mail phishing attacks and malicious messages ransom has become increasingly convincing, so much so that they seem to come from a colleague. In case the message was unexpected, contact the sender directly, and pressing on the attachment or link in any received from someone you do not know e-mail message.

4. Do not reveal your plan to play

Do not move or broadcast any information unless you are certain they are encrypted. Because the messages are encrypted from end to end pattern is considered as a fundamental criterion applied in the messaging service via Watts August Aamsj applications on Apple devices, it has quickly become the e-mail and messaging and a way to communicate among the most porous companies. Use the most secure Instant channel for you.

5. Beware of surprise attacks of midfielders

The use of free public network, “Wi-Fi” to stay connected to work involves a high degree of risk. Attackers can easily infiltrate your network and spy on or intercept all of your communications. They can do the same with e-mail messages between your server and your company.

The encryption of a pattern of party to party prevents this from happening, so if this kind of encryption was not available to you, declined to use e-mail to reside in a safe place so as to allow you to use a virtual private network VPN.

6. Be prepared for the worst

The employers are unwilling to bear the sudden increase in the number of employees working away from the company’s website security protection software installed on the most suitable for business or for personal devices used devices may not be available in their possession by the staff on their shoulders.

In case it was too late to install such software, if he tried to say the least not to leave your home by making sure to install the latest system version of your device. Mobile devices are not completely immune to cyber attacks: in 2015, Kaspersky Lab prevented nearly three million attempt to infect mobile devices malicious Trojan software attacks.

7. It is possible to judge also misses

The websites and service providers and network systems Intgal and others are doing their best to provide protection or warning alerts: such as malware and warning notices on the websites mined-mail phishing messages available through Bing. However, the bad guys are getting subtle nature day after day, and if there is any security vulnerability’ll stumble upon inevitably. Mark work tasks entrusted Bmozvic teleworkers limited to things that do not contain important or sensitive information related to the company.

8. Do not blame the referee for all errors

Sometimes, things may not go well, the devices are exposed to malfunction or loss or theft of one or malware or malicious software attacks ransom. In such cases, the best thing to do to be transparent and tell the IT department in your company about it immediately so that they can take appropriate steps, such as activating the device to stop or delete the data from the device remotely or isolate malicious software by persistent infection.

9. Do not make it easy to beat the opponent

Cybercriminals generally preferred methods of attack that involves less resistance. The use of security protection programs, high-efficiency and conduct security updates on an ongoing basis and prepare passwords hard to break and use the latest versions of the drivers and VPN VPN communications encrypted, all of this makes it difficult for an outsider to penetrate your computer and access to business information.

10. Do not expect to win without many attempts

Kaspersky Lab found that nearly half (53%) of consumers are using the security advantages that come associated with their devices. To achieve excellence on the pirates, it should be a race for the acquisition of the advanced security features and necessities. It’s about focus and commitment backed by the appropriate tools and equipment. Just like football.

He noted David M., principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, saying, “The UEFA European Championship – Euro 2016- should be a season to celebrate football fans savored the public all over the world. What a pity, that such events where people feel peace of mind about the safety and security of their devices and their data, quickly becoming a favorable platform exploited by hackers. The cyber-criminals will not hesitate to pounce on their victims devices of football fans are not protected sufficiently during their performance of their remote tasks. By following a few basic precautions before, during and after the game it will be employers and their employees working remotely can maintain the safety and security of their devices and their data – which gives them peace of mind and the experience of watching an unforgettable football matches.


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