Kepler space telescope finds again planet similar to Earth




NASA has announced that its space Kepler telescope has discovered an exoplanet with properties that are similar to those of the earth. The planet is called Kepler-452b received and is in size 60 percent larger than the Earth.

Kepler Space Telescope That made ​​the US space agency announced during a press conference on Thursday. Kepler-452b is at a distance of 1,400 light-years from the Earth and is located in the “habitable” orbit around its star. That is, the path in which Kepler 452b to its star takes allows for temperatures which are compatible with life, which is not to say that there is also actually prevents life. For example, it is possible that the planet liquid contains water, something that should show further investigation. According to NASA Kepler-452b is the most “Earth-like” of all known exoplanets to date.

The star where the newly discovered exoplanet is about is about as big as our sun but much older. According to NASA, the estimated age is about one and a half billion years higher than the 4.5 billion years of our sun. Scientists point out that Kepler-452b, which probably consists mainly of stone, therefore, give a glimpse into the future of the earth. Also, the exoplanet interesting because of its size: Kepler-452b is 60 percent larger than Earth, and thus the smallest Earth-like extrasolar planet that has been discovered so far.

Kepler-452b is the first confirmed planet found in a set of data of ‘candidate’ planets. In total there are 500 potential exoplanets data available which will be further investigated. Kepler has since its launch been discovered over a thousand extrasolar planets in 2009, with the expectation that there are thousands upon.

With Kepler also discovered several exoplanets that have interesting properties for the development of life. The space telescope is actually already in its second life, after rather a “trick” to be applied because of problems with balance. The new mission, named K2, since last year working, and delivered earlier this year the discovery of a planet that looks like Earth.

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