Kroes insists on ‘limited’ net neutrality




European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, responsible for the Digital Agenda within the EU, the plans for the creation of a European telecom market made public. Kroes wants an end to roaming, ‘limited’ net neutrality and more frequencies for mobile internet.

In the telecom plans Kroes to read that a freely accessible internet platform providers must continue and that users may not deny access to certain services or content access. There is additional need for European legislation to capture this. Furthermore, Europeans have the right to distribute freely. Information, legal content and services online Regulatory authorities in the Member States must ensure that these requirements are met.

Europe European flag Despite these proposals tend to introduce net neutrality, Kroes has a number of articles that contain numerous exceptions to the rule. Thus, for Internet providers under “reasonable conditions” apply traffic on the Internet, for example, to block, to prevent spam, or, if temporarily, to relieve bottlenecks. Illegal content Furthermore allowed for “specialized” services separate conditions or subscriptions offering ISPs provided that these services require an increased or guaranteed quality of service. Include IPTV and video conferencing for e-health applications are called. Providers and content providers would also agree on may make, provided that this does not affect the basic service. However, given the national regulators the right to enforce. Minimum requirements for internet service itself

The proposals Kroes on net neutrality are consistent with earlier leaked draft proposals. In July defended the Commissioner still its proposals as too strict netneutraliteitseis would stand. innovation in the way Kroes would have had on the attitude of neutrality, the criticism from the European Commission, but this seems to have given. No decisive

Kroes speaks in the proposal for the creation of a single European telecoms market for the abolition of roaming within the EU. This would cost European consumers and companies for calling, texting and mobile internet have significantly lower. Nor should telcos from July 1, 2014 no longer count costs for incoming calls. Kroes wants providers to offer subscriptions where in the EU the same prices as in the home market of the provider. Furthermore, the call from a landline within Europe cost the same as a domestic call.

Telecom Companies would have to start from July 2014 offering ‘pan-European’ subscriptions in order to put an end to roaming to make. Telecom providers must also make it easy to go abroad to switch to another provider if they wish to offer. No lower prices abroad This principle should also apply to the telcos themselves: a national provider must on other networks without many obstacles a virtual provider can be with their own packages. Furthermore Kroes calls for clearer contracts that may be. Moreover denounced faster The telecom providers have until June 2016 to the time called ‘roam like home’ to start offering subscriptions.

To meet the expected increase in traffic Kroes wants more space on the airwaves will pave the way for wireless technology as 4g and wifi. First of all, European countries will harmonize the available frequency blocks and we have to look or can be used for wireless communication. Standards in future more bandwidth freed

Kroes wants with her plans a far-reaching reform of the European telecom market achieve all lobbying telecom companies in an attempt to soften. Plans for some time Nevertheless, the Commissioner expressed several times in her eyes that Europe lags behind competing countries and telecom companies have reduced. Investment in their mobile networks in recent years The reform plans will now be submitted to the European Parliament. They strive to give their opinions. Before the European elections of May 2014


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