Landing on Mars will make a reality show




Landing on Mars will make a reality show March 11, 2013

As once said scientist Werner von Braun, the main obstacle to the development of space – not the power of attraction, and red tape. It looks like yet another obstacle he forgot to mention – the funding. Therefore, when a Dutch engineer and entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp more than ten years ago began to dream of creating the first human colony on Mars, the most attention he paid to the issue of not overcoming the technical difficulties, and development of business models.

“All of the technologies are already available or almost available, – he said. – I just will not put the mind, where to find the money for it ”

36-year-old Dutchman has no big name Dennis Tito – American financier and space tourist, who said last month’s desire in 2018 to send two people to travel to Mars and back. Can compare their condition and Lansdorp with billionaire Elon Musk, who offered to send to the Red Planet 80 000 people, taking it to 500 for 000 dollars each.

However Lansdorp convinced that developed a great plan to attract $ 6 billion, which, according to him, will need to send a 2023 to the Martian surface an initial group of four. According to his idea, the entire mission – from the selection and training of astronauts before the erection of permanent settlements on Mars – will be broadcast as a perennial reality TV show.

“Do you think that many would like to watch the the first humans land on Mars? – Asked Lansdorp, recalling more than 600 million viewers, which in 1969 eagerly peer into the screen in black and white television when Neil Armstrong made his first steps on the moon. – This will be one of the greatest events in human history. We’re talking about creating a large-scale television spectacle – a far more ambitious than the moon landing and the Olympic Games. It has the potential to bring astronomical revenue from the sale of television rights and cooperation with the sponsors’

It is noteworthy that the very Lansdorp rank yourself in this venture a modest role. He did not want to fly to Mars, and plans to be content with only a function of the executive producer of the show. To hit the inevitable skepticism, he cites his other project. It is about a startup Ampyx Power – the company behind Earthbound unmanned aircraft that is able to generate their own electricity from the wind. He noted that in the case of this company crazy idea at first turned into a very profitable enterprise. Although Lansdorp refuses to say how much he earned by selling its stake in Ampyx, he noted that the money he was able to live quietly out of work for several years.

The selection of the first candidates to take part in a show called Mars One will begin this spring. Applicants must be aged 18 or over, have a good physical training, to speak in English and be willing to go through the selection process and the eight-year training program – not to mention the mission on Mars. And of course, welcome stress and lack of fear of camera: the whole process because this will be broadcast to the entire planet. No special technical skills of the participants is not required, however, one fact should be emphasized: because of financial and logistical reasons, this trip will be only one way.

“It’s like a reality show combined with the program” Hello, we are looking for talent “, and not the end of the show, and watching him the whole world”, enthusiastically shares his opinion of the Dutch TV producer Paul Romer, famous for creating the cult show “Big Brother “.

To date, the project Mars One can not yet boast a huge investment. Prior to this, the project is almost entirely funded by Lansdorpom. However, last month received assurance of funding from several investors, and these funds will be used for pre-survey for the components of the device, including a space ship, landing gear, life support systems, transport vehicles and communications systems.

Высадку человека на Марсе превратят в реалити-шоу

According to Google Analytics, site of the project, launched in June of last month, for the period of its existence, has scored more than 1.7 million unique visitors. More than 8000 people from 100 countries have sent emails resume, after a set in January began the show. Group of experts who will select the candidates, led by Dr. Norbert Kraft – specialist in aerospace medicine, who had to work at NASA, and aerospace services of Russia and Japan.

“It is a long road – said Kraft. – They must be ready not only physically, but also psychologically, ”

It is expected that the initial list of participants will be reduced to a few hundred in 2014, when the show Mars One will broadcast in several countries. Lansdorp Mars One created a non-profit organization at the same time is a shareholder of a commercial company Interplanetary Media Group, has the exclusive right to sell the rights to broadcast the mission and advertising. How much will it cost for these rights, has been kept secret, but you can expect a lot. Lansdorp while experiencing some awkwardness of what his offspring are labeled a reality show.

“I was faced with a very difficult compromise between the goals of the project and the method of financing the mission, – he said. – It’s not just a “Big Brother on Mars.” It is important that this idea was treated as a very serious project ”

The next week, according to Lansdorpa be announced the signing of the first contract with U.S. aerospace company, which has agreed to supply equipment for the project Mars One. But back to the reason that he does not want the Dutchman to fly to Mars. Here is what he says about it:

“When I was 20, I dreamed about it and thought that one day I will be able to make it. But after 15 years I found myself better and I realized: I’m an entrepreneur by nature. I’m just not suited for this. I’m very impatient and assiduous, but these qualities are not likely to be appreciated, when a long time will need to be in a small group of people. And most importantly, I have a girl who would not want to go there with me ”

As can be seen from the above, while it is unclear what will turn this adventurous undertaking. In addition to the difficulties of a technical and financial nature, will inevitably come out to the surface and the moral component. Indeed, the fact that people are condemned to lifelong separation from his native planet, many moralizator could be seen as causing physical and psychological harm to the person, even on the condition that full agreement.

In any case, we wish good luck to this Dutch dreamer in his fascinating case. And if it will burn out, then in the coming years, we will provide an interesting spectacle, which is bound to make the newly purchased TV those many years ago, get rid of them.

Source: New York Times

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