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Presented in late August at the IFA 2016, now since a few days on my desk: The Lenovo Yoga Book, either with Android or Windows 10 to obtain. Laptops and co are boring – could be said. But there are companies that want to be innovative. Lenovo proves this with the Yoga Book impressively. Anyone who takes the Lenovo Yoga Book for the first time, may be amazed. The device is 9.6 mm thick and only 4.05 mm at the narrowest corner. The weight is also kept low with 690 grams. The YogaBook uses an IPS screen with 10.1 inches and a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels.


It is even more surprising when you open the Lenovo Yoga Book. Because there is no classic keyboard, but one without buttons – virtual, called by Lenovo Halo keyboard. Well, I’ve been here. 10 inches, that would be nothing for me. But I am also frequent clerk at other crates and access larger devices. Nevertheless – and I found this surprising – I quickly entered the tapping without real mechanical feedback. You can get used to it fast and tippt even without the classical keyboard mechanics clean, the device gives on request haptic feedback. On the Lenovo Yoga Book runs Windows 10, to the system needs to say nothing.


You can use the Lenovo Yoga Book with the keyboard, the touchpad or external input devices, but also via the touchscreen. That Halo keyboard is not only because of the missing keys the secret star, because Lenovo has in this Flachmann something thought. So the device comes with input pen, in the background Wacom technology. So you can not only illustrate in special apps, so you can make synonymous with OneNote simple handwriting notes or rumkrakeln. The stylus recognizes 2.048 individual print gradations and can also be used as a normal pen, Lenovo still puts three mines on it.


The technology in the Lenovo Yoga Book? Inside are an Intel Atom X5-Z8550, 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, 64 GB of memory and cameras with 2 (front) and 8 megapixels (main camera). In addition, the interfaces such as Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and a microSD card slot on board. 599 € will be charged for the Windows version with Wi-Fi , 100 euros you pay more for the LTE variant. For this course, the user gets not only a Windows notebook with particularly compact dimensions, he also has a tablet and a device for writing handwritten notes. By the way, you can also tap the display with the Real Pen, but this is by no means as easy from the hand as the drawing on the Halo keyboard. 8,500 mAh is the battery strong, in the test I took about three hours to get it full, of the 13 called hours of runtime I reached an average of 11.


And what about paper? Again, Lenovo has come up with something. The manufacturer includes a book pad and 20 pages of refill paper. This allows users to write on paper with the stylus and transfer their notes wirelessly to the Yoga Book. The Lenovo Yoga Book made a good impression on me in the first days.

I am now not with the thoughts in the try to go that the flounder can replace a notebook with all capacities – it can not do it – and it should be Lenovo is not, it is designed as a tablet. Thus, barriers like gaming fall out in this performance class. But: A buyer gets for the money a device, which is not only schnödes “Netbook 2016 with Tablet”, but more.


A stylish device that seems to come from the future. One that not only comes as a full-fledged Windows 10 solution, but also as a tablet and drawing utensil. And this is still a niche that wants to be conquered – at least by companies that claim that the classic laptop is dead. In terms of tablet, I would prefer my iPad as a pure notebook my MacBook. But what if I were told, “Decide! Make a week of your work as a blogger with the iPad or use the Yoga Book for it. ”

My answer would be: Yoga Book, as a Windows 10 for me currently reaches more than one iOS 10 Mind you – it’s just about my work (sweise).. I know that there are users, who also with an iPad their work away – I am not able to do this productively, apart from writing the lyrics.

Personally, I do not believe that the Lenovo Yoga Pad will be the biggest hit, but I am happy to see that companies will not subside. Think about the corner. Just try something. You can not know how it will be if you do not try things.


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