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Will we ever see a smartphone that exists in front of 90 percent screen? There have been years of rumors about ‘borderless’ smartphones, but there is not yet published. The phone that comes closest is Japanese, Sharp’s latest Aquos phone has a handset that 80 percent consists of screen.

From here the famous manufacturers LG adheres most concerned with reducing the bezels. The G2 is 75 percent off screen. Other manufacturers leave it in this area a bit fails, the Galaxy S5 is greater than S4 bezels, Sony and Huawei have apparently more attention to creating flatter their handsets, and Apple and Nokia do not seem to get the bezels.

Yet for some, a key element, a smartphone revolves around the screen, the only way of input, except for a few buttons with a single function. Who wants to set the screen center should intensify its efforts to make the border. Around it as small as possible We also hoped that LG are G Pro 2 would use to show how small it can make the bezels but that has not happened. 74.2 percent of the front of the G Pro 2 screen, the same as his great rival, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Nevertheless, the G Pro 2 is an impressive smartphone when you pick him for the first time. LG because the brightness of the panel has managed to boost the contrast and looks okay, it’s quite a nice display. The resolution of 1920×1080 pixels is more than enough to not see. Pixels at a normal distance The diagonal of the screen is 5.9 “.

LG G Pro 2 Preview

The G Pro 2 has to rely on its large screen, because for the rest seem to have any features that ‘exclusive’ for this unit. The phone has the same buttons on the back, and although there are new software features, but it is obvious that LG that will bring. Well on the G2 and the first G Pro

The back of the phone is made of plastic and has a nice stiff pattern. The phone feels good result and will not slip from the bank. This is an advantage over the previous G Pro.

LG G Pro 2 Preview LG G Pro 2 Preview

The G Pro 2 runs on a Snapdragon 800, with four Krait processor cores at 2.3 GHz and an Adreno 330 GPU, assisted by a memory the size of 3GB. This is visible, the G Pro 2 does quickly, although LG also display animations seem to have to keep up the pace accelerated.

The software also has some innovations. The G Pro 2 running Android 4.4.2 with LG’s own skin and with their own applications for Android. Some features that are also on the G2 mini like Knock Code, which you can unlock by entering when the screen is off, the phone is also a code on the G Pro 2 can be found.

Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview

LG also places great emphasis on the camera. It is a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and the ability to record video. 4k in Utility escapes us, if only because those videos on a few screens to see in full resolution and they are bizarre occupy much space on your internal memory or memory card. LG has also added the Magic Focus function, its own interpretation of Nokia’s Refocus. The phone takes several consecutive photos, each with its own focus points. As a result, the user can retrofit any part should be sharp. One option is to bring. Everything in focus

Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview

LG has the function to improve. Temporarily a smaller screen, the big screen With this function, the unit can easily be operated with one hand. It works with a swipe on the toolbar and can be useful if you need to look just a little and you have only one hand available. Thanks to swipe the feature is always activated, but it’s something you just have to know.

Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview Screenshot LG G Pro 2 Preview

LG says no plans to have to spend. G Pro 2 to Netherlands That is indeed what the manufacturer said about the first G Pro, when he was a year ago at the fair to find. The G Pro came six months later, still in the Netherlands. However, LG has now just released a smartphone with 5.9 “screen, the G Flex, with its curved AMOLED screen.

The G Pro 2 is in many ways a clear step forward compared to the G Pro. He has useful features, a nice big screen and a design that basically aim is to set the screen. Central In the shop, he would nevertheless not stand alongside other great phones from Samsung, HTC and Sony, and of course in addition to the flexible phone from LG itself.


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