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Recently, LG introduced the world with its novelty LG G2. And it does not cut. The new smartphone is not Optimus, he’s just LG G2. Compared with Optimus G is considerably improved. It is possible that he will take in the high-tech world that niche, which is now owned by G Pro. Technical details, which so wanted to get to know our readers will unfold before us in all its diversity. And they are such that they deserve a separate detailed review, rather than a brief enumeration that is not able to give a complete picture of the possibilities of the new “umnofona” with giant screen. It’s time to technical details and first impressions.


With the G2 came a number of interesting hardware innovations were touched its size, shape and location of the button. In this sense, it differs from all of its rivals. Typically, the power button and volume controls are located on the sides of the phone. But LG has decided to reduce the size of the body of its new flagship, so the physical controls smartphone was in his “on the back”, directly under the camera module. The power button is located midway between the buttons “louder” (above) and “slow” (below). When the power is on, the LED button glows white.

Proceed to consider the hardware configuration of LG G2:

SoC (SoC): Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) 4x Krait 400 2.3 GHz, Adreno 330 GPU (graphics processing unit)
Display: 5.2-inch IPS-LCD 1920 × 1080 Full HD
Memory (RAM, RAM): 2 GB 800 MHz LPDDR3
Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, BT 4.0
Built-in storage medium 32 GB
Input and output: microUSB 2,0, 3,5 mm headset jack, NFC, Miracast, IR
Operating System (mobile platform): Android 4.2.2
Battery: 3000 mAh (11.4 Watt-hours, Whr) 3,8-volt
Dimensions (in mm): 138,5 x 70,9 x 9,14
Main camera: 13-megapixel image optimization (OIS) and flash
Front-facing camera (front camera): 2.1-megapixel Full HD

The LG have no doubt that force the user to once again get used to the new size of the device and a method to keep is not the best approach. The same applies to the structures located at the ends of the buttons. The rear button layout is more convenient and it is noted those people who are fortunate enough to hold the new product in their hands. But there is a downside: the finger touches the glass chamber. Hold for three seconds the button “louder” includes an application to create notes. Like holding the “slow” is to launch the camera application. Volume buttons are also used to implement the images and screenshots. In fact, to get used to it, take a little longer. But any inconveniences new way to control some functions of the phone does not. However, definitive conclusions can be made only when the experts will be enough time for a closer acquaintance with the G2.


Since the front panel there are no hardware buttons, experts LG had to go the way of adaptation of the Android operating system to the features of your phone.

G2 rear panel is curved and rounded. LG has equipped its G2 built-in battery, optimally utilizing the interior of the device. This is a 3.8-volt battery LG Chem, 3000 mAh capacity of 11.4 watt-hours. Our readers will have noticed that in the Moto X also uses non-removable battery. Keep in mind that LG Chem come from Motorola. Of course, the rear panel G2 removable. But this is not surprising.


G2 polycarbonate shell is black or white. This material is not remarkable. In other smart phones are used more impressive: composite materials, metal and even wood. And no glass behind.


The main attractive feature is its new devaysa IPS-display: 5.2-inch with a resolution of 1080p and minimal trim. The LG tried to reduce the width of the border as much as possible. This, combined with a shift buttons on the back panel, reduced size of the device. The touch screen has a top and bottom connectors. This made it possible to reduce the width of the upper and lower border.


G2 is built into the display memory (graphics memory, GRAM, Graphic RAM), allowing the panel to update the contents of the screen itself. When the contents of the screen is not updated, it is placed in memory of the screen, respectively, display controller goes into an inactive state. LG has made such a high-tech innovation in order to reduce the power consumption of the new display devaysa by 26% by the self-renewal of the panel. Getting to know our readers with various types of computer memory has already taken place .

The viewing angles and brightness G2 implemented perfectly. At the very least, this opinion is shared expert Brian Klug (Brian Klug), who happens to work with a prototype of the new device. LG Display has always shown the wonders of engineering to work on their panels. And, I suppose, in G2, this tradition will continue with dignity.


G2 camera has taken a step forward compared to the Optimus G. 13-megapixel camera innovations optimally stabilizes the image (OIS, Optical Image Stabilization). This means that LG has joined the pleasant company of HTC and Nokia, which has mastered the technology of OIS. The camera module G2 is much larger than its predecessor and contains a gyroscope, which provides stabilization of the photos. LG noted that CMOS still displays 1,1-micrometer (μm).

The pixel size in the Optimus G is the same. But shooting video is now done in a new way: 1080p60. G2 allows you to shoot Full HD video at 60 frames per second (FPS). LG has also implemented a temporary oversampling for its digital zoom. This means that removed a lot of shots, and then formed into a single image. This technique replaces the resampled (resampling), that is, the selection of samples taken from the number of frames. OIS stabilizes the video and provides a wider exposure in low-light conditions.


On the back of the G2 Crystal sapphire window that prevents scratches.

To improve the sound quality of G2, LG copied fragments ALSA framework and Android. This has improved the quality of sampling and bit depth. The absence of the Android platform to support different levels of sampling for different applications is an unpleasant limitation for companies developing devices based on this operating system. LG has decided to change the situation in their favor, and G2 has provided great sound: 24 bit, 192 kHz FLAC / WAV. LG notes that the API will be available for other applications, which will also be able to take advantage of 24-bit “Android-‘sound ecosystem, which forms the South Korean tehnogigant.


In G2 uses the latest codec Qualcomm WCD: WCD9320 Platform MSM8974. LG notes that the possibility of the former codec WCD9310 were limited. Meanwhile, the platform WCD9320 provides significantly better performance audio. For the user, this means better sound quality. The entire chain of decisions involved in the processing and output of the sound – the software, the hardware codec and amplifier sets – optimized to provide higher quality and support the previously discussed deeper “bit depth” of sound.


G2 is based on the newest and most magnificent single-chip system 800 Snapdragon, MSM8974, clocked at 2.3 GHz from Qualcomm. Platform MSM8974 Qualcomm implemented in two versions (2.2 GHz and 2.3 GHz), which differ in value. Snapdragon 800 is based on 28-nanometer process TSMC and has four core Krait 400, and the graphics processor (GPU) Adreno 330.

G2 has two gigabytes of RAM type LPDDR3 RAM. LG has not been prepared to present the results to journalists benchmark tests, but the feel of the work with the prototype they have made a certain impression. And they came to the conclusion that the interface responds to the user very quickly. New supports network LTE-A, HSPA + and EDGE.


On the software platform Android 4.2.2 superimposed own design LG. The South Korean company has added a host of new features. Outwardly, however, the user will not Android surprising. A quick double tap on an empty part of the screen or the status bar sends the phone to sleep or wakes it. This is achieved thanks to the built-in accelerometer.


Quick Window: small window to display important information. It is assumed 8 different colors for the body of the window. This decision is not something new for the South Korean giant’s devices and debuted back in the LG Spectrum 2.

LG G2 eventually appear in the different countries of the world. He will be supported by four leading operators in the United States, with relevant networks and frequency range. Information about when and where the novelty will be available, will be available in due course. Today suggest that in mid-September, the device will enter the international market.

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