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The screens of high-end smartphones in recent years become increasingly bigger, so big that holes in the portfolio. Almost all manufacturers chose to fill them with midrange phones, making it seem as if they find that high-end hardware always be accompanied. With a big screen For example, the Samsung 4.3 “Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC also has a mini version of its flagship, the HTC One mini, also with a 4.3” screen. Both phones seem strong on the outside of the phones to which they are named, but are made up of slower hardware.

LG now joins this club with a device that has been developed according to the same pattern: the LG G2 mini. Mini proves otherwise an elastic concept, because the device has a screen diagonal of up to 4.7. “Thanks to its compact size, the mini-term in our eyes still justified.’s Appearance is clearly based on the G2, which came out in September, but the components used to confirm that this is really a mid-range phone. We were recently at LG for the first time with the G2 mini underway to look this handset honor his big brother knows to keep up.

Housing and Software

When LG told us that his “mini-phone had a 4.7” screen, we had to scratch our ears.’s High-end phones from the previous generation, such as the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3 and HTC One X had, after all screens of the same size and were then found little nobody. It clearly shows how quickly things change in the mobile phone market, but it also shows how much better manufacturers have become in the packaging of all the hardware in a phone sitting. because although the G2 mini same screen size as an S3 or HTC One X, it is significantly shorter, narrower and lighter. It is especially width of 66mm which makes it feels compact.

LG G2 Mini LG G2 Mini

The 4.7 “LG G2 mini (left in photo) and the 5.2” LG G2 (right on the pictures)

Appearance is the G2 mini clearly related to the normal G2. At the front is shown on the logo below the screen, the speaker grille and the overall shape of the device. Who needs more proof, will be convinced after the turn of the appliances, LG has the power button and volume buttons namely placed again on the back, which it clearly is an LG device. If you’re used buttons on the side, it takes a while before you automatically reach for the back, but you get used to it. The buttons are below the 8-megapixel camera, flanked by an LED flash.

LG G2 Mini LG G2 Mini LG G2 Mini LG G2 Mini

An employee of LG told me that the most common criticism of the LG G2 was back us. Users are not impressed by the shiny and smooth plastic and found it cheap eyes. LG has taken this criticism to heart and the back of the G2 mini is also made from a new type of matte plastic, with small dots that provide texture and make the phone holds fine. The back is incidentally pick, after which the user has access to a removable battery and a micro-SD slot loose.

On the software front, the G2 does not differ much from the normal mini G2, at least insofar as it comes to appearance. LG has its skin, which puts it back on Android, which left largely unchanged. Drastic visual changes we see probably until LG comes later this year with a successor to the G2. The Android version that runs on the G2 mini KitKat is 4.4, the latest version of the operating system.

Most features are also taken directly from the G2, as Guest Mode, which you can link. Different user to different release patterns That way you can easily just let someone else use it without that person can access your data your phone.

LG G2 mini – screenshots LG G2 mini – screenshots

The ‘small’ phone has some new features, Knock Code the most eye-catching. Knock Code is an extension of KnockOn, the feature on the G2 which you can make by tapping. Twice on the screen, the device wakes up KnockOn is the G2 mini still present, but LG has now also ongrendelproces integrated into the feature. If you tap a preset pattern on the screen is switched off, the phone at once awakened and unlocked.

Setting the Knock Code is simple and does not take much time. The user is presented with a grid with four faces, and must then enter a code consisting of two to eight touches. A pattern can consist of: upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right. After this is entered twice, the software still requires a PIN as a backup, and everything is set.

LG G2 mini – screenshots LG G2 mini – screenshots LG G2 mini – screenshots LG G2 mini – screenshots

The feature works well, as long as you do not rush to proceed. It seems advisable to build from many touches, the code because someone is watching, a short and simple pattern easy cheating.

Another novelty is related to the virtual buttons. In G2, it was already possible to adjust the position of these buttons, for example, but it was not possible to use the multitasking add button which is present in stock Android. That can now. We also liked that we were able to remove the menu from the virtual bar, but can not yet. Now it seems that Samsung has abandoned even the menu, however, we expect LG will soon follow

Screen and hardware

Most people see LG as a large company, but the Korean conglomerate composed of smaller components that should indulge in diverse fields. Thus, LG Chemical focuses primarily on the development of batteries, including the curve battery from LG’s G-Flex smartphone comes out of that tube. Screens are made by LG Display, which not only delivers internally, but also for many years providing displays to Apple for its iPhones and iPads.

With such a track record We had high expectations of the screen in the G2 mini, but they are not fulfilled. The 4.7 “screen has a resolution of only 960×540 namely pixels, bringing the number of pixels per inch comes out on 234, much less than the 424 pixels of its big brother. Similarly, the high-end phones with 4.7” screens of the previous generation had a resolution of 1280×720 pixels much sharper screens. Due to the low pixel density screen G2 mini looks grainy modern concepts.

LG G2 Mini

Contrast, color reproduction and viewing angles are much less than more expensive phones, but we understand well that there should be a phone in this class. Skimped
Hardware: Snapdragon 400

LG G2 mini – screenshots LG has built the mini round about Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 platform, with two variants: a soc with two quick Krait processor cores and a slower soc four Cortex-A7 cores. Using the G2 mini latter. We know the processor is the Motorola Moto G. For a mid-range phone, he knows how to deliver excellent performance in this area is the relatively low screen resolution of the G2 mini an advantage, because that does the Adreno 305 GPU less hard on the bin.

The soc is coupled to 1GB memory. That is not very much, but Google has the latest version of Android, 4.4 KitKat, quite made some optimizations that should reduce memory usage, allowing the G2 mini probably has to be enough. On the wireless area, it supports WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and LTE.

All this is powered by a relatively large 2440mAh battery, and we suspect that the G2 mini therefore a good battery life will have. If we observe the Motorola Moto G for comparison include: who has a 2070mAh battery, the same processor but a screen with a higher resolution, so it probably uses more power. That device scores in our battery tests pretty good. With a lower screen resolution and longer battery capacity, the G2 Mini would so do it a bit better on paper


We have the G2 mini mixed feeling about our first meeting. Many good points of the G2, as the narrow bezels, features like KnockOn and Guest Mode, and the relatively large battery are retained. The housing is fairly compact and firm. The removable battery and the Micro-SD slot, we see as pluses. However, the screen is less impressive. In this segment, we understand that concessions should be in terms of picture quality, but made the combination of a 4.7 “diagonal resolution 960×540 is in our opinion not good.

It is unlikely that the G2 mini focus is put as example the Motorola Moto G, which cost less than 200 euros. Market as LG was the self in that price range are L9 II and there will not want to compete with. LG enters the G2 mini so competitive part of the market, where price plays a big role. What that price is going to be we do not know yet, but we will at least in April this year behind, because then the device should be in stores.


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