LG unveils its vision for the six trends




LG unveils its vision for the six trends affecting the mobile phone scene
Mobile phones evolved considerably over the past two decades is no longer merely a simple communication devices, but has become an integrated entertainment systems combine the latest innovations to enable users to view content on demand and allow them to influence and personal moments broadcast to the world of gloves hands.

The rising demand for smartphones rapidly around the world and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). A recent study by Google Inc., and highlighted that the UAE ranks first in terms of the proliferation of smartphones in the world increased by 73.8%.

In addition, the UAE is well known in the world that the largest proportion of Internet users in the world via smartphones, make up in the Gulf, part of a larger percentage of Facebook users by more than 93% of the population walk to the podium to share with their friends their knowledge, opinions and experiences of life .

He Geun Young Choi, President , LG Electronics Gulf: “Smart phones have become a sort of addendum to the capabilities of its users, but this must be designed not to make calls and capture special moments and provide access, but also to be elegant and offers an innovative design that fits most users. The result has been that consumer demand and expectations of the users revealed trends take manufacturers of smart phones, Mthelal Gee, into account very seriously when creating the latest smartphones, with a focus on providing a sophisticated products boasts distinctive advantages such as larger screen audio and ease of use and to respond with one hand and durability and longer battery life. ”

If we take into account the changing mobile phone technology is constantly entering the scene as a result of a lot of new mobile products after the World’s Fair for mobile phones in 2017, including the device, “LG LG 6,” we expect to overcome these trends occupies this evolving space.

More robust

No longer durability smartphone only rarely of the factors that the focus of the users on a journey searching for new phones, despite the fact that one moment of inattention can lead to telephone injury fractures and cracks and damage, using regret and leave it did not choose a smart phone all the stronger.

Although some cracks and fractures do not have a direct effect on the functions of the phone, the result of water damage may allocate it to scrap dead! There is no doubt that smart phones carry great value: material and moral, and falling casually in a pool of water will cause the functions and cause you to lose a lot of sensitive data and memories that do not compensate in a single moment. But what is gratifying that a number of modern smartphones have become a strong structure protects users from such unfortunate incidents, but they are flawed on the other hand, some of the negatives, such as the primitive design and materiel low level.

New innovations have become the consummate combine durability and elegance in smartphone design seems strikingly distinctive form. In addition to those phones it has the advantage of the water resistance it can survive even if exposed for long periods to one of the most dangerous prepared smartphone earlier; no water, and so the user enjoys the benefits of a smartphone durable without compromising on aesthetics or performance account.

Comfortable to use

Currently available for a wide range of smart phones in the market, is the ability to use convenient factor highlights always determines user satisfaction levels of those phones. Valmstkhaddm always demanding that modern phones are thin and light and have come to expect as well, and he wants to give the user a feeling of quality and excellence and allow him to deal with it within the comfort of one hand without being at the expense of performance.

Thus, strong technologies and elegant design and ease of intuitive use are the factors that users take them into account when they choose new smartphones, all of which inspired the company, “LG” to take care of the beauty of the design of the phone, “G4″ added curved skin background, and make it also provides fashioned ” 20 “metal frame very elegance and simplicity.

Whatever the direction that will be followed by the evolution of the smartphone market in the coming years, the use of the phone with one hand will be a top priority for users around the world.

Next-generation displays – Bigger is Better

User spends an average day up to five hours a day staring at a smart phone screen, and for this it is necessary to ensure that the screen offers him the best experience possible to use currently.

Many users today want to use their phones as organs of entertainment, but this was a challenge to make the phone screen to fit the largest entertainment content display and maintain at the same time easier to deal with the phone with one hand.

One of the ways we have found to do this to continue to expand the proportion of smartphone screen space compared to his body, and remove the edges around the screen to get to the big screens and high-resolution video images roomy enough. In addition, to enhance the experience of use, invented the “LG” secondary display screen allows the user to take a peek at the appointments and alerts table.

The edge of the lower screen larger

Edges play a role on the target smartphones as they prevent accidental entry processes and reduce the vulnerability of the screen to break, but the ongoing trend in smartphone design has always been to make those edges are thinner, and the assignment of space for the benefit of the expansion of the same screen.

Manufacturers are looking towards smartphones accelerate innovation competitors to launch the first smart phone without surrounding the edges of the screen to improve the user experience and provide greater screen space, enhance overall ease of use and comfort when watching videos or pictures or captured via the camera.

The highest ratio between the screen edges and 91.3%. But as a result of technical development it is expected to see more similar to mobile phones, “LG,” which enjoys edges thinner than credit cards or even with no edges.

Hardware virtualization assist

Users generally simplicity, efficiency and ease wants to access the interface using mobile phones with better performance at the same time. Therefore, looking at the needs of consumers and adapt their applications to improve the user experience must be the core of the attention and the first priority for each product for smart phones.

Users now moving increasingly towards adopting the use of acoustic computing and interaction with the assistance they control their audio systems, which are available in the form of hardware or software. They want all the help they need in intelligent one sleek device with an advanced touch screen is easy to read and use available.

Safety priority

Recently caused rechargeable batteries serious concerns in terms of the level of safety, after many incidents related led to severe burns and damage to property. At the same time, users are demanding more powerful batteries provide power for a longer period of daily needs, and this means greater demand from small batteries energy.

These incidents led to innovate manufacturers for smartphones devices and improve taking into account safety as a top priority, and this is what I did, “LG” in the design of the smart phone the next president, who added the brass tube heat to lower the temperature by 6 to 10%. This allows the batteries to withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and this is higher by 15% compared to US and European standards.

Smart phones will become in the future more than just communication and entertainment devices, they are moving toward becoming the devices that contain everything you need to make individual calls to the use of intelligent personal assistant, all within a sleek design fits the palm of any user.


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