Liender Kanye. “Jonny Ive.” Roberts Weaver Group 2




Liender Kanye. “Jonny Ive.” Roberts Weaver Group 2

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Keeping his promise to return to the company Roberts Weaver Group, John, along with his wife Heather moved from Newcastle to London. His decision to settle in Roberts Weaver somewhat surprised his boss Phil Gray, who knew what he had to offer positions.

“Then he was widely recognized as a very talented” young designer “- says Gray. – Being a good man, he has accepted our offer, although at that time he had time to do many more attractive offers ”

Parish RWG was something more substantial than a consolation prize: Roberts Weaver was one of the leading design companies in the UK. Johnny was in the company of talented people and quickly found new friends, establishing strong relationships that are alive to this day. Griner his friend at that time already had to move to another design company for Cambridge, but in the late eighties RWG has won several design awards.

Like many similar consulting firms, the company has worked on a large portfolio of packages from consumer products to high-tech products and cooperated with international clients in the U.S. , Europe, Japan and South Korea. Clients include companies such as Applied Materials, Zebra and manufacturer of lawn mowers Qualcast. Management structure and production RWG, as it was typical of the time, focused on three different groups working together: product design, interior design and workshop. Johnny joined the department of product design.

Among his colleagues was twenty designers, engineers and graphic designers working in an open studio. John and his colleagues have ready access to the workshop, which was located directly under the studio. It was fully equipped room for the preparation of layouts that housed five special modelers. Interior design team consisted of 23 designers, architects and computer specialists.

RWG took two basic types of projects related to product design, as says partner Barry Weaver. One of them was a complete process design and development, as a rule, for customers in the UK. Such projects included the development of the concept of products, preparation of ready working models, and the development of engineering solutions and reflection tools. In other words, it was necessary to fully prepare for serial production of the product. The second type of projects was more limited and concentrated on the development of new ideas or invention of new products – usually for foreign customers, most of whom were from Japan and Korea. In most such cases the client company had its own design team, but was looking for fresh concepts or different approach from the outside.

“It is important to understand that our projects are carried out in a very short time and with limited budgets – says Weaver about his work in RWG. – If we could not implement the project effectively, the company will lose money. This makes the decision-making process quicker and limits the time required for analysis, research, ethnography, the study of social opportunities, etc. ”

In his new workplace Joni demonstrated no less performance than in Newcastle. “Some engineers believe that the more research you spend, the better the result will be – says Weaver. – Personally, I believe in common sense and intuition. Jonathan’s forte was that he quickly learned the essence of the problem and make intuitive decisions that were stylish, different perspective and attention to detail, so uncharacteristic of such young people ”

He gained the trust of his new colleagues and earned a reputation as a hard-working enthusiast, able to work in a team. “He had a calm nature and great sense of humor – says Gray. – In the studio, he never behaved noisy, but his work was productive, because he could have his own. He was distinguished by a high degree of diligence and worked extremely hard. Its performance was awesome, and quality – immaculate. He often generated by a half-dozen great ideas za short period of time and was able not only to discuss them, but also to convey them to others through his amazing draftsman inclinations.

Although the style of Joni fully fit RWG, could not say the same about the company as a consulting firm. RWG often had to make concessions in the interaction with customers, and very soon it began to reduce Joni crazy.

“It is important to understand that there are other aspects which need to be dealt with if you are a consultant – said Weaver. – The final word is always the client, because it pays! ”

On the other hand, Weaver clearly understood his irritation designer:

“Unfortunately, the marketing departments of clients usually differ outrageously bad taste and need to make changes in design. Subsequently turned out that projects that you are proud of, had to do worse to compromise ”

Entering the pool design, Joni and collaborated with other designers. He worked on the outdoor lighting systems for garden and lawn mowers for the British manufacturer Qualcast. He created several conceptual drawings for industrial drills for another British company, Kango.

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His confidence was growing rapidly and after only a few weeks of work in the RWG he turned to Gray requesting a significant increase. He was talented and felt that he deserved it. However, he was still young, just recently graduated high school, and Gray decided to tell the young upstart on the realities of rapid ups.

“I needed to sbalasirovat business interests – said Gray. – I faced a very difficult conversation I had to explain to him that his career is a journey. After circle were other people, each of whom had strengths and weaknesses. We had to find the balance point, which would ensure fair every opportunity. Make it was my prerogative, and from this I was uncomfortable because I do not like to disappoint people. But our conversation was very balanced. I felt that he was disappointed with the outcome of the talks, while on the other hand, he did not fall into the spleen. He was not hurt ”

However, his talents become a source of problems for its leaders in RWG. In 1989, the graduation project Joni attended the prestigious exhibition of young designers, which held the UK Design Council. His futuristic work attracted the attention of top managers Ideal Standard – a major producer of mounting accessories for the bathroom and toilet. Director of Sales Ideal Standard was so impressed with the work of John, that appealed to Roberts Weaver and asked permission of administration of the fact that Johnny took up a design project of his company. In Roberts Weaver felt that should give its refusal.

“Our studio had twelve designers, and we are in no case did not want to allow to work with one of our clients such a young employee, John, – says Gray. – So we responded Ideal Standard, they can give us a technical task, and then we ourselves decide which of the designers should consider outsourcing the job. When the head of the company heard it, he just walked away! He wanted to be engaged in the project named John ”

Some time later, a top manager of Ideal Standard was again in the attention Quince. In 1989, the liquidity crisis and bank loans has hit financial position RWG. Division of interior design has received many orders for design meeting rooms banks UK, Spain and Australia. However, the financial crisis has spread around the world, and banks have canceled their orders.

“Because of the financial crisis, banks have canceled projects and our designers left without work – says Weaver. – At the same time, the lack of credit meant that British manufacturers suspended their programs to develop new products ”

RWG had to suspend the work of his office interior design in London. Business Partner Weaver Jos Roberts left the office and moved to Australia, and product design department went through a restructuring. As part of reforms Weaver made new contracts for all designers.

All designers, except Johnny, refused to sign these contracts. And he signed his contract, because he annulled the previous contract which tied him to the company RWG in gratitude for his sponsorship of college. Due to a legal loophole discovered he was able to rid themselves of this obligation. He subsequently resigned from the RWG, and the first phase of his professional career came to an end.

To be continued.
Liender Kanye. “Jonny Ive”

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