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Dmitry Sholomko, director of the Ukrainian representative Google since 2006, shares with readers Layfhakera their secrets of success, rules of life and tips on time management. Do not miss this informative interview!Health

Actively watch over the health, regularly pass inspections – this is very important. I do not trust modern interactive systems for health monitoring, prefer to go to traditional doctors, whom I know well.

In 2014, the first sustained post. Liked it, so I plan to repeat. It is not as a religious practice, but rather out of interest: very interesting sensations arise during Lent. Will continue.
Time Management and Social Networking

I have a very busy schedule different trips in different regions, so time management is mainly built around travel. During the trips are usually nowhere in a hurry. In airports and train stations come in advance. Especially now that these objects are organized in such a way that they enjoy spending time, right there, you can work and relax.

My schedule planned for several months in advance, and I always love it when I know exactly where, when and what I would do. I am very uncomfortable, if something happens spontaneously, try to avoid such situations.

I do not use social networks and do not read the news (headers only if necessary).

Life around you is too important to spend time mostly useless and often false information.

Prefer to communicate regularly with close friends in person rather than through chat.


I have a rule to respect money because they get sometimes hard work, but do not make their presence is the main purpose of his life. In other words, do not be upset because of unplanned expenses if these expenses are related to health or safety, or comfort – yours and friends.
Secrets of Success

Their operational tasks briefly write down on paper, and then as you complete them expunged. It gives a sense of completion of the process, achieve the goals, even if these goals are small.

I appreciate the people around them and trust them very much. I am not afraid to delegate its powers, even if I do know that personally he could perform the task more efficiently.

In addition to the operational work that needs to be done every day (and the life cycle at which a maximum of a week or two), I always have a more global goals and aspirations, which need to achieve a comprehensive run for a few years. When this goal is achieved, I find myself a new one.

Also very important for me to show their humane side: to help those who need help (charity), to share positive experiences with those who are younger than you (regularly lectures to students and pupils).

Never try to assess their actions and decisions in the past. If they were wrong or incorrect focus now on solving problems that they have created, and not think about how it would be nice if I did not.

Travel and Leisure

I always try to go from Kiev to relax. In Ukraine and in the world I have a favorite place where the mood is lifted, regardless of the time of year and the weather. For example, Bruges in Belgium, Bergamo, Italy, Odessa in Ukraine. There are many places, but I try to visit them regularly at least once a year.

I have their rituals and traditions of traveling. For example, visiting favorite places in some cities, because most often in my life happened there anything important or positive. These rituals allow me to dive in good condition.

An example of this ritual: whenever I am in Scotland, I stop in Inverness and there climb up the hill in the city center, where there is a local castle. From there you enjoy an incredible view – probably the best view I’ve ever seen in my life. It is very inspiring . In addition, on the hill right in the center of the city live wild mountain hares, for them it is very interesting to watch.


At the same time always try to get somewhere in a new place, where has never been. Even when traveling to where I happen often, always try to find something new, whether it is a new city, or a museum, or natural beauty. It is important for the outlook, and to understand how this planet, and new knowledge.

Of course, I am very hard to disconnect from work because she is always with me, if my phone is not the battery has. However, trying to live in the style of “here and now”, prioritize and focus on the fact that it is important , depending on where I am and what I do. If now it is important not to think about work, and read a book while lying on the beach, I focus on reading lying. 🙂

At home I have a lot of books and whiskey. 🙂 And also a good music system with lots of columns.
Inspiration and development

Never seeking motivation in business literature or biographies of famous contemporaries of the business environment. I prefer to look for inspiration and new ideas in the history books and the stories of people from other spheres of human activity, especially those who admired in his youth (Ozzy Osbourne, for example).

I always try to teach or learn something new every day. Whether it’s a new language , which can be, and will not have to ever talk or pieces of world history (everything in the world tends to repeat itself), or something new colleagues. Around me a lot of brilliant and just talented people who know and can do what you do not know or do not know how to do.


Listen to a lot of different kinds of music – from Bach to experimental heavy metal. Music creates the necessary mood , energizes and helps to get out of emotional states, in which I do not want to stay long. A lot of attention to the sounds of nature and human life – they are very much complete the picture of life around me.
Beliefs and Philosophy

I prefer to remain non-public persona. In this status, I can bring a lot more good people around me than if I was in the “spotlight” and a lot of time spent on the maintenance of public status. But almost always respond to calls and messages that come from unfamiliar people, if they are adequate.

I think of all the people around him equal and talk to them as I would like them to communicate with me. I do not accept overt contempt for the people and never participate in open conflict.

I have no idols or people I emulate.

No white and black people, there are people gray and black. 🙂

At the most brilliant people and idols of the masses has always been present dark side of personality. Particularly focus on the wrong feel great people , radically changed the world, even positive. As a rule, they were all brilliant and crazy more often with very poor human qualities.

In life, as a rule, go against the majority opinion, stick to non-conformist views and beliefs. I think that society always need a group of people that can provide an alternative opinion or behavior of the majority.

I think of all the people around him are absolutely positive and treat them accordingly as long as they do not prove otherwise.

I think that the word “hate” is too negative. From what you are someone hate worse happens to you exclusively.

I am sure that every person is currently on its position in society solely because of their own decisions and actions in the past. Blame anyone that something did not happen in life – a sign of weakness.

That is why it makes no sense to dig into the past or now indulge in something for the future. We must live for the day and get everything out of life that you can take.

In situations when you need to make a choice, I always do it. If you abstract from the decision or make a conscious choice, you take the wrong decision or make an incorrect choice.

One should always apologize for their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions or for the actions of subordinates. So you at least become more sincere and honest in relation to others and to themselves.

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Top 10 success and the most audacious goals

I’m pretty self-critical, to declare any of their own success. The more that …

Success – is a journey, not the end point.

Perhaps that is why I will refrain from their announcement audacious goals, they are often quite personal. 🙂
10 Life hacking DMITRY Sholomko

Undergo regular check-ups and monitor health.
All planned ahead of time, for many months to come.
Do not read the news and social networks.
With friends to communicate in person, not via chat.
Work not only on the operational objectives, but also on a more global, the implementation of which takes several years. Upon completion of these objectives to find new.
Regularly visit new places, even on trips to the cities, where there were.
Search motivation in the history books or stories of people from other areas.
Learn something new every day.
Remain non-public persona, not to waste time on maintaining the status.
Be self-critical in relation to itself


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