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Read an exclusive interview with Ukrainian businessman, banker, father of five children and marathoner Andrew Onistrat. Let’s talk about finances, careers, teachers, children, and happiness. And in the end, according to tradition, running banker will tell their top 10 Life hacking.Background

Andrew Onistrat – Ukrainian businessman, banker, an athlete. On 21 December 2009 the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Public Joint Stock Company “Bank National Credit” and the majority shareholder of the bank.

Father of five children.

November 29, 2012 at the report-election conference of the Federation of Ukraine Andriy Onistrat triathlon was elected vice-president of the Federation of Ukraine triathlon.

Andrew is actively involved in sports and promotes a healthy lifestyle by taking part in the world famous competition. Participated in the IRONMAN Frankfurt and five largest marathons of the world that are part of a series of World Marathon Majors.

Best results:

November 11, 2009, the Chicago Marathon. Result – 2:42:34.
July 7, 2013, IRONMAN Frankfurt. Result – 9:58:48.


I train every day for three hours.

If I get sick, be sure to make yourself an injection of immunostimulants, intravenous injection of vitamin C. Such are the ways of sport combat disease.

My temperature is usually only once a year. When sick, still train, exclusion – fever.

Here is Life hacking – I do not go to rest, just go to the training camps. And so the last eight years. Exception – where my children were born.

From gadgets using Garmin 910. I wear it as a watch, because as soon as I take it, certainly somewhere I forget. And then run out, going to the gym or swim without it, resulting in a loss of objectivity of the training process and the conduct of the sports calendar, and it is paramount for me.

All training leading to Garmin Connect , it allows me to take into account everything. There is displayed as swam, rode much. I have more balance, there are thousands of functions. Weigh yourself every day. They show fat, moisture, only the blood group is not marked.

Again in a month or two do blood tests – general and hormones.

Special sports nutrition do not drink alcohol. Sometimes it eats up during bicycle exercise any bars or gels, but it is not any special – usually those that are available PowerBar. We have a good manufacturer – company “Zlakomka.”

Always go to bed at 23:00. I sleep at least eight hours. If I can not sleep eight hours, I fill up the day. If you do not fill up during the day, reduces training. This is me after the first injury came to the conclusion that I should sleep nine hours a day, and, accordingly, set himself such a task in Outlook. I go to bed on an alarm clock: I have a 11 o’clock the alarm sounds, it is necessary to go to sleep.

If food intake considered tea with cookies, then anything is probably five times a day. And full of meals I have three: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well there is more to eat. But snacks are more dependent on when I need to train and how long I was eating. Hungry for training, I do not run out.

More massage 1-2 times a week. Once a week I go to the bath is necessary.
Time Management

Combine the two processes. On the one hand, using all sorts of Soup, such as iPhone, iPad, and I have a few assistants, who help me to plan, introducing a schedule anything. The second option – I myself plan, as a rule, I build everything in priority mode. If there is something that I should definitely do put yourself in the schedule or emphasis is placed on it.

To say that I am a person schedules, I can not. I have a rough schedule. In principle, all the important things to note myself and always implement them.
Financial management

Do not carry a never any significant number of cache.

Do not keep money in the cache, because I think that all the money should work.

Diversify risks on assets, depending on the profitability of the planned profitability and many other aspects. I have the whole financial division, which manages the finances . Of course, there is also a non-core assets, which are non-profit. Here I am with them periodically fight or try to turn them into profitable – doing this, I work with it, think about it.

I have always worked – this is the basic rule.

When I was at university and was very young, he worked seven days a week, 20 hours a day. Then he became a little older – allowed himself weekend. Then he became even older – even allowed himself a flexible approach to the process. But the basic I always worked hard.

Now there is a perception among many that I constantly train and do not work. This is not the case – I’m working even when I train.

I always meet its obligations. This for me is the basic rule. Probably, it also allows you to maintain charisma. It is sometimes very difficult, daunting.

I have a farm: goats, chickens, rabbits and poultry. There is a sauna. Good internet. No TV and no air conditioning.

I do not have a hundred rooms. I have a very small house – 450 meters, which is a bit of a family with five children.

The first child was born when I was 18 years old.

I am a good father. I think I’m strict, just and good. Many pay attention to children – more than many. Well, there is, of course, individuals who devote themselves entirely to children. I can not make that claim. I have a job, I have a sport. But in sport at me too many intersections with children .

I always take their children with them to the competition, necessarily puts them to sleep. Children should be in bed at 10 o’clock – it is our rule. I often bathe them. Sometimes I drive children in kindergarten, school.

There are two images which I unconsciously learned a lot. One – it Grigorishin (businessman, president of the group “Energy Standard”), and the second – is Valery Khoroshkovsky (businessman, billionaire, owned by Ukrsotsbank, channel “Inter”, the company “Merckx”). This two space people who are still there, and partly in my life. Well, it’s too loudly. 🙂

For example, thanks to the Coast, I began to run, and then in the end and started biathlon, though Kostya does not know about.

More teacher in terms of banking, I honestly think Boris Timonkin (12 years was chairman of the board of Ukrsotsbank). He is very much formed in my mind as a banker: what should be the banker, what to do, systematic approaches. I largely with him now will not agree, but if you take 80% of professional skills, I got them from Boris.
Philosophy of life

In business, I prefer to keep an open policy. Never go to the deception.

Do not go to failure to comply with its obligations. It is simply contrary to my credo.

What is happiness

I define happiness as a few moments after the goal.

The more complex the goal, the more endorphins when you it achieves.
10 Life hacking ANDREW Onistrat

Train every day for three hours.
Once a month or two to donate blood for analysis.
Go to bed at 23:00 and sleep at least eight hours.
Massage 1-2 times a week and a bath every week.
Do not keep money in the cache.
Always comply with their obligations.
Unsubscribe from TV and air conditioning.
Put the children to bed at 10 pm.
In business, always keep an open policy.
Happiness – a few moments aft

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