Life is so colorful! – Sri Sri




When you forget this you become sad. Sorrow indicates

your negative qualities, and
your attachment to your positive qualities.
When you think you are too good, you blame the world; then you become sad. The purpose of sorrow is to bring you back to the self. And self is all Joy. But this is possible only through Knowledge — awareness.

Knowledge or awareness leads sorrow towards the self. With lack of Knowledge, the same sorrow multiplies and does not get completed. Knowledge completes sorrow.

With the power of Knowledge you transcend sorrow. In this path you have everything. We have this beautiful Knowledge which has all the flavors in it — wisdom, laughter, seva, silence, singing, dancing, humor, celebration, yagyas, caring, complaints, problems, complications, and chaos to add color.

Life is so colorful!

Keeping your spirit alive with enthusiasm, with innocence, with naturalness – this is spirituality.

Q: Gurudev, today you ignored me again; why don’t you want to look at me?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Let me tell you a secret; you are very special. I ignore only very, very, special people, otherwise I attend to everybody
When one’s vision is imperfect, and they seem to find fault in everything around them, such a person is called Asuya. But Anusuya is one who does not keep finding faults in everything. So whom can you tell a great secret to? One who is Anusuya!

Many people think tolerance is a virtue. Tolerance is a negative term. Tolerance indicates a deep sense of dislike. If you like something, there is no question of tolerating it or not.

When you are tolerating something, it means you are temporarily putting up with it. Tolerance is a potential volcano. If you are tolerating, it means you are still holding on to something. At any time tolerance can turn into hatred. Tolerance indicates a sense of separateness, small mindedness, and limited awareness.

Acceptance is also negative. You accept only that which is not lovable.

Question: Do you need self-assurance to love people?
Sri Sri: Only the Self is always assuring – nothing else! This is our company — the Self-Assurance Company.

Question: Aren’t we supposed to accept people as they are?
Sri Sri: If you don’t love them, then you will have to accept them.

These words: tolerance and acceptance, are thought to be positive. I say they are not! Tolerance and acceptance come with judgment and separation. Don’t accept people as they are or tolerate them, just love them as they are.

A successful person is one who has tasted the joy of giving and goes on giving. This is a sign of success.Q: Sometimes our elder in our homes asks us to do wrong things. How should we say no to them?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Respecting elders does not mean that if elders tell you to do something wrong or ask you to steal something, then you do it. You should say no to it. Just say sorry to them and tell them that you can’t do any such wrong tasks.

When you say, “I can’t do it”, they will not force you. You should keep your energy in good work and not invest in wrong things. If you involve in a wrong doing, you will not be able to sleep peacefully

Be contentand know that you are at the right place, doing the right thing. Always remember that only the best will happen to you.

There is a place you can come where everything is beautiful. Tourists go from place to place looking for beauty. They try to take beauty from that place. They only get tired and tanned. Yet the most beautiful spot anywhere is right here. When you come here, you find that wherever you are, everything is so beautiful. Where is this place? Don’t look here and there. Where do you go? Within you. When you come here, then any place is beautiful. Then wherever you go, you add beauty there. If you are unhappy, even the moon is irritating to you. Sweet things are nauseating, music is disturbing. When you are calm and centred inside, noise is musical, clouds are magical, rain is liquid sunshine. Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the universe. Then you find that every day is a vacation and a celebration. P.S. The answer to last week riddle is “advice.” Advice hangs in the space, the giver goes on giving, the taker never takes. It goes on and on.
Look into the eyes of a child – if you don’t see God there, you are not going to see God anywhere. In every human being there is love, and that love is God. That is why God is said to be in the heart of every human being.


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