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In our time, is physically impossible to have time to do everything that I want: work, school, friends, family. Yes, and a new series came out. Take the time to all this is very difficult, so the phone (or somewhere else) every decent person should Reminder: behold, they say, do not forget, remember uspey, do. Reminders usually imperfect, and always something is missing – there is no normal in one notification system, another inconvenient to use, and the third stands as a new phone (for Android). As a result, the downloaded software does not help, all the more confusing; again you miss half of the necessary cases, cursing himself for the low efficiency. Outputs of the vicious circle is small, but there are a couple: You can go to live in a cave (or on the street), you can get a life partner who will be permanently cut for work not done. And you can download another reminder – well, maybe you are lucky and it will be what you want. Chance of this is small, but in the case of the ListBox any chance still exists.

Description ListBox to iTunes sets the right mood: “I did not like any reminder, so I made this, what I want.” In principle, the most right idea – if for yourself, it is always good.

ListBox greets you with a small roller videoobuchayuschim – here? see wrong with me to handle. Since the video is about three minutes, the nuances of the management of a lot – but after viewing, questions just will not be any; everything is crystal clear.

But those who refuse to watch the video for ideological reasons (well, you never know), we describe in words. For example, list management tasks carried out by the main settings, where you can delete a task (to do), send an email or SMS. This function is useful when you need to share with the obligations neighbors – for example, to send someone for Research a list of what he has to do.

Another important and necessary function – the ability to set a timer on each task. Truly, a great invention: you click on the desired case and set the time to which must be done. Did or did not – the program does not matter: it stubbornly notify special signal notifying that it is time to report. And then you either (if not lazy and completed the task) with the dignity of a line through the mission, or (if you were lazy and did not do anything) renewing. By the way, notification sounds quite a lot (more than twenty) and they all sound so that clearly make it clear to you – all the time is over.


As for the task lists, then all arranged quite interesting. Do you have initially three, so let’s say the industry: directly, tasks, ideas, and “what to see.” The last point is particularly impressive – a little reminder which contains such a thing, and even with the original built-in suggestions (ListBox, among other things, offers a view “Kalifornikeyshen” and for some reason a film about “gasholder”, everyone has their own tastes). Between these three areas, you can scroll swipe – left, right. As with the “tasks” all clear, we take a closer look at the “ideas” and “what to see.” “Ideas” interesting – you spell that came into his head, and then, if you want to quickly implement it, put a timer: to what number should be performed. If the idea of ​​an abstract (to invent a cure for Ebola), the timer is set is not necessary – let hangs himself recalls. “What to See” also interested in all serialo- and moviegoers around the world. There, you simply write the name of the series and you liked, if you want, a time when it is possible to look.

After all done, you can send the completed tasks in a basket – that position has not crossed eyesore. To do this, probably, on stands: there is nothing that warms the soul like a giant list of completed cases. Immediately you feel a serious man – wow, how many ponadelal (even if the list stretches from last year and has four positions).


ListBox will not cost you anything – the starting price is just not there. No and no domestic purchases, so you can keep the wallet closed – it does not infringe. Oh, and another thing is important: the line of duty, the author of this text, download the application on your phone packs – something needs to learn about something to tell you something just useful to see the overall development. Applications come and go – a very small percentage actually stays on the phone. ListBox remained.

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