Lone Signal: trying to make contact with extraterrestrial life




Lone Signal: trying to make contact with extraterrestrial life


“The evolutionary selection acting on a cosmic scale, usually extinguishes species that openly advertise their existence and habits” – the words of Adrian Kent of quantum computing center at Cambridge University.

Science fiction writer and astrophysicist David Brin echoed Kent’s thesis in response to the recent announcement of “lone signal» (Lone Signal) METI, which sent the collaboration in the solar system Gliese 526 .

Brin wrote the following:

“Recently, several groups of radio astronomers from Argentina and Russia to the websites have stated that they intend to begin broadcasting high intensity posts ETI … METI … in general, the organization known as” active SETI ». Their goal is to change the observed brightness of human civilization for many orders of magnitude in order to attract attention to himself, that is, to our planet, those who it might be. ”

In particular, Brin responded to the draft Lone Signal, who believes that the messages addressed to intelligent life and generated crowd intelligent community in the world – ideal for the maintenance of a stable, cohesive and well-secured interstellar beacon in the world. Anyone with Internet access will be able to create and send a message to the desired star system. Starting the Lone Signal held June 18, 2013, and Dzheymsburgskaya Earth Station in Carmel (California) allowed the project to “aim” for the next well-known areas in which supposedly is potentially habitable planets – also known as the “Goldilocks zone.”

With the help of the site, users can download and send messages: text, images, audio and video. Lone Signal – is the first of its kind continuous, collective and cohesive experiment METI.

Comparing the value of intentional radio designed for aliens with radio wave spectrum of the Earth, METI is trying to expand into more supple detection of “foreign” radio – and improved “our.”

METI transmission of signals commonly used time and several orders of magnitude less powerful than other land-based sources, such as astronomical and military radars that provide a full strong signal.

Stephen Hawking has warned that if we catch a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization, “we should be very careful to answer until we develop” a bit more. We have already discussed the general guidelines approved for communication with aliens. Meeting with a more advanced civilization in our present state, says Hawking, “will be the same as the meeting of Native Americans with Columbus. I do not think it will be good for us. ”

Earthly attempts at contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life may be too disorganized or confusing for non-earthlings, believed by many physicists. The astrophysicists Dimitra Atri, Julia de Marines and Jacob Haqq-Misra suggested improved protocol to increase the likelihood of understanding messages.

That there are no errors, Brin said:

«METI – is not just a passive screening signals from space. Carl Sagan, one of the greatest supporters of SETI deeply believed in the concept of altruistic alien civilization, considered such steps are not particularly intelligent and immature. Even Frank Drake, who sent the famous “Arecibo Message” in the Andromeda galaxy in 1974, considered “active SETI, at best, a waste of time. Sagan – along with one of the pioneers of SETI, Philip Morrison – recommended to the young child space to listen for a long time, patiently comprehend the universe and compare notes before screaming into the jungle of uncertainty, we do not understand. ”

“In the” Third Chimpanzee “Jared Diamond outlined the essay in which he described the risks associated with contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, based on the stories of what was happening on Earth when one civilization met with a less advanced, or vice versa. The result has always been abysmal: the strong eat the weak, were born of the colony, slavery flourished and more. In the worst case, it was the complete extinction. ”

Dr. Alexander Zaitsev of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences does not think that is too much to worry about it. As a proponent of METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, the program posts the message for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), it shows that the chances that at least one of the messages METI will be found equal to one in a million, as the daily astronomers launch their powerful impulses under the radar same direction. Another important point is that METI is a deliberate decision to make contact, and not hope random intercept radiation from the Earth a la “Hello.” There is a difference between a statement and a suspicious strange noise.

“Intelligent species might reasonably be concerned about the possible dangers of self-promotion and, therefore, have a tendency to opt-out” – hypothesizes Beatriz Gato-Rivera, a theoretical physicist at the Institute for Fundamental Physics in Madrid.

According to the scientist, we may find ourselves in a universe in which there are many intellectually advanced technological civilizations, but they all decided to stay invisible, disguise themselves for safety. Indeed, the development of civilization can be quite aggressive.

And once we are standing and shouting in the direction of the dark unknown.
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