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Andrew Szymanski previously followed Itagaki together Taiwan Oh!

On sale at the end of August about the “Lost Planet 3”, producer Andrew Szymanski recently introduced new work to come to Taiwan to carry out real machine play display, also accepted the media interview talked about the process behind the scenes. The first of the real machine play shows, including the early game content, and specially showcase exploration rig (Utility Rig) performance clips; interview Besides introducing multiplayer / single player mode differences and focus on the content, but also talked about the “Lost Planet “change of policy to outsource is based on the original inspiration for the Osaka team faced exhaustion!

IMG 9287 15 665×510 《失落的星球 3》追尋系列源頭,製作人來台談外包策略

(Film was recently Andrew Szymanski record for the Japanese market was the real machine play video)

“Lost Planet 3” breath before the timeline back to the early generations, miners Jim ‧ Bolton to feed their families, came to the ice and snow of the colonial planet EDN III. Engaged in the exploration of geothermal resources work, not only to face the nefarious nature environment, repel any attack native species, the thief will be in contact with the snow; addition to understanding the real intention of the snow thieves, but also dig deep in EDN III. planets truth.

capcom lp3 jim 1 665×388 《失落的星球 3》追尋系列源頭,製作人來台談外包策略

Andrew Szymanski display the contents of the first stage, one of the tasks belonging to the early game; players can task to realize that, widely distributed in EDN III. Native species “Yikelide” (Akrid) is the main period of Jim mining hindrance. “Yikelide” not only numerous, even with moving fast and rapid propagation characteristics; near immature egg will explode, often throughout the cave, not tough but quite tricky. However, these so-man combat Jim suffered enough little things, as long as a case of “exploration rig”, you can only use the “annihilated” to describe the pull!

IMG 9230 4 665×442 《失落的星球 3》追尋系列源頭,製作人來台談外包策略

● real machine display to show EDN III.’s Ice and snow

In single player mode occupies a heavy and scenes of “exploration rig” can also be used to carry out attacks geothermal resources exploration, or launch hook cable to help Jim Lane moved in a different terrain obstacles. “Exploration rig” the great body is Jim in the face of the enemy’s important helper. Basically, players can progress through the story gradually obtained the “exploration rig” enhanced parts and capabilities, or use virtual currency to purchase additional strengthening. For example, the additional cost of installing gas gun can be used to increase the attack combat power drill. While “exploration rig” can become “platform model” to explore for geothermal resources and damaged by Jim external repair action.

Meanwhile, EDN III.’s Cold climate, became a challenge to the survival of native species, but also the base for these outsiders Jim and colonial one of the issues that must be overcome. Despite the storm occurs, Jim Shangqie equipped to cope with outdoor terrain, but the colonial bases but because the storm, resulting in cable base verge of collapse; Thus, the player must drive with Jim “exploration rig” to re-fixed base Block, the preservation of base security; games so far, the end of the first paragraph of this stand-alone display, followed by the second stage, belonging to the late game mission checkpoints.

The second phase of battle like a bit like a durable, Jim drove “exploration rig” came to retrieve the specified energy point, but simply open the “exploration rig” platform mode, enter the resource capture state, the annoying “Yikelide “even more difficult monsters will immediately appear in the four weeks siege, but also because” exploration rig “after becoming the platform model, unless the complete collection of resources, or are unable to reply to attack mode; so players must capture before the completion of the resource, While repel enemy attacks, while protecting “exploration rig” does not arm destroyed, nothing should take advantage of to help attack neutral “exploration rig” for maintenance.

IMG 9268 11 665×443 《失落的星球 3》追尋系列源頭,製作人來台談外包策略

● Single / Multiplayer modes

If the “Lost Planet 3” The biggest change in the system where? Andrew Szymanski tell you, is the operating system.

Unlike the first two to take a unique operating system, “Lost Planet 3” brings such extraordinary shooter like mainstream operating configuration, as long as the players will be able to play shooting games adapt to the system, while the shooting element has become new work focuses on the gaming experience. In addition, the multiplayer mode in addition to wanton use of different vehicles, for the first time joined the role of custom systems will not only play with the upgrade process, but also to strengthen the ability to learn skills or acquire equipment.

● shaping characters and plot

For the actor “Jim” role modeling, Andrew Szymanski bluntly, this is to make everyone feel “Jim is an ordinary man,” he was just a child with his wife, also an ordinary miner, will not hesitate to make a living expedition EDN III. Planets, as their lives exploring geothermal resources; uncle’s image through a simple fabrication, attempting to make it easier for players to have affection, will be relatively easy to produce sympathetic.

To be able to express more fully the role characteristics, this uses a “performance capture” (Performance Capture), acting as natural through like a real show, synchronous included face, movement, sound and other factors, the overall ratio is only included in the action “motion capture “is even more capable of expressing the real role of the reaction; Andrew Szymanski stressed that characterization is not to make everyone feel beautiful, but to express the real side.

IMG 9273 13 665×443 《失落的星球 3》追尋系列源頭,製作人來台談外包策略

The reason will be “Lost Planet 3” timeline back to the first generation before, Andrew Szymanski said that compared to “Lost Planet 2” warming EDN III. Planets, more like the first generation of players inside the ice and snow style, coupled with “Lost Planet 2” There are still many unsolved mysteries, so the development team followed by reaction of the players received, simply stretch back to the early generation of the story before, but also take the opportunity to start from scratch describe this place in EDN III.’s survival battle. Therefore, there are many new works throughout the series plot arrangement, such as in the new service to help Jim “exploration rig” in Gaelic, is the protagonist of the first generation of Wayne’s father.

● Outsourcing Considerations

In the past in the present cohort displayed superb shot in the “Lost Planet” series, the face of “Lost Planet 3” release date coincided with the next-generation consoles alternate opportunity, Andrew Szymanski admits this has developed three years Half of the works, really did not expect would happen to run into a host generational change, if the new work went on sale after the reaction is good, do not rule out the fourth generation will soon meet with the players possibilities. As for the high quality of the players want to pursue, Andrew Szymanski recommends the use of the PC version.

A reversal of past generations by Capcom themselves before the surgeon, “Lost Planet 3” the first of series of precedent choose to outsource to Spark Unlimited surgeon; this, which is responsible for coordinating and managing the development progress of Andrew Szymanski frankly, outsourcing strategy is based in Osaka inspired by the original production team faced the dilemma of exhaustion because the thing to do is done, do you want to do it, simply draw on outsourcing of production, but also hope in order to obtain new ideas.

Although to outsource jobs, but Andrew Szymanski emphasize the core art design, level design, creative content, are still rests in the hands of the Osaka team, Spark Unlimited bias executive producer level, such as technology, part of the plot or lines. Talking about this partnership opportunity, he said Spark Unlimited has artistic talent in town in addition to Los Angeles, with exceptional performance capabilities, but at the proposal stage has brought many new ideas that are different from the past.

Andrew Szymanski Then Road, for example, in the past the role access to a large vehicle, the screen will switch to the rear view, Spark Unlimited instead recommend switching to look out from the carrier’s first-person viewpoint. This change is sufficient to substantially strengthen the sense of presence of large vehicles, players can feel the ground from the driver’s seat of the gap height, since the whole surface be implemented in terms of large vehicles in the game’s sense of presence.

Finally, if you think Andrew Szymanski seems to go read, yes! May 2008 had to “Ninja Gaiden 2” producer-cum-deputy director of the identity of foreign languages, along with producer Okamoto good Kulai Taiwan attended the event; after 2009 joined CACPOM specially developed game production. Because the relationship between extreme love Japanese culture, had to study in Japan for many years, so it speaks a good Japanese it ~

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