Love for positivity brings progress.




Cooking A Meal – Subtle Energies At Work (Part 1)

Mother, what are you making for dinner tonight? Please make something delicious! The ordering children often dictate the menu for a meal to their mothers. Mothers are often in a hurry to finish their cooking tasks for the day and also eager to fulfill the tastes of their children and other family members. Often mothers relax at the end of the day after having spent their energies on the minutest details of their meals – the vegetables, the salt, the turmeric, the spices, the oil, the pulses, the wheat flour and the water. They take care that food is prepared precisely, leaving no room for error. The objective – satisfying the tastes of everyone and also earning the blessings from the family. How come, inspite of this positive exterior feel to this family setting, there lie underneath negative subtle energies, which sometimes prevent the food from being spiritually energizing, although it may be very tasty to eat.

Love filled food, pure energy filled food is not only healthy, curing illnesses but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally soothing. This is because of the subtle connection that exists between the physical body and the non-physical mind causing both of them to influence each other. You have heard of how food cooked by a mother tastes better than the food cooked by a maid. Why? Because of the purity of purpose. The mother is absorbed in the love of her family while working on the meals and the maid cooks because she earns from the task, which she experiences as tedious at times. The mother will cook with a higher purpose which reflects in the food quality and the energy it’s every bite carries invisibly. So food should be cooked in pure love, a love without any dependencies, attachments and fear and full of positivity.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Message for the day 25-02-2018

Love for positivity brings progress.

Expression:When I have love for positivity, I will not be able to have negative thoughts for a long time. I will naturally put in effort, both internally and externally to come back to positivity. So this positivity spreads around to others too and serves in creating a positive environment.

Experience: Because of my love for positivity, I begin to enjoy creating and maintaining positive thoughts. When there is experience of positivity within, there is the natural desire to sustain it. Then no negative thoughts or feelings are encouraged. Slowly I find myself being only positive.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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