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artikel_magenta_smarthome Smart Home , the Internet of Things, my first experience with it was not so great as I had imagined. But try makes as well as wise and so I tried in the last few weeks Magenta Smart Home. In contrast to other offers, where you only pay the hardware and then use the appropriate app of the provider, Magenta Smart Home comes from the Telekom with a monthly fee. 9.95 euros for the fact that you can control the whole thing also over the cloud – I was skeptical.

Currently obtained upon completion of Magenta smart home base for one euro , saving at least 120 euros, all other devices have to buy but individually, without discount or other subsidies. The basis comes from Qivicon, it resembles in terms of size and appearance a commercial router. You need electricity and a network connection, then it can start.


The setup is pleasantly simple, Logindaten on the Web or the app enter, the rest happens practically by itself. Very uncomplicated, should the login however not immediately work out, is patience have announced. It is possible that the base automatically in update, but this is not really displayed, the login simply failed. Something misleading, a message in the app would surely help to provide clarity to the customer – and above all, the update process is not interrupted by disconnection from the current.

Magenta Smart Home is very flexible when it comes to the integration of devices. This is on the one hand on the HomeMatic standard, on the other hand, a ZigBee radio stick can also be connected to the base, so that devices that support this standard can be used. For Z-Wave, there seems to be no way, which did not bother me after the rather sobering experience with Devolo Home Control.

This flexible basis enables also the inclusion of Sonos and Philips Hue, both equipment that the SmartHome willing customer possibly even home uses. In addition, you can buy numerous devices for the most diverse projects in the SmartHome shop of the Telekom. The prices here are – as with all Smart Home products – rather high, the fun of home automation is not cheap. But you have the choice between different motion detectors, cameras or other gadgets.


For the sake of comparison with Devolo’s offer, I was particularly interested in controlling the heating system. For this, there is the eQ-3 radiator thermostat which, fortunately, costs only 40 euros. Even when unpacking you notice the comparatively high quality, for different types of heating, adapters are included, the assembly instructions about the app are super easy to understand. Everyone gets it, even if he is playing his heater for the first time.

Here we come also to the app, which has surprised me very positively. It takes a step by step through the installation of the devices, from unpacking to first use. This is super solved and it works. No swearing because something does not want to connect, no resetting after the initial installation, because something does not work. No matter whether radiator thermostat, motion detector, window contact or socket, everything has been super easy to set up.

The app also offers the possibility to set different profiles for your home or on the road, so you can trigger specific scenarios with the transfer of a button in the app. Back to radiator thermostat. This offers an easy-to-read display on the top, so it does not matter where the heating controller is installed normally, from above you can always see at what time the heating is currently set. A boost button can also be used to create a hot runner. And also the manual control of the temperature directly at the radiator is still possible, simply via the rotary wheel at the end of the thermostat.


Of course, the manual control should be the exception, one would like to automate everything. This can also be done completely uncomplicated via app. You enter temperature and time or create scenes, for example, that the heating will heat up when all windows are closed or just stop heating when a window is opened. What can I say, it works simply, also in continuous operation. No misfires, no cold feet, the temperature was always the same as we wanted it. Without manual re-adjustment, without having to constantly look at the app, whether everything is as it should be.

Creating situations is also very easy. Sensors can be used as “triggers” of these situations, but also the time-dependent control can be realized here, and one can determine whether a situation should take place in the home mode or in the road mode. Again, the decor is very straight forward, you are never before the app and ask yourself what you really have to do.

The app is generally a little bit the highlight, it is not simply a loveless implementation of a web interface, but seems to have been created wisely. If you can expect a monthly payment, I am positively surprised. The app also provides a remote control, you can control controllable smart home elements independently of the automation, ie temperature up or down, light on or off or even the sockets activate and deactivate.

In the test package was also included a camera. I did not try this for privacy reasons. The background here is that I had free access to the videos of the previous tester, which are stored in the cloud. The whole thing runs over Magenta Cloud (the test package also had a testlogin, users who choose this solution, do not have the problem) and I have no interest in the fact that successors then rummage through my videos.


The window sensors are one-part, they recognize without a counterpiece whether a window / door is opened or closed. If this is not the case, you can attach as a counterpart a small reflector foil, which was in my case (white frame) but not necessary, it worked without faultlessly.

Of course you can also be informed about events. For example, when the smoke detector goes off. Or a window is opened. Again, there was no reason to complain, it worked the way I expected. Also the measuring socket does what it should, you can use these with the creation of a corresponding situation also perfectly as a time switch.

What I have also found in this test again: I am not yet the type, which necessarily requires automation. Yes, it is supercool that I can control everything with the smartphone and also for security installations seems to me all that makes sense. But on the other hand, I am most of the time at home, home office makes it possible. And when I’m cold, the handle to the heater is not far away. Only in the morning hours is a pre-heated bath real luxury, especially if one is as frosty as I am.


The automatic shutdown of the heating when a window is opened – may be that this is super-practical, however, the heaters with us are also close to the window, so that saves only a hand movement. However, I would choose Magenta Smart Home well if I had more benefit from it. That would be me then also the 10 euro a month worth. Also, I find it good that you have a very large selection of different Smart Home elements and in addition to HomeMatic ZigBee can also integrate.

Overall I would not have expected this before the test, I had rather adjusted to hours of crafting and testing. One should go even more unprejudiced to such things, even if one has not so far so good experiences. The eQ-3 radiator thermostats I will look in fact once again, which is also available as a pure Bluetooth variant. For me, the heating control is still the most sensible SmartHome product, presumably because I have little to do with burglars and thus does not require monitoring. That would be a point, which is quite interesting, but only if you need it.

What also showed with the test: HomeMatic is very interesting and seems to me to be more flexible and reliable than other solutions. Whether Magenta Smart Home must hang in between or not, is of course on another hand, but the Magenta Smart Home app is very successful and it is really fun to deal with it. Try new situations or just get information or receive notifications, definitely a nonsense system that can be used by everyone. If I had more applications than just heating, I would probably get it.

Those who wish to gain an overview of the magenta SmartHome compatible devices, is on this page find, of course you can also buy the existing equipment there somewhere, yet integrated.


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