Magnetic monopoles were artificially




Magnetic monopoles were artificially

A team of researchers from Cologne, Munich and Dresden magnetic monopoles created artificially. To do this, the scientists combined the tiny magnetic vortices called skyrmions. At the point of convergence of physics to gain a monopoly, which has similar characteristics to the elementary particle predicted by Paul Dirac in 1931. What is the potential of such a discovery?

In addition to basic research, which is opened to all this, the monopoles in a huge range of potential uses. At issue is still possible to use magnetic vortices in the manufacture of computer components, but the issue is investigated a significant number of scientists in the world.

Artificial monopoles can be applied not less hypothetical. Scientists observed magnetic vortices using a magnetic force microscope tiny magnetic samples were attached to the surface, after which the direction of magnetization was measured, whereby the vortex was formed of about 50 nanometers. They also noted that the magnetic vortices are randomly merge phase takes place when the skyrmion.

What happens inside the material? The measurements showed that the materials there are similar processes, but are not observed individual vortices. Computer simulations showed that the vortices formed in the neighborhood of the observed samples are also formed in the materials, merging at a certain point.

Due to the fact that each vortex has an artificial magnetic field, they are created and destroyed at the confluence. “This suggests that the artificial magnetic monopole sitting at this point” – describes the process leading professor. – “Whenever two magnetic fields merge into the experiment, the artificial magnetic monopole passes through the surface.”

Magnetic monopoles had unsuccessfully searched for the physics of elementary particles. In 1931, Paul Dirac postulated the existence of elementary particles of this type to explain why electrons and protons carry electric charges of the same size.

Scientists suggest that magnetic monopoles will allow the creation of superconducting materials at room temperature. They can form the basis of flying devices such well-known dishes. This, of course, does not warp drive , but also needed for future space travel .
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