Major companies reveal technical demands and the National Security Agency to users’ data




Major companies reveal technical demands and the National Security Agency to users’ data

Monday has a number of major U.S. technology companies to disclose new data about national security requests they received, and after that the U.S. authorities allowed them to provide their employees the number of such requests, and the number of accounts affected, and the percentage that responded to it.

Among those companies were “Google” and “Yahoo,” and “Facebook” and “Apple” and “Microsoft” and “LinkedIn”, which provided all the statistics on government requests for user data through what is known as ” National Security Letters “(NSLS) and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Recall that previously was prohibited on the Internet companies to disclose such data, even the U.S. government reached an agreement with these companies, announced last week.

For the social network “Facebook”, she and during the last six months of 2012, received special requests as “a small part” only 1% of its users, however it did not specify the number, but the Chart issued hinted that it had received less than 1000 request about 4000 to 4999 or user account, but during the first half of 2013, the number of target accounts for up to approximately 6000 users.

And revealed the social network business “LinkedIn” it has received, during the first half of 2013 requests related to national security, about 249 less than the expense.

The company said “Microsoft”, and it is during the same period, less than the 1,000 received a request on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies for around 15,000 to 15,999 users account for non-Americans.

For a company, “Yahoo”, which has issued the first report of the transparency of the beginning of September / September last year, showed that residency revealed yesterday that it had received less than “one hundred and one percent” of the number of users around the world.

Figures for the company “Google” it has received less than 1,000 request for the benefit of national security or special requests content for the benefit of governments, and that during the period between January 2009 until July 2013.

For his part, General Counsel and Executive Vice President for Legal Affairs and Institutional “Microsoft”, “Brad Smith,” The U.S. government has agreed to allow companies to share this information, but in the scope of the millennium request.

Noteworthy that the contractor previously with the NSA “Edward Snowden” fugitive from U.S. authorities, and winning the right to political asylum in Russia, he had published last year, details related to the program to spy on users, named “Prism” Prism, then quickly collapsed companies technology to defend itself against accusations by enabling the National Security Agency access to users’ data.

It should be noted that the administration of U.S. President “Barack Obama” had decided to pass laws that would reform the way that you monitor users around the world.

It is noteworthy also that, since the disclosure of the spying program “Prism” sought many technology companies, including “Google” and “Microsoft” to add many features and protocols that protect users better spy and National Security Agency.
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