Medical bandage new generation is able to talk about the state of the wound




When burns or other damage to the skin one of the most important aspects necessary for the wound healing process is to increase access to the oxygen level. If the physician will know how much oxygen is supplied to the wound, in this case, it can determine how quickly it will be wound. In order to help physicians in obtaining this information without the need of the healing wound to remove the bandage, an international team of scientists has created a special glowing bandage.

Process dressings such bandage begins with the application directly to the wound a special adhesive fluid. This liquid contains a fluorescent composition (phosphor) and a reference dye that dry for about one minute to form a thin film over the wound. On top of this “barrier” to apply special paint. Despite the fact that the film dries and begins to adhere to the skin, it is necessary for the skips excellent wound healing oxygen.

When the doctor the next time will want to know the state of the wound, it is enough to only shine on the dressing area with light. Located in the film luminescent composition will absorb the light and then immediately back it will reflect. At the same time, which is in the body of oxygen make the wound and is in her luminescent composition shine even brighter.

Despite invisible to the naked eye, the luminescent composition may be readily manifest even when using conventional illumination smartphone or chamber. In addition, changing its color reference dye, which is in the film, the doctor will provide a clearer picture of the state of the wound and talk about how much oxygen it receives.

Development of a new bandage were led by Conor L. Evans, associate center Wellman Photomedicine Central Hospital of Massachusetts with the participation of Harvard Medical School.

As reported by the creators of the new dressing can be multi-functional and in the near future it will also be used to monitor patients at risk of ischemic conditions (insufficient blood supply), monitoring of the postoperative state in skin transplantation, as well as to determine the depth of tissue damage for its subsequent surgical treatment – removal of dead or damaged tissue.

In addition, the dressing of the new generation has the potential to use to control the level of pH, bacterial levels, and can also be used as a marker of bacterial, not to mention the fact that it can deliver the right medication directly to the affected area of ​​the skin.

Details of the work done, scientists have published in a recent issue of the scientific journal Biomedical Optics Express, where they also report that have developed “smart” bandage that changes color to indicate infection by a bacterial infection.

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