Memoto – a new ticket in the era espionage




Memoto – a new ticket in the era espionage March 10, 2013


Thanks to services such as Facebook and Instagram, we used to share pictures with your family event memorable for us. Holidays, weddings, gatherings with friends and easy meals – all this will certainly know our friends through beautiful photographs. But what about what happens in the remainder of our lives?

And for that, it seems, decided to take seriously Memoto – Swedish startup that developed a small camera that automatically takes pictures of everything that surrounds the person wearing it on your body. The compact device can be mounted square on the collar or just worn around the neck with built-lace. The camera takes pictures every 30 seconds and turns off only when it is dark, or when it is placed in a pocket or lay face down.

“Now you can capture not only what you want to capture in the memory: the beautiful sunsets, self-cooked dinners and stormy evening in the company of friends – says company founder Martin Kalstrem. – Normal moments can also be noticeable. But the only way to perpetuate their memory – is to shoot everything ”

Memoto – device manufacturers, who took part in a special event held at Austin (USA) last week. The event was a meeting selftrekerov – people who are trying to collect data about themselves up. It seems that the company door was right: this category of people is clearly its product would be very useful.

The company was founded in 2011, and to raise funds for its project engaged the services kraudfandingovogo popular website Kickstarter. As a result, she was able to interest European investors, which together have invested in the project about a million dollars. The device costs $ 279 and is complemented by a free subscription to the cloud storage of photos. As for local storage gadget, it is 8 gigabytes – enough to store 6000 pictures. The battery lasts for a few days and then will need refilling. The manufacturer has already received 3,000 orders and hopes to begin delivering your product at the end of April or beginning of May.

In the first phase, users can not directly upload their photos to social networks, even though the company promises that soon this feature will be available. When the owner of the gadget connects to your computer for charging, Memoto uploads photos via Wi-Fi to a special application where users can check out the pictures done for the day, or watch a video, compiled from the resulting images. The application will automatically selects the sharpest photos and arranges them in a easy to view the tape.

Memoto – новый билет в эпоху шпионажа

The users will also be offered the opportunity to search for their photo collections based on location and time of day. This is made possible thanks to built-in clock and receiver GPS. Ultimately, they hope the company’s founders, photos from Memoto can be connected to other applications to create a photostream associated with human activities. For example, runners who use RunKeeper or Nike Plus, one can synchronize their data from Memoto and information about running, to then view the photos that they were able to take pictures during the morning crosses. Also, if two times tapnut on the device, will be made compulsory survey. This gesture can also be configured to send photos to services like Evernote and Twitter.

Of course, the appearance Memoto should cause some concern among those who fervently committed to protecting your privacy. Obviously, a future in which devices such as Google and Glass Memoto will meet at every turn, have these people do not like. Also, clearly it will be necessary to develop new rules of etiquette for use in public places gadgets that constantly strive to photograph all others without their knowledge. Finally, it raises many questions, what guarantees can give developers that received pictures will not be used for any inappropriate purposes. A bad way to think of these gadgets can be even greater than we all imagined.

Memoto founders claim that intentionally made the design of the camera catchy others to immediately be aware of her presence, and to be able to ask the interlocutor to remove it during the call. At the same time, the mute button is not equipped with a device, as a way to immediately remove the picture data is simply not available.

Kalstrem believes that over time, shooting and card sharing protocol evolves. This will come on as Memoto will penetrate into our lives and become part of the mainstream. It seems that the prospects for this technology will be directly related to the success or failure of the aforementioned Google Glass. And given how many promising projects Google have sunk into oblivion, with the iconic status of these points until the warrant is not necessary.

“Fixing the moments in life may seem crazy idea – says Kalstrem. – But the whole world starts to think about these options and the potential that they offer ”

It seems we really are entering an era where to spy on a person, it is enough just to turn around to face him. And there is no certainty that the photographs sent to cloud services, will not be in the hands of those who will use them to harm the owner of the gadget. People will be talking about himself, and of his own accord. We are waiting for funny stories about the criminals at the hands of the police because of the fact that, going “to work”, taking the Memoto or Google Glass.

Source: New York Times

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