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Today I would like to share another interesting study, but this time the exercises will not physical, but mental. Typically, scientists say about the feedback – the more active physically person, the more alive and his brain is more plastic (there is a huge amount of research on this topic). This article is about the feedback.

How many times have criminal voice whispering to you during the race that is not necessary to drive so fast, because nothing is not going to happen if you slow down a bit, and even completely stop, right? This is especially true runners-lovers who do not apply for the prizes and the new world records. Why make fun of his body, if you can just get off and everything, all the suffering will cease immediately. It’s tempting, is not it? Demon of temptation is particularly strong at the end, when neither moral nor physical strength is almost gone.

Scientifically proven that the performance when the forces already on the wane, more does not depend on our physical strength or endurance, and emotional state.

Thinking – this behavior, and in order to achieve the best results, you need to work not only on running technique.

Positive affirmations are not always help, and the constant repetition of the mantra, “Yes, I can!” Can not cause a surge of strength, and a sense of the absurdity of the situation. And here it is not that you repeated that something is not right, because many of these mantras help, and how you perceive it.

The main goal – to switch to the “result-oriented” to “Process-oriented.” That is, while running, you should not think of the targets set (hell, I again turned to run out 50 minutes for 10K!), And focus on what is happening at this very moment, that is, on its running. PhD and sports psychologist Stan Beecham believes that constantly thinking about the result, we exclude ourselves from what is happening right here right now.

Being positive is critical. A recent study called negative thinking one of the main barriers to the runner. Strong athletes are strong not only physically, but also psychologically. They do not even admit the thought that something could go wrong. They use their thoughts and their training in order to strengthen confidence in themselves and their strength.

Focus Tool

So, the first thing you need to do – identify tools that will help you focus on the process rather than the result. They should be focused on your weaknesses. Usually it is the synergy of psychological and physical actions, which ultimately should lead to the desired results. Try the daily 5-minute visualization of success (ran the entire distance never stop or constant desired pace); every week there are jogging with acceleration at the finish (if you have problems with the last meters of the race); clearly follow the schedule, if your main problem – shirking training.

It is especially important to choose your own tools focus: word, phrase or action that could stifle destructive vibration and keep you in focus on the “here and now”. For someone it can be a meditation on the breath, someone starts to watch your steps, someone – focuses on the heartbeat, and so on. You may need to sort out a lot of options until you find one that works in your case.

Critical Thinking

It is important to remember, and remind yourself every time you run that are not able to control your 100% tempo run, but you can action that can improve your results and achieve the desired tempo: train hard, not to injure, not forget to bring water to the competition, etc.


Sometimes just before the race you start to feel tired treacherous. It seems that the forces no longer exists, and even one kilometer you will finish completely. This is a normal reaction, because our brain receives from the body of chemical and electrical signals sent by our muscles, and draw appropriate conclusions – we were tired. However, many studies have proven that our mind is able to overcome this physical fatigue, as it is often such a state is a product of our emotional and psychological state, and not the result of physical exhaustion. This is exactly the case when at the first sign of severe physical load our inner “I” begins to moan and persuade us to give up and lie down to rest, as the forces already on what is left.

Think of fatigue as a sign that you need some positive psychological reinforcement.

In 2012, a study was conducted, during which over two days was a competition cyclists and computer. They had to pass two tests. In the first case, the rider said that his rival is going at the same pace as he was, in fact rival go faster. In the second – that the opponent is going faster than they are. When cyclists thought that the opponent is ahead of them, they throw up their hands and they began to doubt that they can win. But when they thought the odds are, they deliver their best performance. Thus our brain, not the body decides what we can do, and what – no.And on this we propose to play modern research. If earlier it was believed that before training (especially before long runs) runner must be fed and well rested, but now there has been an opposite trend. Some trainers advise their wards to strength training will run on an empty stomach and tired legs. Such training stimulate our body’s ability to adapt, which is very useful during difficult endurance races.

Recreation and freshness – it is not always good. For example, soldiers are taught to operate on the verge of mental exhaustion, forcing to perform grueling forced marches, despite the fact that they have not slept almost fall down from exhaustion. No need to approach this embodiment is as fanatical. If you are very tired at work, or you have had a sleepless night due to a sick child, exercise should be postponed. Fatigue in the body should be called only correct physical exercise (previous workout). Yes, the results are not as impressive as we would like, and during these workouts you will hate one and all, but during the competition this brutal method will pay off in full. And it is advisable not to go for such feats coach unattended!

An interesting variant of exercise, right? 😉


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