Mercy means to give courage.




The Power To Transform Situations (Part 1)

Very often while going through our life journey, we come across different types of surprising scenes which leave permanent scars on our memories and are difficult to erase even after many years have passed. What makes these different types of negative episodes so difficult to overcome? Also, why do they have so much power in them that they can influence our consciousness so much that life is not the same again, after they have passed? What makes forgetting negative scenes so demanding for many and not so much for others? Why is it that the power to face a negative situation is less in some and much more in some others?

Take an example of an accident. Sometimes suddenly in a plane crash, a few hundred people lose their lives and leave behind a few thousand people who are close to them, either friends or relatives in sorrow. But, some are able to overcome their sorrow after a few days, some take months and some years. So, it’s a completely different set of responses. Each person has their own response, based on different factors. We all experience different situations almost every day. Life is not without twists and turns and as time passes, relationships become more and more complex. Also, natures of people around you also become more and more different from yours. Even work at the workplace becomes more and more challenging and competitive and many different physical and mental illnesses are also on the rise. These are some of the common spheres of life where almost everyone in the world is facing problems. Even the human mind today is not as simple and content as it was around 50 years back. Weaknesses like anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred and low self-esteem have made people extremely complex which further increase the magnitude of the problems in their life. So how do we face them with ease?

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Message for the day 26-06-2017

Mercy means to give courage.

Expression:The one who is merciful is able to give courage to the ones who are weak, because of the ability to look at the positive qualities in them. The weak ones are never made weaker with negative and discouraging talk, but are encouraged to discover and use the strengths that are hidden within. So real mercy will give the courage to the other person to change too.

Experience: When I have mercy on others, I will never lose hope on anyone, but will continue to have good wishes for everyone. Whatever the kind of person, even with the most negative situation, I will find my stock of good wishes to always be full. So I am able to be free from the expectation from the others to bring about a change immediately.

In Spiritual Service,
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