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This sensational message splashed out on the pages of the computer press around the world, including the Russian … Thousands of people snatched a little money, describing this story. About that it is not true, it was possible to learn – after reading the press release of Apple. But…

The MacWorld exhibition in August 1997 (August 11 to 15, most likely) was a historic event for Apple. Steve Jobs, who a week ago overthrew the company’s former management, flew to Boston on the second or third day of the event, on his LearJet.

Exhibitors were brought to the conference room in a hurry rented gray hound, in the hall, under the dome and practically without insurance, the workers hastily mounted spotlights and some other equipment – they were scared to look at …

Why in the Russian computer press, at first, about this event wrote all sorts of nonsense, I know … Because in the Negro supermarket near the hotel was a “day of fantastic discounts.” Of the delegation of 7 people, there were only two of us in that room.

Therefore, Evgeny Kozlovsky Evi Tevanyan turned into a shrill, hysterical Armenian girl, waving his arms, and even that Microsoft “bought off” Apple, they wrote everything. For Evi, it even offended: this is a harsh Armenian man from the state of Maine, he really is gesticulating – but to the point and in moderation.

In one of the computer magazines published my refutation – but the name came up themselves. “Microsoft did not buy Apple, but only bit off.” I did not swear.

More Apple IMC mass departures of journalists did not sponsor. DPI became Apple IMC less than a year before, and only studied.

And the public has formed and remained representations that have nothing to do with the real situation. Today, at least, we know how it all ended …

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Steve on stage
Apparently, Steve’s performance was not planned when we were already sitting in the hall, in the forefront, under the dome (at a height of ten meters, if not more), and even without insurance, the working scenes mounted some equipment.

We had no idea who would perform – in the booklet we were promised Gil Amelio, I was curious to see it, but not fate. From the first rows we were soon chased – they were intended for speakers, moved to the third.

Then they announced the appearance of Steve Jobs, the entertainer shared with us the secret information that Steve had just arrived from California in a private plane. I never saw this guy again – probably he knew too much.

Steve, cheerful and self-confident, came onstage in about twenty minutes, and …

If someone else, twenty or thirty minutes, talked about the importance of Apple and Mac OS for civilization and humanity, the hall would have switched to its own affairs, but now there was a tense silence.

Apple is not going to give up, it still has the strength and resources, Mac OS 8, which came out about two weeks ago (it came out on August 26, 1997, based on this I calculated the dates of the event, I do not remember it myself) is selling well, sold already a million and a quarter copies (it was predicted to be four times less – someone had to cook almost one million sets …).

He said about the clones, and again compared them with leeches. The rear rows whistled and stomped their feet, but the action went on.

And then Steve started talking about friends and enemies …

Only a few years later we learned about the real state of affairs on Apple in August 1997. I do not know exactly what is called the “smart” criterion for assessing the solvency and attractiveness for creditors, but Apple at that time it was below all permissible limits.

The stock price of the company fell, money for operational needs remained for two months, or, at best, three – and there was no reason to hope for a miracle, everything was very bad. Mac OS 8 was sold as a cold soda on a hot day – but the proceeds from these sales could not bring a hundredth of the required amount.

Therefore, having decided not to leave Apple in trouble and get her out of the deadly peak, he began to act, resolutely and no matter what.

Those who think that the most important thing for a company is money, is mistaken. Money is important, but there is something more important in millions of times, this is trust. If they believe in the company, they will “lend” to it, and they will not rush to demand a return. Nobody believed in Apple.

Steve turned to several old friends for help. Only one responded. This was…

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, for some reason, the public considered sworn enemies ready to face each other in person and try to violate the article of the criminal code, in which murder is declared a crime. In fact, they were never enemies, sometimes they competed – but remained friends. They would even consult each other on some issues.

The elder brother from the ad 1984

And then, on a huge screen, appeared the huge face of Bill Gates. The back rows, when they could recover from the shock, whistled, flooded and something yelled, but Gates’s voice sounded from the columns installed under the ceiling – it was very well audible.

We were told that this is a live broadcast from Redmond, in the state of Washington, on the west coast of the USA, several thousand kilometers from Boston. In my opinion, Steve and Bill even exchanged some phrases (although – I will not be in charge of it).

In 1997, videoconferences a few thousand kilometers away were a very, very risky affair, but Gates’s performance was never interrupted or hanged. Since then, the world has been walking around the world that all this was recorded in advance. Even if so, what does it change? I would have written it in advance.

Good words about the Mac and about its system, words of support for Apple – and, finally, the main thing. Why he appeared on the screen.

Microsoft invests in Apple $ 150 million, buying shares for this amount, which promises not to sell for three years. This amount, for which Microsoft allegedly bought Apple, was from 2 to 3 percent of Apple’s market value.

Microsoft made several commitments:

– In the near future to release the update of Microsoft Office for Mac;
-For five years, regularly, issue updates to this package and support it;
-For five years to release and support Internet Explorer on the Mac, in response, Apple is committed, during this time, to deliver Mac’s pre-installed on-the-Internet Explorer, in the status of the “main browser of the system.”

And then, in my opinion, the same movie “1984” was shown, for those who did not guess and did not understand – and it seems that the face of the “big brother” was exactly the same in size, and was in the same place where several minutes ago was the face of Steve Gates.

Apple’s credit rating was restored, the stock price went up, now the company did not hang on a thin rope above the bottomless abyss. The abyss did not go away, but instead of a rope now there was a thick reliable cable.

And then – yourself!

Then, from their guys in the leadership of Apple Europe, I learned that Microsoft, in addition to those 150 million, anonymously invested in Apple some more money. Not that 100 million, not 800. On unknown terms. That is, Bill Gates really did everything for a friend and his company. It’s amazing, huh?

Guy Kawasaki after Jobs

A few weeks later, Guy Kawasaki, the leader of the Evangelicals of Apple, left Apple for the second time in his life. And it seems, I know why. Until that day, Guy’s performances were something bright and unexpected, against the backdrop of the usual mid-90s for Apple performances, but after Steve Jobs he did not look at all – he even felt sorry …

Soon he left Apple, this time forever.


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