Miracles of genetic engineering: glowing in the dark sheep




Miracles of genetic engineering: glowing in the dark sheep


Uruguayan scientists with advances in genetic engineering has succeeded in growing sheep that glow in the dark. To achieve this effect, the researchers used jellyfish genes Aequarea, which have been successfully introduced into the gene pool of sheep. Thus the scientists were able to make the sheep cells to produce a fluorescent protein that gave the animals to be fireflies.

Unusual sheep were born in October of last year in the Uruguay Institute of Animal Reproduction. It should be noted that when exposed to ultraviolet light sheep are illuminated green. At this incredible ability of animals to an end. According to scientists, in the daytime, they are no different from normal sheep.

The head of a group of scientists Alejo Menchaca said that glowing sheep were created in order to test the capabilities and calibrate scientific equipment. They used this protein as green readily determined in animal tissues.

It should be noted that the test subjects are the first in the world of glowing sheep, but it is far from being the first living creatures , genetic code has been altered. In the past, scientists have managed to create a glowing in the dark zebra fish, using all the same fluorescent jellyfish protein Aequarea. Genetically modified zebra fish were called and were given the GloFish and other proteins that allow them to glow in the dark is not only green, but also in red, orange, yellow, blue and purple flowers.

In the future, scientists will force light and other types of animals, including cats, dogs, pigs, scorpions, worms, mice and monkeys. In their view, the experiments with the genes of animals will help scientists determine the causes and the development of some diseases not only in animals but also in humans.

Scientists at the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh during the interview The Guardian said that experiments with glow in the dark cats help more detailed study of HIV. The knowledge in the future can be used for the treatment of lethal diseases in humans .
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