MIT makes Wi-Fi router users determine location




Researchers at MIT have demonstrated a working way to determine the position of a user using Wi-Fi signals. One application is the exclusion of people from “outside” Access to try to obtain a network.

It concerns an existing concept that has already been demonstrated by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lab at the renowned research institute. The scientists, however, are actually managed to build a working prototype of a Wi-Fi router that positioning is possible. With Chronos, such as the technology is referred to, is quickly switched by the 35 frequency bands in the spectrum between 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz, with intervals of two to three milliseconds. On the basis of the phase difference of each of these signals, as shown below, is a ‘time of flight’ calculated, whereby the distance to the receiver can be ascertained. If a recipient has the location can even be fixed in three dimensions multiple WiFi chips onboard.

MIT Chronos

From MIT research shows it could be determined in 97 percent of cases, or a receiver is inside or outside the room. In an experiment in an apartment with four bedrooms, a user in 94 percent of cases correctly determining the space was. According to the researchers Chronos has a precision of up to 65 centimeters, and thus the technology would perform better than GPS.

Several applications have been devised for Chronos. One would be the most important thing in public places “outsiders” to exclude. For example, in cafes visitors could be given a Wi-Fi connection, while people who are refused entry just outside the cafe. Also thinking to deploy investigators WiFi positioning robots and drones; For example, this can be maintained at a pre-set distance from the owner.

Chronos to use, no special hardware is required; conventional, modern Wi-Fi chips used among other smartphones are sufficient to determine the position, the researchers said. That makes it relatively easy to deploy Wi-Fi positioning in practice. However, if there are commercial applications is still unclear.


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