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The dark days between Christmas and New Year are obviously an excellent time to take a good at storing gaming. For example, with all those big autumn games that you have not in the house, which pose a considerable drain on your wallet. Fortunately there are alternatives where you may spend less time with sweet, but also a lot cheaper. We have put some games in a row which have in common that they are playable on mobile platforms. In addition, all games discussed here just appeared on the market or is there just released a new edition. We are of course far from complete. There appear hundreds of mobile games per month; So if your favorite game is not amongst them, please do not hesitate to share your tip in the comments.
Lara Croft Go

Who ever is playing games on a tablet or phone, you will have probably heard of Hitman Go, which we brought to the attention here in 2014 and it also garnered a lot of praise in other media. Go was not the first attempt by publisher Square Enix to translate a successful series for mobile platforms. With Deus Ex: The Fall beef previously very close to the original, and that was in Hitman Go otherwise. That was still a clear Hitman game, but certainly a very different game than the “adult” edition. Square Enix gave it the opportunity to make a game that feels much more at home on a small touch screen and does not yearn for a controller or mouse and keyboard. Why this long introduction about Hitman Go? Because Square Enix has now pulled the same trick with another series from its own stable, Tomb Raider. The title of the game is the approach taken by Square Enix though somewhat obvious. The famous female game character can adventure in Lara Croft Go.
Header Lara Croft Go
Title Lara Croft Go Score
Platform Windows Phone, Android, iOS
Price $ 15

Lara Croft Go Square Enix continues even very close to the blueprint laid down by the Hitman Go with yourself. Is that bad? Certainly not. First Hitman Go is very successful, but also more than a year on the market. More of the same has been so welcome. Second, does Lara Croft Go down just enough to make it not too cheap plagiarism. Especially graphic point there are clear differences. Where does a slick and bare style with the cool Agent 47, Croft is supposed to run around in jungles and other exotic places. That is also awarded her happy. Lara Croft Go has a much more exuberant style than the example.

It’s still a world that is made up of large, uniformly colored surfaces, but there is much more color in the area, much more detail and a lot more elevation. As it should, Croft frequent climbs up and down. They can just straight up, in neat measured lengths, fun It should not press. Around the world Hitman consists of only a few hints of the environment; here and there a wall, many more you do not see it. Lara Croft Go is different. Here you see a rich environment with palm trees in the foreground and behind rocks, and more rocks in the background. It is precisely this background gives the game a lot of depth, partly because occasionally something happens. The game is composed of chapters that are made up of a number of separate puzzles. Within a chapter, the different puzzles that you have to go through in a fixed order, to repair a bridge somewhere in the background. How precisely does his work is never entirely clear, but far below you usually see a long bridge where an increasing share of repair if you know how to solve the puzzles of the chapter.

The puzzles in the game are fairly similar to those of Hitman Go. It means that you Lara Croft still can slide a box forward or backward, over a field full of nodes. So there is always a fixed route that you can follow, which is different for each puzzle. It is obviously not so difficult to reach the exit of the small maze, were it not that the way are the necessary obstacles. That’s the game: Lara gently push forward, the move to avoid the dangers and slowly towards the exit.

Lara Croft Go
Lara Croft Go
Lara Croft Go
Lara Croft Go

Where Agent 47 has suffered from enemies with guns, Lara goes especially wild beasts against the slender body. Most of them are at least as big as themselves. Snakes, spiders, life-size lizards, comes from all over. Particularly animals of the kind where people are afraid of. Fortunately, Lara armed. She carries a gun in the holster so characteristic on the shapely hip, and can thus close beasts off. The crux lies in taking the ‘nearby’. Lara can only solve a shot as she stands on an adjacent tile. She has the disadvantage that while the game is turn-based and they will turn to first. Lara on an adjacent tile stands, the beast is on that tile a move too good. A move in which the beast Lara can attack, which invariably leads to its shutdown. In itself not insurmountable; You then start again in front of the same puzzle.

That is the essence of the game: a way through the maze without being eliminated. Beasts off is not an end, at most a means intact to reach the exit. In many cases there is also contrive a route where you do not have to shoot animals. Incidentally, there are other weapons in the game, all you who do not love you. For example, in some puzzles waiting a spear at you, which has the advantage that you can skip a tile with it. So you can keep a little more distance. It suits the animals that you encounter along the way; a hose stays in place and will only attack you if you stand right in front of his pinch chipped. A lizard sees you two tiles away already and will pursue them. The spear is very suitable to turn off such a lizard prematurely.

There are also physical elements, such as sliding parts of the game world that Lara or her opponents can throw it deep if they at the wrong time on a tile steps. Furthermore, some tiles are so weak that Lara or an opponent can only be once. The next one is on the tile, drops through it and is turned off. It also distinguishes itself from the Lara Croft Go Hitman game, and it’s exactly what Lara Croft Go gives right to exist; there is plenty that the game apart from its predecessor. The base is the same, but there are plenty of new elements.

There is another element in Tomb Raider games is a fixture and Hitman games is not important; collect treasures. There is Hitman Go no question, but here though. Each chapter can be found two kinds of treasures. One is simply to gather a certain number of ‘something’, for example, precious stones. In addition, there is a second treasure. That’s one big piece of jewelry, mostly gold and covered with precious stones. If you estimate know enough to find, you can create a snake or spider from the found parts. The only disadvantage: it also provides no added value if you make the treasure know completely. You can find the treasures hidden in urns that are hidden in the corners of the puzzles. Who watches the edges of the screen, can see an urn here and there. Tap it, and you get the content in hands. So that can be a loose gemstone or a part of the jewelry.

Just as Lara Croft Hitman Go Go is a great game to bring a little lost for hours by: occasionally solve a few puzzles and then again just leave. The principle is very simple, although the degree of difficulty rises considerably during the game. Compared to the Hitman game is there enough innovation, because there is more level and because the game world which has more moving parts that are part of the puzzle. Furthermore, this new game especially graphic significantly different from its predecessor. A bare and white landscape step over a multicolored jungle where a lot more depth in shows. Lara Croft Go is a must for anyone who likes a bit of a puzzle. Moreover, the game is available for Windows Phone, which is still not common.


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