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Now everyone all these great autumn games it has played out pretty much, it’s time to try again some smaller titles. For example, one of the many mobile games that have been released in recent months. We have put some games in a row which have in common that they are playable on mobile platforms. In addition, all games discussed recently appeared on the market, or is there just a new edition released. We are of course far from complete. There appear hundreds of mobile games monthly. Come your favorite game is not against the following pages? Do not hesitate to share your tip in the comments.

crash Lands

The fun continues as a studio decision – to remain “fiercely independent” – in their own words. This can now also easy, with many options to distribute games digitally. So give the three brothers Adam, Seth and Sam Coster from the south of the USA their games under the name of their own small studio, Butterscotch Shenanigans. Their latest creation is Crash Lands, it does unexpectedly well on Steam, but also on mobile platforms iOS and Android.

crash Lands
Title crash Lands Score
Platform Android , iOS
Price € 5.54
Crash Lands is an action RPG where you take on an endless stream of aliens. That’s because at the beginning of the game, your spaceship crashes on an alien planet, where you have to survive. The planet appears happy to live in, but he’s already occupied and the indigenous creatures do not seem to appreciate your coming. Most creatures you encounter attack you as soon as you get close.

According to the three brothers, Crash Lands’ story driven. It is true that there is a story woven into the game. You’re Flux Dabes and the ship you join flew through space was a freighter which you flew to B in order from A – until you got shot and you lost cargo was. When you start the game, your task to send a message to the Bureau of Shipping, so that you can be saved. Of course this can not happen. You’ll first have to survive, especially after you build a base and eventually collect enough technology to build a station.

The gameplay has several components. The planet where you landed in an open game world where you can hang freely over bust. There is the usual fog of war, which means that you should get to know the area bit by bit. To avoid that you always have to walk very long, there are teleporters. Here and there you will find variety in a lake. The harsh planet is covered with some rare flowers and plants, all clearly identifiable as a separate entity. About as often you will encounter an alien. Like the flora, there are also the various fauna species, and the further you go away from your base, the stronger they are. Every being is also present in all shapes and sizes, with ‘bigger’ is always ‘stronger’.

Cute Crash Lands is that every plant and every animal is useful. Everything is a commodity or falls into commodities, and which you desperately need. A limit is not something you can take with you, so you can collect as many as you want. You never know where it’s good for. Crash Lands is so constituted that you still need other materials. The game plays like an RPG. There are no levels to get and where your opponents are divided, but you become stronger by collecting better equipment. For the latter you always need other materials.

In order to make better equipment, you have a basis, because in it you can start a workshop to work with all those raw materials. So you can early in the game places a saw table to edit your timber. Thereby make the first simple wooden breastplate and an equally simple wooden helmet so you’re protected a little bit. Once you’ve made a first wooden weapon, you hunt to kill animals. If you then build a workbench in your base that lets you edit your learning, you are a step on the evolutionary ladder. It is the progress that has been processed in Crash Lands: with better materials, create a stronger outfit and you stronger opponents.

The fighting has Butterscotch Shenanigans looked closely at Wildstar, the game that would bring some more action in some static MMOG genre. In Crash Lands uses the same Telegraphs as Wildstar. This means that any animal which you against increasingly fights to perform an attack every few seconds and you will be warned about what’s coming. Each beast about one second in advance that it will fall – and especially where it is going to do. You see a bright red form on the ground, indicating where the attack causes damage. The shape can be a circle or a rectangle, and can always have a different format. If at the end of the second warning still stands inside the circle or rectangle, walk to clap. If you manage to arrive on time outside the red area, you remain unharmed.

crash Landscrash Landscrash Landscrash Lands
It makes the fight in Crash Lands entertaining as it is a game of attack and hide. You always have short time to distribute a blow, after which you need to quickly find a safe haven. Add the fact that you’ll get lots of samples suspiciously hitpoints against, and you see the core of the gameplay for you: dodge and hit, dodge and strike. Obviously, it is just more complicated than this, but the big picture is thus well sketched. For a change, you have some tools that can make your opponents off balance. This particularly applies to resources that enables them temporarily inactive, such as a bomb that not only causes damage but the opponent also makes momentarily dizzy.

There is of course necessary opposite. Opponents suddenly carry out two attacks in quick succession, have suddenly become a much larger circle or rectangle, or are now covered with three long straight lanes. Fortunately, because it keeps the battle alive. What is particularly striking is that the way of fighting, although in real time, still works fine on a touch sensitive screen. Fight requires concentration, where you get a little bit of the hit points of your opponent and afsnoept itself has to stay alive. You yourself are remarkably weak, so any mistake can be fatal. You need patience and must remain concentrated on the variety of attacks and dodging. You have moreover all kinds of drugs, you can put sparingly during the fighting. However, they all work on time, so even after taking a pill, potion or plant, you are not immediately secure.

These are the strengths of Crash Lands: fighting and gathering resources to deal with new appliances. The story that has been incorporated into the game, as mentioned, but some thin. The text accompanying the many quests in the game is not a direct high level. The authors mean fixed the humorous texts in deliberately broken English, we found them rather infantile. The good news is that the game has more than enough quests in store for you, and that oppakkken of these quests is a great way to guide yourself through the game. Many quests are directly or indirectly linked to your progress, to obtain the necessary attributes and especially to teaching plans in order to create new objects. You do the quests are not obliged to carry out, but it is advisable. Too bad that their texts are so crooked. That makes it sometimes is not clear exactly what is expected of you is, especially if you do not immediately run a quest, but for example a day later.

Moreover, we are not very enthusiastic about the appearance of the game. It has something of Plants vs. Zombies, but darker. It also has something of a recent Dutch games like Nuclear Throne, also a game that was created by a small team. If you can see through it and shy sit for an RPG where battles are entertaining and ask the necessary patience, you will feel at Crash Lands. Especially if you like to build a base, like the collection of raw materials and new equipment. Do not pay attention to the story, not too much attention to the lyrics and not pay attention to the appearance, you can amuse you with Crash Lands hours.


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