More U.S. retailers are victims hack attack ‘




More U.S. retailers are victims hack attack ‘

Hackers would be more at major U.S. retail credit card and customer data captured, besides already known attacks at Target and the firm Neiman Marcus. The attacks would have been carried out similarly.

There would be at least another three smaller hacks on payment systems have been implemented in a number of major U.S. retailers which more details are yet to be known. Would also be a number of attacks have occurred. Earlier in 2013 That says Reuters based on anonymous sources who are involved in research on the hacks at Target – with 70 million and 40 million personal credit card data is stolen – and the burglary at Neiman Marcus. The latter made this weekend also known to have been robbed, but did not have to report how much data was stolen.

The affected stores were mostly found in malls but further details would not want to give the researchers. However, the suspect that the perpetrators would operate from Eastern Europe and that they probably have carried out the attack. At Target

Research into the malware used would have shown that the attackers have used include. Called a ram-scraper Such malware’m temporarily unencrypted data to make. Booty in the working memory Criminals would increasingly RAM scrapers betting terminals example because the other data streams are encrypted. Credit card company Visa has warned retailers such attacks, but the cybercriminals would have used the methods described by Visa. A more refined method in this case

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