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The Motorola Moto 360 is a sleek Android-Wear smart watch that combines a traditional round design with a modern look. He is very well organized, the screen looks nice and basic functionality, allowing you for example read phone notifications on your watch, works well. However, he is thwarted by its relatively old hardware and small battery, which mean that he does not work as smoothly as its competitors and the battery lasts just one day. We also consider it a drawback that the screen can not remain switched on continuously.

Android Wear can be very helpful
Beautiful, sleek design
Automatic brightness control


Screen can not constant and is sometimes hard to read
Battery does not last long
Voice commands are not in Dutch

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Price at time of publication: € 249, –

Two watches were then Google is smart watch platform Android Wear announced for the summer show: LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360. The latter stole his round by the show and the G Watch looked relatively like a simple, plastic block. But it was the G Watch which was reasonably fast in stores, while we had to wait for the Moto 360 months. The Moto 360 is already available for some time, for a little more money than other Android-Wear smart watches. In this review we see if he’s worth the price, and the long wait.


The Moto 360 is a nice mix of the familiar, classic round design of a watch and modern aspects that you expect from a smart watch. For although he is around, he did not close much like a traditional watch. This is due to the minimalist design, that is highlighted by the absence of lugs, the tabs above and below where the strap is normally attached. The band seems to run in the Moto 360 under the cabinet, making the round shape is never interrupted.

Motorola uses a standard 22mm-watch band connection and provides a band of black leather with it. Is not that nice, then you can easily be replaced by another band, so you can personalize the 360 ​​a bit.

Moto 360

With a diameter of 46mm, the 360 ​​is a great watch, even compared to many regular men’s watches, which are often large around 42mm. Because the design is so simple, but it just seems smaller and normal men around a wrist, he does not look excessive off.

If we look around the watch, then we find the power button on the right, where the crown would sit with a normal watch. On the left is a small opening for the microphone and the bottom is a heartbeat sensor, as we see in more smart watches. More, the Moto 360 is not to much and that makes it easy there, but look distorted.
The circular display

The eye-catcher is, of course, the circular shape of the watch, and therefore also the screen. The Moto 360 has a 1.56 “touchscreen with a resolution 320×290 pixels, finished with a round glass plate with a sloping buffed edge. The image quality of the screen is fine, with good viewing angles and a fairly sharp display. When displaying white is, however, that there is a kind of rainbow effect is created at the edges of the glass, but it is not very disturbing.

The observant reader will ask probably why the 360 ​​height 30 pixels missing. That’s because the screen is not really around. At the bottom is placed a small black strip where the light sensor is processed., In the beginning we will be pretty bothered us, because we were doing it detract from the sleek, round design. Over time, however, get used to it, and the greater part of the time is the dark strip because of the dark dial barely on.

Is the strip Within the Android Wear interface okay to see, though we were there after a few days so accustomed reasonable. The almost circular screen also means that there is less information fits on the screen compared with square smart watches, but we have not experienced as disturbing.

Moto 360 The screen brightness is sufficient if it actually is on, but by default, the screen after a few seconds again. To ensure that you can turn on the so-called ambient mode. That is a kind of stand-by which a clock is very vaguely see, but the watch warns that at the expense of battery life. In this mode, the ambient brightness otherwise so low that it can be very difficult to read the time.

You have to so often still turn the screen by pressing the button on the side or by turning your wrist and move at your face. It is not possible to keep the display is always in that position. Indeed, even in ambient mode, the screen over time on black. So there is no way to screen the Moto 360 constantly and that we find a watch quite a loss.


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