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Mstick distinctive stick some magic may find it has some other smart finds, this stick is not from the land of fairies or of Wonderland, but is coming from South Korea, but we know more the Gateway Technical News communicate with Tae-Hyung Kim Tae-Hyoung Kim founder of the company MOLT to tell us about Mstick and his company, and his journey in entrepreneurship.
Story Mstick
Tae-Hyoung Kim Kim founder productive MOLT company disobeyed Mstick
Tae-Hyoung Kim Kim founder productive MOLT company stick Mstick

Mstick is stick LED lights are controlled by the application of its benefits Negotiable additions, Vtaml features different lighting, and the user can use ready-made settings or classification allocates based on the lighting situation. Each classification has a function in the lighting system, The functions of daily work will become simpler existence of multiple tasks is to help you to accomplish a lot tool, they are closer to the PDA fantastic visual effects and lighting.

It was launched a crackdown on Kestartr platform , to try to raise $ 50 thousand dollars, but so far managed to collect about 75 thousand dollars of about 900 supportive, and through this campaign MOLT company aims to improve the lives of all respects, whether practical or entertainment.

MOLT team consists of specialists in different fields, and have a deep experience in product design, they love what they do and take pride in it.

MOLT company with three partners founders, Kim believes that the presence of the founding partners is essential and vital to his company, each partner role and competence and expertise that add a lot to the company and its product.

The company does not have at the present time source of income, the fact that their product is the first Mstick, the five members do not receive any salary, but the company had financed and prototype manufacturing of their savings, but resorted to Kikestertr platform to cover the cost of commercial production.
Team MOLT product disobeyed Mstick
Team MOLT product stick Mstick
Uses Mstick

Rear bike light.
Interactive text viewer Text visualiser.
Sound data Sound visualiser viewer.
For use when a temporary exercise.
Flash Photo Alselva light (in different colors).
Case shows the expected weather.
It can be used in festivals and celebrations and concerts.
Kdu can be used when camping.
Temporary cooking.
Light to give a special atmosphere to your room.
Flash alarm.
It can be used Kdu safety while jogging.

Uses Mstick
Uses Mstick
Specifications Mstick

Measurement: 160x26x16mm.
Lighting: RGB LED x 16 ea: 120 Lumen.
Brightness: Red 420mcd, green 720mcd, blue 200mcd.
Contact: Bluetooth 4.1 2.4Ghz.
Sensors: sensor, G-Sensor, Sensor Gyro Accelerometer sensor.
Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery for seven hours backlit high-brightness and seven days lit with a low brightness.
Shipping port: Micro 5pin USB.

Application Mstick
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Competition and market

Mstick is easy to use product, works to improve the user experience for everyday tasks, and there are at designers possess team winning a number of times in a row, as well as the developers, they have many years of experience in application development, software and electronics, as well as to experience Kim in marketing in the markets foreign, which is expected to play an important role when the product launch to retail markets.

Kim believes that superiority lies in the unique points and ease of use, innovation and fun in the use of this product design.

The main market for Kim is North America, and then the rest of the world, and finds the Middle East and North Africa an attractive business for him, especially Saudi Arabia, and believed that the region users Saaajabun product and they will find him multiple uses, and adds that he is still considering what is the best way to market the product In the area.

Kim and puts the current goal to recognize that the world is his company and his product MOLT Mstick, and they know what are their capabilities, what goal is to sell, not how much selling.
Challenges and concerns and stimuli

Most of the challenges faced by the development team was technique, where they found it difficult to convert all the features and functionality they want their existence to the reality, in addition The integration functions apply smartphones was another challenge for them, was the research and development stage take the time more than expected, and was followed by a problem-solving software and simplify the user experience to be ready for supporters.

What worries Kim is continuity and constant change in consumer needs, and Mttabath and taste, as well as knowledge and awareness of the public business Baalamthm.

Utility and customer satisfaction is the most stimulating thing Kim, and the other thing, which is stimulated by the team, he wants to work with them for decades to come.
Definition of Success

Kim believes that successful business when his mark and his product becomes well-known among people worldwide, as well as when he finds that his product offers a benefit to the people and give them support and encouragement.
Explanatory video about Mstick and uses

Different colors of Mstick
Different colors of Mstick
Different colors of Mstick
Accessories Mstick
Belt base running and bike
Belt base running and bike

The company’s website
Kikestertr campaign
Facebook page
Anstagram account

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