My words are effective when they are spoken with good wishes.




Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 15-06-2014

Posted: 14 Jun 2014 01:30 PM PDT
Soul Sustenance 15-06-2014

Meditation And Physical Health

The state of the body is a result of the state of the soul not only because of past karmas (actions performed in this and previous births) but because of its present state also.

For example, when the emotion of fear passes through the mind, the endocrine system starts pumping adrenalin through the body to prepare it for a surge of energy. It is easy to note the cause-effect relationship between fear (cause) and adrenalin (effect). In the same way all of the mental ups and downs cause resulting secretions throughout the body. Internal rage is accompanied by heavy breathing, fast heart-beats, red face and so on. This relationship between body and soul is the reason most physical diseases arise from a psychological or mental origin. There is no doubt that any lessening of harmful secretions by reducing the emotional causes will bring about sound and lasting health. Health and order in the soul (mind) bring health and order in the body.

Of course there are other factors which give rise to health problems – pollution, unhealthy life-style, lack of exercise, wrong diet etc. Through Raja Yoga meditation (taught by the Brahma Kumaris) and its connected positive lifestyle and through a pure vegetarian diet, ill-health can be minimized. The removal of stress and tension has to be one of the most important advantages for a person who practices Rajyoga meditation.

Message for the day 15-06-2014

My words are effective when they are spoken with good wishes.

Projection: Although I speak with a lot of logic and make the other person understand what I mean to say, I sometimes find that they are not as effective as they should be. Sometimes my words are also misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Solution: What I say is not important, but how and with what feeling I say is more important. I need to keep myself free from any kind of attitude, when I have to say something to someone. Thus I find that my words are filled with good wishes and are effective too.

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