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Game: The Mysterious House Blitz HD | Free | For iPad

If you ever lose your keys. If you all of the time hiding your own mobile phone. If you often have to spend a quarter of an hour on it to find, for example, glasses. What you need very urgently need to develop mindfulness and resourcefulness. How to do it? It’s very simple: looking at the App Store game of “Mystery House Blitz HD», put on your iPad and practicing as long as your instinct and intuition can envy even Spiderman with his spider sense. We see another game in the genre of hidden object that tries to give the player more than the banal Tapani by the appropriate element of the interior.

It is unlikely that anyone would believe me if I say that this game is an absolute novelty and prior to that, no one was doing anything like it. Of course, App Store just littered with mysterious labyrinths, mysterious mansions, cemeteries appalling that we are saving only that clear the debris from a variety of subjects. These games have long been familiar to us, and each of them has a loving audience. It is very difficult to enter this market, offering users actually nothing new, but the company Game Insight tried, and how she got it, solve it for you.

Yes, in this game we just need to look for items. Yes, in this game, there is absolutely no story: no one has stolen a mysterious ghost, no one dies from a terminal illness, and we are not some first-class detective a la brave savior and last hope. Developers have created a beautiful, fascinating and formulaic game, but tried to put into it is something new, which is beneficial elevates it in the face of other competing projects.

As many of you probably already guessed, we are in a mysterious house. Indeed, the house is really mysterious, this amount of trash per square meter is not even in my own room. But is not the point. The bottom line is that this game does not give us the opportunity to slowly and quietly look for items, if you pass the game in a similar vein, you have all the chances to win the nomination, “Mr. sloupok.” Here, in order to clear the room of unwanted items, given only a minute – this is not by force to handle even the most skilled employee of a cleaning company. If during this period of time, some things have remained not found, the next room you’ll never see.

Therefore, you should shoot the finger at things at an incredible rate, is also very effective at first to find a few items and then knock them right away for a few seconds, thereby earning a combo. The game is very much like a combo and do not forget to reward you for that extra second. By the way, this game will not work randomly and chaotically Tapan on the room, after a few clicks you will be punished like the removal of the five precious seconds – no one likes to hack, play on the conscience.

As in many games, this also has accessories, they greatly improve your results and are sold for crystals that can both earn and buy for real money. You do not have time to tidy up the room like getting into it the next time, you will realize that there are scattered all again – not in this house obviously do not appreciate the work of others. In addition, also carefully changing the location of objects, one and the same object in one place will never hide.

As mentioned earlier, this game has no plot, so you is not intended to save Private Ryan. Your only task – is to kick the fifth point of your friends from friend-list and become a top-end detective items. The game is absolutely free, but it does not mean that there is not no Donata live: you can play unlimited, high performance without the use of auxiliary items are more valuable – in general, the developers did not try to tactfully promote our cash. Download it, try it, like it – play, do not like it – to raze hell, freedom of choice – a valuable gift of God.

Title: The Mysterious House Blitz HD
Publisher / Developer: Game Insight
Price: Free
Built buying: there are
Download for iPad


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