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Isidore Bachmenn (Isidor Buchmann) headed by him created company Cadex Electronics, which is known worldwide for its battery analyzers. This person, who knows about batteries if not all, very much, I decided to share my thoughts on what they say about batteries in the people. Do they really have a memory? Is it really liable to catch fire? Cold prolongs the battery life? Is it in recent years, the performance of the battery has not grown, and all attempts to improve the batteries are only in the research stage . On all these issues, many would like to get an answer from the mouth of a true specialist. And today, the opportunity was.

Sometimes it happens that the information about a particular phenomenon is based mainly on speculation. In turn, the basis of these conjectures may lie some grain of truth. The most famous example: the numerous myths about the “incredible complexity” and “orientation solely on programmers’ operating system Linux. Although these rumors for a long time without foundation , many people continue to trust them. Formed around the battery too rich mythology.
Chemical energy


Batteries generate energy passing through them in chemical reactions. For example, the remote control to the TV using the dry batteries. Within these batteries is the reaction between magnesium dioxide, zinc ammonium chloride, also known as ammonia. In alkaline batteries as a catalyst for chemical reactions plays caustic potash. In the “super» («heavy-duty») contains zinc chloride batteries.

Despite its name, the battery «heavy-duty» not exceed alkaline time work, which according to the manufacturer’s Rayovac can feed energy device twice as long as their “super” counterparts.

But there is a subtlety. Some forums advises: alkaline battery, which is no longer “pulls” on a digital camera can be used as a power supply less demanding devices such as kitchen hours. And this advice is not devoid of meaning. The resistance of alkaline batteries is growing as you use them.
What kind of batteries ignite spontaneously?


Many have heard that the batteries can catch fire. So some people are afraid of rechargeable batteries. Isidore Bachmenn clarified this, of interest to many, the question.

Currently used mainly lithium-ion batteries. Nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries are now rarely used. So when the report ignite the phone, a laptop or a plane, it is a lithium-ion battery. Is lithium-ion power sources are so dangerous?

According to Director of Technical Marketing FDK Twicell Hirohito Teraoka (Hirohito Teraoka), ignition batteries rarely happens. Those batteries are used in home devices are equipped with batteries based on solid lithium-ion polymer and less dangerous in this regard than the lithium-ion battery based on liquid substance that was used in a burning airplane 787 Dreamliner.

The liquid electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries is more susceptible to fire. As consumer electronics, the batteries used therein based on solid. These batteries are equipped with protection against sudden overheating. This protection is achieved by installing a termination fee and fuses, allowing gas to get out before it catches fire.
Is there a memory effect battery life?


Everybody has heard about the so-called “memory effect” of rechargeable batteries. It is believed that if you do not discharge the battery until the end, it will “remember” only the remaining capacity in the future will saturate the smaller volume of energy.

This is a myth. But it is based on facts. It is noted that the nickel-cadmium battery discharged to the point at which they started charging, suddenly “lose” the remaining energy in them. As a consolation, we can say only that the nickel-cadmium batteries are rare. They are almost never used in modern consumer devices. Therefore, the usual smart phone horror stories about the “battery memory” have no relationship.

On the other hand, it is known that batteries laptops require periodic calibration. They should be completely discharged and then recharged to full capacity. And such a procedure improves the performance of the battery. Bachmenn says that engineers called this effect “digital memory”, which has nothing to do with the mythical “battery memory” characteristic of nickel-cadmium batteries.

“Digital Memory” does not affect the ability of a battery to charge. The problem is in the digital device (which is much “smarter” battery). It is simply “refuse” to use all the available energy. And only helps recalibration. That is the case in the laptop, not in his battery.
What damage can cause battery chargers?


It is believed that the chargers can cause problems with the batteries. Just think of the electric battery chargers that are sufficiently “reasonable” to charge quickly at first, then slow down and stop the charging process when necessary.

Hirohito Teraoka notes that high-power charging stations, asking for a fast-charge, can damage the protection board lithium-ion battery electric vehicle. But this view not everyone agrees. Representatives of Mitsubishi assure that drivers of electric vehicles can provide fast charging regularly and no significant problems that will not create. Therefore, the question remains open.
How cold storage affects the life cycle of the battery?


Remember the old “useful” recommendation store batteries in the refrigerator and, thus, to extend their life cycle? Turns out, it does not help. According to representatives of Energizer, storage in the refrigerator slightly more useful for batteries than their stay at normal room temperature. Moreover, the condensate can cause corrosion of the battery and they will become unusable even sooner than if stored under normal conditions.

Isidore Bachmenn believes that the temperature has a moderate effect on the battery. If you store the battery at a temperature higher than 30 degrees above zero Celsius, they will “grow old” faster.
As far as battery friendly to nature?


Much of what you’ve heard about the dangers of batteries for the environment, unfortunately, true. This is particularly true of rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable batteries may contain heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and lithium. These data shared with the public marketing director nonprofit Call2Recycle. Since 1996, the use of mercury in single-use batteries in the United States is prohibited by federal law.
Is it really in the manufacture of batteries there is no progress?

It is known that even many years ago, the phone battery “hold charge” longer than today. Sometimes much longer. Phones have changed and, by and large, have become more handhelds than conventional voice communication terminals. All this is fine, but now I have to charge them more often. It turns out that digital devices are improved, and the batteries are made the old fashioned way?

But in fact it is not. Modern batteries are more succinct and effective. But they’re just not keeping up with all the “bells and whistles” of modern mobile devices that consume a lot of energy. At the dawn of its existence, mobile phones were much less functional.
How to prolong the battery life?


There are several ways to extend battery life device. And, unlike the mythical, they are very real. They are simple and clear.

Large and bright screen is the most “voracious” consumer of energy in the modern mobile device. Use the minimum brightness. If she is comfortable, then increase it should not be. Remember that the dimmer ambient lighting, the lower the brightness enough for you. You can also reduce the screen timeout to a minimum. But it’s not for everybody.

Close unused applications. The more applications running in the background, the more energy is consumed your mobile device. Sync email and calendar, which is done every five minutes, your phone consumes energy even when you are sleeping. It’s just food for thought. Well, how important it is to constantly update email and calendar, everyone decides for himself.

All unused receiving and transmitting modules are better off. If you do not have an access point, the Wi-Fi can be translated into an active state. If not connected to a wireless headset, the Bluetooth will be included only in vain to consume energy at its actual inaction.

It is also possible to use a power saving mode setting is made by the manufacturer so as to consume less power as possible. If you do not need no voice, no access to the Internet, the phone can be switched to flight.

Based on materials from ehow.
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