Near Uranus for the first time found a “Trojan asteroid”





Astronomers from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada) have found the first ever “Trojan asteroid” near Uranus. These types of asteroids called Trojans because they revolve in the same orbit as the planet, some within our solar system, but never with them collide.

Such stability of the orbit is provided by the fact that the Trojan asteroids (or “Trojan horses”, as they are called) are in the Lagrange points – regions of space where the gravitational figures of celestial bodies are such that are available in the Lagrange point objects can remain stationary with respect to these bodies. In other words, in the case of our solar system, this means that the asteroid will always move at the same speed as the planet.

First discovered Uranus “Trojan” was the official name of 2011 QF99. The news of the discovery was published in the journal Science last Friday. Until then, scientists believed that the existence of “Trojans” next to Uranus is impossible, since the nearest large gravitational forces of planets and other space objects just like a body pushed to their orbit.

The opening of “Trojan horse” of Uranus was made by accident. Scientists say that they are actually carried out a search for similar asteroids Neptune and other trans-Neptunian objects, when stumbled upon this asteroid Uranus.

Size of the “Trojan” 2011 QF00 is 60 km across. It consists of rock and ice, and in its composition more closely resembles the comet. These types of asteroids were previously found in the Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, and two Saturnian moons.
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