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Today is International Children’s Day. And as you know, kids – flowers of life, and they require a special utmost care and protection. As practice shows, the dangers lie in wait for children, not only in real life, but in the web, and especially those dangers become relevant now, in an age of widespread penetration of the Internet into our lives.

Today’s children are incredibly quickly assimilate new IT-technology and at the age of three years, not knowing how to read and had difficulty pronouncing words, easily treated with tablets or smartphones parents. In the modern pace of life in parents of children have less and less time and many parents gladly give Soup child at the mercy of, if only they, once again, do not bother and do not distract them (of course parents) from the “important” things. As a result, the child is left alone with pornography, pedophilia and many other horrors that are in abundance in today’s Internet.

And the evil in the world wide web abound, even apart from the above mentioned porno. Some advertising banners could plunge into horror underage user.


Lab Kaspersky with their product Kaspersky Internet Security has long been a recognized leader in the field of security and protection of computers and easily be able to help you protect your child from the negative web with a wonderful tool “Parental Control”. Children are especially impressionable and, for example, a scene of violence, which are abundant network, can cause fragile young psyche irreparable harm. In addition, uncontrolled to children on the Internet can hurt not only by children but also cause damage to the parents. For example, one careless click a child can lead to the fact that your credit card data will flow away to the attackers. A more adult offspring of parents are able to empty the credit card in internet store poshustree hackers. And that’s not all the dangers inherent in the network.

How can protect their child from all these dangers? This issue is particularly acute during the summer holidays, when the child is left to himself for most of the day while their parents work. To solve this issue alone is very difficult and time consuming. The best option in this case – is to entrust this important and very responsible job to professionals.


And just in time for the International Children’s Day of Kaspersky Lab timed presentation, which described the “Parental Control” and the threats that he successfully fights.


The event was held in a picturesque corner of Moscow, and on it Kaspersky Lab experts have shared with us the data on the resources on which the young Internet users often face threats and unwanted content. Knowing the danger in the face, so to speak, to deal with it is easier to order. Well, let’s see, what are the most common sources of threats and what should we protect your children. Thus, these data were obtained from the cloud service KNS module and “Parental Control”.


According to the diagram, social networks on this list first with nearly 60 percent share. Children spend in the social. networks, a huge amount of time, and it was just in the social. networks have generated the most dangerous photo and video content, though this content is virtually unimpeded access. In addition to content, the danger comes from a variety of scams to requests to send sms or call a special number.


The list of threats continue to online shopping with a share of 9.12%. And unlike the first paragraph of online stores purse parents threat rather than a child. The next line of this list – pornography – it takes the third place in the list of dangerous resources. Porn can considerably impair the psyche of the Web and the user’s minor negative impact on the entire future life. The other threats have a smaller share, but that does not make them less dangerous. Who knows where may link sent by a “friend” in the social. network or with spam on mail. A site dedicated to drugs, suicide, or – God forbid – in the clutches of the next pervert, pedophile. Poet, child safety on the web should be given special attention.
Independently control the activity of the child in the social. network or across the Internet, almost impossible, and in addition to the Internet, the dangers lying in wait for the child and in computer games full of violence, blood and violence. To keep it all under control, you need to spend a lot of time, or use the tool of “Parental Control” from Kaspersky Lab. “Parental Control” can be quickly and flexibly customized to your needs. It will reliably protect your child from all of the above threats. “Parental Control” is available in the following products “Kaspersky Lab»: Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky CRYSTAL, Kaspersky Security for the Mac. In addition, Kaspersky Lab has taken care and stay safe on the Internet and mobile devices, has released a free version of the application “Parental Control» (Safe Browser) for iOS and “Parental Control” for Android. They can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play.
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