networking sites have a negative impact on social relations




A new study reveals why UAE residents believe that the networking sites have a negative impact on social relations

Concluded a research study conducted by Kaspersky Lab that one – third of individuals less continuity and face – to – face with their loved ones and more connected with them in the digital world, and in light of the sweeping rush toward the new digital lifestyle.

The Russian information security company: “It is well known that the means of social communication Tmahna freedom to interact and communicate closely with our loved ones whenever and wherever we want. But in exchange for this freedom, there is a price we pay: it is that we are due to our drive sweeping behind our lifestyle digital happy as perceived by us, we do not realize, often, how the social media these threaten to spoil the actual social relationships in the real world. ”

According to the study conducted by Kaspersky Lab 0.11% of parents in the United Arab Emirates have recognized that their relationships with their children have been damaged as a result of their children watch them in inappropriate conditions on the means of social communication.

With a large tendency for individuals to publish pictures and inappropriate content in order to get more Likes, Kaspersky Lab believes that it has become clear that social media could hurt the real life and spoil relations. “While we expect the parents to refuse any conduct or inappropriate behavior for their children while they are in the digital space, we are often surprised Bnqad this perception.”

More than a fifth of the respondents were parents acknowledged that their relationship with their children has worsened after the children saw them in embarrassing and inappropriate on social media cases. In contrast, only 6% of parents in the United Arab Emirates said that they feel upset and concerned about the actions of their children on the Internet. In addition, 0.9% of the population of the United Arab Emirates also said that their relationship with spouse or partner have been damaged as a result of seeing them at a decent on social media.

Kaspersky Lab noted that the relations with family, friends and colleagues are changing and constant decline because people have become less continuity and face – to – face with each other because of the means of social communication. A good number of individuals in the state who recognize that they communicate in a personal lower level, including 36% fell communicate personal with their parents and 37% with their children and 22% with their relationships, while approved 48% of them down personal communication with friends , relations due for the continuation of watching them and communicate with them via social media.

She spoke of Dr. Astrid Carolus, an expert in Media Psychology from the University of Wurzburg , saying: “Studies indicate that digital communications in the present complement and consolidate the real life relationships. We live in a world based on globalization and relies heavily on mobile devices extent, resulting in a spacing between the partners and family members. Digital communications constitute an opportunity to fill the gaps arising from the circumstances of contemporary life , which sometimes force us to live in the cities or different countries. However, it can not be digital communications to replace real personal relationships and face – to – face – at least not always, not quite. Digital Dasalat does not meet our needs sensory and emotional towards our loved ones, because they are in fact just continue channels are not affected in any sense, which leads to the low level of sensory interaction with others. ”

Although people communicate face – to – face less than normal level, half of the respondents believe that the nature and strength of their relationships are not affected by this at all, but it has become better as a result of constant communication with their loved ones through the Internet. She Dr. Karolos to think that , although there is an improvement in the strength and durability of people ‘s relationships with each other, rather than individuals can always assess the level of relations they communicate online objectively. She said: “Under certain circumstances , see them communicate over the Internet as a (personal and close relationship with the list of the digital environment – Hyper-Personal Communication), and thus it is possible for them to misunderstand or over-interpretation of social networking messages. We are very convergence, and overlook the negatives and focus on the positive sense and good intentions behind these messages and interpret on this basis. ”

The study concluded that the fact that that in spite of the role played by social media in providing communication channels easily between people and bridging the gaps timing differences between different regions and bring long distances, but it is able to not always have to enter the joy and happiness to the hearts of the people.

Social media may cause cause tension in relationships and make people feel frustration and resentment, because they are constantly comparing their lives with the lives of others. The relentless pursuit of individuals get behind “Likes” and consolidate their presence and their presence across social networking sites, sometimes pushes them to share increasing amounts of information on social media platforms, which exposes them and shows their friends, their families and their colleagues at risk. For people who decide to dispense entirely for social media accounts, it may prevent them from the fact that they will lose their digital memories priceless, which include photos, videos and posts and others.

And so that people can protect themselves , social relations, they should take more caution and to be more cunning and cleverness on the information that they exchange through the means of social communication. This would help to mitigate the risks to the world of the Internet, in addition to preventing damage to social relations in our lives real.

To assist individuals in maintaining the security and integrity of digital beautiful memories, regardless of the length of the period of their participation in social media channels, provide them with Kaspersky Lab , a new application known as FFForget . This application will allow individuals the ability to make a backup copy of all digital content from their memories all the social networking sites and networks, and save them in a safe and encrypted memory portfolio.


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