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Not only are the paradoxes of quantum mechanics excite the minds of luminaries. Nowadays great importance for humanity is artificial intelligence. In the world at the moment there is a supercomputer that can compare with the human brain, which is why this branch of science devoted so much attention.

Artificial intelligence from time to time as a joke with a small portion of the truth are called as voice assistant, Siri for example in the iPhone, and powerful computing systems of the present ( supercomputers ). However, both the first and the other so very much depends on the people. Recall that the IBM Watson supercomputer back in 2011 was declared the winner of intellectual TV quiz game Jeopardy!.

Just recently it was reported that created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence ConceptNet 4 has a four year old child thinking. Currently, Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich in cooperation with researchers ETH Zurich decided together to try their luck in this scientific and technological endeavors.

The fact that they are unable to create neuromorphic chips, which provided the network connections under the force of some cognitive processes mimic the human brain.

Most scientists in the field of neuroinformatics using old methods and approaches in an attempt to improve the different models of neural networks on conventional computers or simulation of complex neural networks by means of supercomputers.

The ultimate goal of Swiss researchers is to develop electronic circuits that are comparable to the human brain in all parameters (size, speed, power consumption).

“Our goal – to emulate the properties of biological neurons and synapses with electronic chips,” – said Giacomo Indiveri, professor at the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

Scientists created artificial intelligence, the strength to perform fairly complex tasks that require short-term memory and decision-making context-dependent – the typical features required for cognitive tests.

“Wiring neuromorphic chips resemble the work of the mammalian brain,” – said Mr. Indiveri.

It should be noted that these neuromorphic chips can store multiple behaviors specified by the user. In the foreseeable future, data chips can be combined with other sensory neuromorphic components such as bionic eye, to create complex cognitive systems interacting with the environment in real time.

It is believed that create artificial intelligence, using modern technology and electronic circuits on silicon-based, it is impossible. High hopes are pinned on quantum electronics, which is almost useless at this stage of technological development.
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