New artificial intelligence program that works to convert any smartphone to keep track of your eye




Researchers have developed in the field of Computer Science at the Institute of MIT MIT in collaboration with AI Laboratory and the University of Georgia ‘s new artificial intelligence program that works to convert any smartphone to keep track of your eye.

The new program uses technology and machine learning, a technique that allows the computer to learn tasks by searching for similar patterns within a large set of training examples.

And worked many companies over the past years in eye tracking technology was developed so that it can determine where people draw their eyes to it.

It was the use of eye tracking technology on a large scale in the psychological testing and marketing research, but the high cost of the hardware price kept it out of reach of users and consumer applications.

The researchers hope to change that through the new their system, where this system works developed to make eye tracking currently available more easily, allowing for a new computer interfaces help in the detection of neurological diseases or mental signs applications in the beginning.

The researchers pointed out that the lack of technical applications serving frustrating form factor preventing users from buying the hardware, and that he must break this vicious circle and try to make the technique works on smart by using the front the camera phones.

The current training set examples of visual patterns than 1,500 user for mobile devices, which is an advantage compared to the previous research in terms of the amount of data that they can work on them.

The researchers were able to reduce the margin of error in the system to a number close to 1.5 centimeters, Experiments indicate that the availability of approximately 10 thousand training example should be enough to reduce the margin of error to a centimeter and a half, and that will be good enough to make the system commercially viable.

The researchers relied on the development of a simple application of the devices smart phones to collect training their examples, and runs the application on the launch of flashes of light on the small dots in different possibility on the screen to attract the attention of the user and replaced briefly with the letter “R” or “L” and the demand from the user pressure either on the right side or left of the screen.

And ensures that the pressure on the right direction that the user might actually look around and looked at the place of destination, and pick up the phone camera images of the user-to-face on an ongoing basis through the process.

The researchers plan to submit a summary of their work and its results through the display of a paper describing the new system on June 28 in the current computer vision conference and pattern recognition.


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